Messages from the Dream Realm: Guidance Dreams

(I had this dream over a year ago – I am sharing this because I wanted to discuss the importance of our guidance dreams.)

I was brought to a place with a bunch of other people. I was hesitated about going but sequoia and I went anyway. My boss wanted me to go be part of what was about to happen. I went inside and right away I was unnerved… I felt uneasy. My boss began to introduce us to some people and as I shook their hands or said hello I began to feel I was somewhere I did not belong. “ohh come on you will love it here! We will stay the night and you will see what becomes of you and the changes in your life that will begin to unfold. ”

I looked down at my daughter, Sequoia, as she grabbed my hand. I knew she was feeling the same way as I was. This is very cult like.. I thought to myself. Sequoia nodded in agreement. There were about 50 people roaming around a few different rooms. Their energy felt as if they were trying to possess  us. I looked around for my partner, Jordan, for I swore he came with us… we needed to get out of here. Some of the people could tell I was not happy here, not jiving with their thought pattern and they seem to encircle Sequoia and I slowly. I hurried around looking for my boss. I smiled at all those I passed by, as they tried to get us to come closer, or join their circle or tell me about what I would gain by being here. I finally found my boss and I told her I was leaving. She looked saddened and tried to convince me to stay. “This is not for me. I appreciate you inviting me but you did not give me all the information I would need to make my own decision.”

“Oh but you must stay for your daughter. This will enlighten her, this will enlighten you. You are supposed to be here.”

“No I don’t think so. We are going to leave now.”

I turned and Sequoia and I walked through the next room as my boss tried to grab my arm. Everyone seemed to turn and look at me; surprised and taken back that I would leave and not appreciate I was invited here. I kept thinking of Jordan and as we got through the powerful cult like energy and out the door a strange man appeared. Tall, huge man cane lunging forward; we hurried down the street to my car. Wait, I thought to myself, I thought I was here with Jordan. The man stood near me, appearing closer then my mirror projected. Wait, I thought to myself again, I thought I came here with my boss?! And then my boss appeared next to me. Wait, I thought to myself, where is Sequoia? I realized quickly as I looked down to my right she was holding my hand. I stood still in deep thought very upset and began to cry. I don’t understand, I need to get out of here; this place is not right for me.

I woke up from this dream crying in my bed. The dream felt as if my waking realm and astral realm merged and I laid snuggled under the covers trying to come out of my fog. My mind was slowly retraced my steps and I came to terms with what was a dream and what was currently waking. My body felt ill. I had been so physically sick in the past couple years in this particular job position; strep throat, migraines, random physical injuries, stress, fevers, and the like.  Obviously my work environment was affecting me mentally and physically a lot more than I ever wanted to admit. I decided to remain in bed and with hesitation re-entered the dream. As I re-traced my steps in the dream my body began to physically shake and I felt nauseated. If we have to work for a living, should we be miserable in our jobs? This must be about my job! But then something else stood out for me in this dream… “a circle of people” …. “a cult like atmosphere”. I was also part of a school of thought training / learning about shamanism. I was having a difficult time in the monthly classes and feeling out of place, even though I loved learning about shamanism. Is this two messages in one dream?!

After moving back through my dream I finally realized I was given a sign about my current employment, my dream revealed what I did not have the strength to act on. And my daughter’s spirit held a piece of wisdom I needed to receive. But I also realized something else as I retraced my steps through my dream, I needed to remain aware of the community of people I interacted with on a monthly bases during class, (although wonderful people – the energy within the community kept raising red flags for me in my waking life). I took both these messages and digested them separately. I was miserable at my current employment so I turned to my monthly workshops for reassurance about my beliefs and my aspirations, however, the director and main teacher at the school, was no different then my current employer. Both were looking to lead me, guide me, teach me, show me the way, without ever asking me who I was and what knowledge I may hold within me. This began to bother me. I was escaping the mundane American office job work, seeking life outside the box, but rather I jumped right into a school of someone else’s mastery of thought.

What is beautiful about dreams (even the negative or scary ones) are that if anyone asks for guidance within the dream realm, the dream world will respond with a message. I had asked for guidance the Friday before this particular dream. I inquired to the universe about my job and the unhealthiness it was encapsulating me with. I also asked if the training I was receiving in Shamanism was the direction I should be going in. I ask, internally, what I should do? And it responded with, “Incite yourself forward.” What?? I thought to myself.

