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Navigating Through My Night Shift Dreams 

Many nights I find myself frequently wandering down cobblestone streets of old European towns. The smaller towns are rich in history, filled with a solitude and familiarity for my soul. Sometimes I find myself engaging in conversation with several souls who recognize me from an earlier era in which I had forgotten about. There is one particular town in Europe where a cobblestone street corner exists as a portal to the afterlife. I have never traveled to this area in waking life, however, it is a destination my soul visits frequently. It is customary for me to cross people over at this exact spot. Across the street from where I always stand is an old brick building containing a store front, there seems to be apartments on the two upper floors. The windows aligning the building feel hollow, empty, dark, except for one on the upper floor corner; this peculiar window seems to be watching me, or maybe someone is on the other side peering out. I always glance up to acknowledge the energy lurking around this window letting it know I am aware that they are there.

When I arrive at this spot it is never in the daylight, there is always a pitch black night sky with just one street lamp to the right of me, lit up on the other side of the street. I always arrive at the corner of the European cobblestone street corner the first moment I am needed; never at any time beforehand nor do I ever find myself delayed. The instant I arrive the first of a long line of the dead appear. There is no time for me to waste, ask questions, or hesitate; this is my task, my purpose. I promptly greet the energies of the soul and I take their left translucent hand, together, swiftly, we cross the street to the other side. As we walk across the street the atmosphere shifts, the vibration raises, and a stripping of the old is removed; what once was is now being cleansed.

In the seconds that we arrive on the other side of the cobblestone street the soul always turns to me and says, telepathically, “Thank You”. Instantly, the energy field around us fills with love and compassion, simple loving emotions most of the time forgotten in the physical form. I nod my head in gratitude. They move forward drifting, transcending into what I am only capable of seeing as an unlit dark cobblestone alley. To each of these souls what they see, experience, feel is something that is not contained within human words to describe; there is no translation, only radiant light. I watch as the shift of their frequency vibrates high and I sense there are images created that align with their spiritual beliefs. I sense the luminous light beckons them to dive in, to wash away what was in hopes of what is, to create what will be.  

Have you ever encountered souls in your dreams in which needed guidance in some way. Maybe they were lost looking for the light. Maybe you encountered a spirit that was attached to their physical life and you were there to rescue them and guide them to the light. Or maybe they were injured and newly dead, still trying to make sense of their past that lead them to their present. Have you woken from such dreams feeling exhausted, maybe a bit hung over, feeling as if you just physically ad mentally worked through the night….. waking up as if you need to close your eyes and experience a restful night’s sleep.

Below are some general questions and answers about these type of Night Shift Dreams.

     What is a Night Shift Worker? What does working the Night Shift mean?  A Night Shift Worker (NSD) is a dreamer who works with the departed within the realms between waking and the afterlife. A Night Shift Worker is one who works — such as; spirits who need tending to while in a state of limbo after death and souls who need guidance and healing (this varies) — within their dream state, hence Night Shift Dreams. Through my research I have found that some dreamers are called to fulfill a purpose to help souls cross over into the afterlife. I believe, within the dream realm, the dreamer is one of many living souls that may be representing a type of ‘spirit rescue’ or ‘spirit healing’ taskforce, taking turns tending to the departed and souls in transition.  

     “The Night Shift” is the term I have come to use after I met Dr. Gillian Holloway. Gillian is a dream psychologist, author of dream books, professor, and dreamer. She created a private dream certificate training program that I happen to come across back in 2009.  At the right moment in my life, in 2010, I found myself involved with the 4 week training program and individually working with Dr. Gillian Holloway. We quickly bonded, and from the very beginning she confirmed what I had also known, I am a natural at translating dreams and understanding the depth of symbolic meaning for any dreamer. But it is the step further Gillian took with me that unraveled all the questions and research I had been doing for all these years; my dreams were not just analytical aspects of physical self and waking life, rather my dreams were long journey’s through the astral plane, to the other side of our souls existence. I did not just dream but I actually worked in my dreams. I did not just vent of my waking life issues in my dreams, rather I dove deep in the realms of healing and spirituality. I did not just encounter random characters my mind / ego created rather I interacted with spirits, souls, people alive and departed. It was Dr. Gillian Holloway who explained to me, “Meredith, sounds to me a have a regular full-time job as a night shift worker.” And at that moment I awoke and found answers to my lifetime of these dreams. “AhA! I knew it! I knew I was doing something more than the blanket translations of dreams.” I had found the answers to what I had been asking for 30 years and at that moment knew I was not alone within these types of intense dream experiences.

“The Night Shift” embraces the meaning behind a shift. It is a set of hours the dreamer is working, just like working a job in waking life. A shift is also the shift of consciousness within oneself the dreamer experiences while working within their dreams.

How does a dreamer know they are a Night Shift Worker or experiencing a Night Shift Dream? Night Shift workers experience an inner knowing when they are dreaming, astral traveling, and in a sense lucid as they interact with spirits between the many dimensions laid out before them during sleep. These types of dreams are more vivid than others, utilizes all the senses, and feels mentally and physically real. When a dreamer awakens back into physical reality from one of these dreams, they tend to feel extremely exhausted and tend to have an unexplainable feeling that they spent the whole night working rather than receiving a restful or peaceful night’s sleep.  Upon waking, often the dreamer comes to experience a headache along with unexplainable body aches and sore muscles.

How do I navigate through this type of dream? The wonderful thing about night shift dreams is that your soul seems to know what it needs to do. Continue to flow through your dreams as you have been. Tend to those in need and offer any help you are capable of offering. Don’t be alarmed, don’t feel afraid. No one can harm you, I have found  that while doing this work we are all very well protected. If something does not feel right, remove yourself from the situation and continue on within your dream. You have control of yourself, but the dream tends to play out as it needs to—remember you are there because someone else called on you to help / guide them. If you are unable to help someone just let them know and move on. There are thousands of night shift workers on duty, another dreamer will be able to guide a spirit who you were unable to help.

How do I handle how I feel in the morning after waking up? Most of us all have day jobs so it is not easy to awake from a night shift dream and begin your day focusing on going off to your waking life  job. I suggest waking up slowly into your day. Take the first 20 mins of waking up to yourself (this is like a morning break between jobs). Meditate, do yoga, or write out your dream before starting your day. I have found for myself if I do a morning exercise after rising I am able to make an easier transition between sleep and waking. Running in the morning for me is my meditation/transition to greet reality after working all night in dreamtime. It has taken me years to adjust from dreamtime to waking. I sleep a lot and I need to sleep a lot because of my dream world. Find a way to ease into your sleep (meditate, relax without tv, mentally break from your day at night) so waking up in the morning is not so difficult. Make sure you are getting to bed early enough to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.

Most spirits / souls you will meet in these type of night shift dreams will be physically dead. Always be aware  within your dream that many of these souls/spirits will may be in a state of distressed. Their vibrational frequency’s may be low and although they do not mean any harm, they may unintentionally attach some part of their energetic field to you. Notice  your senses  and physical body upon waking each morning, if something feels different, if you feel “off” or not yourself make sure you cleanse yourself and space with sage. I also suggest a salt bath / shower to