I did take my time to translate my dream and messages piece by piece. I needed to find reassurance in such a brave move as to leave a decent paying job for nothing else but for my own personal health and sanity. My boss, although kind-hearted, represented a mask we all tend to wear just to survive in our American society. A mask and an attitude I was not able to wrap my head around and believe in. I felt the exact same way about the director / teacher at the shamanism school; there was a mask being wore that did not reflect the truth I was seeking for myself. A couple of weeks later, with my dream at the top of my thoughts, I came to the conclusion that if I did not leave my job my health and mental standing may deteriorate slowly. And I would be trapped in my own bitterness of life, representing all I never wanted to become. (I want to state that I am a free-spirit and risk taker, however, I do have a family so I discussed with my partner my decision to leave this particular job before doing so. Luckily he has a stable job, and he sees how accurate some of my dreams tend to be, so he gave me his blessing.) Over a year later, although we struggle financially without the salary I once received, I am physically and mentally healthier and I get to spend my time focusing on my dreams, my goals, aspirations, and my family…. who could ask for anything better. As for the shamanism school it took me a few more months of pushing and pulling internally, and several more intense dreams pointing the way out the door and back onto a path that fit my spiritual beliefs.

art by rdpbanget

Guidance dreams are meant to lead a dreamer off one path (rocky or smooth) and on to another one, while lighting the way for the dreamer. Have you ever experienced a dream that jolts you out of your everyday rut and sends you down a spiral staircase tumbling to that perfect spot in which you always hoped to begin walking along? This is why guidance dreams are so very present in our lives, this is why we need them, and this is how I have learned to embrace every one whether for simple answers or life changing ones. I hold on to each of my dreams (sometimes I sit with them throughout the day) letting them wash over my-Self both internally and externally.

My dreams are not just about helping souls or about other realms. My dreams are my therapy also; they offer me guidance. Dreams are my state in which I enter to solve a problem, resolve an issue, to vent out my physical mind, to heal any type of pain or emotion whether mental or physical. They take me on journeys across the lands, across worlds, to spiritual realms within and outside of myself; where I am able to heal, and where I am able to help heal others. My dreams guide me in numerous and bountiful ways. They offer me symbolic images even when I find myself waking up in a fit of tears.

Since I was very young, I have placed all my dreams into a treasure box inside my mind letting the language of my heart hold the space for each dream. When I need a piece of any dream I just summon up the treasure box at any time. However, sometimes when I am in a place in my life where I am stuck, stagnate, questioning my direction, or lost in my own sadness, a piece of a previous dream will magically appear in my waking life. Out of nowhere the universe will offer me a symbol from a distant dream like a fortune wrapped up in a cookie. Again, I am reassured the universe is always guiding my way.

My dreams do guide me through resolving waking life issues….. and during the moments upon waking up from a guidance dream I receive a sense of elatedness. And that very moment I am able to dissolve that one issue that had bothered me whether hours before or months before. Many people believe in the saying “Never go to bed mad.”; but for me it’s different. It is better for me to go to bed angry, upset, depressed, or sad and sleep on it, for dreams give me the clarity I need to handle each day, each problem, each emotion, and each person I encounter. During my travels through both worlds of waking & dreaming, from a very early age my astral Self taught my waking mind to rely on my dreams for guidance. Spirits show me the way down paths I am unsure of; voices speak to me in a deep bellow tone, reminding me to stay on track. Trains occasionally arrive to take me on a journey to my next destination. Images appear in puzzle form beckoning me to fit the pieces together in order to find the answer I needed. Most mornings, I wake up grasping the answer or a sense of the direction in which to embody within my waking life.

There are many different types of message / guidance dreams that come through for many of us as dreamers. We just need to know how to look, listen, receive, and embrace these messages. Guidance dreams are in abundance; half our thoughts seem to come from whispers and messages connecting the dots of our waking life. Have you ever looked at your dream(s) as a guidance dream? Maybe those puzzling symbolic images, so difficult to decode, are a representation of some sort of guidance you are in need of in your current waking life? Before going to bed ask for messages of guidance to a particular question or issue you have. Upon waking write down anything you can remember from your dream – images, feelings, colors, symbols, people, places, things. Carry your dream with you throughout your day, be aware of waking life universal signs that may appear before you. If you are unable to decode the message, try again for a guidance dream each night, keep track of your dreams, and watch as the answer unfolds before you.

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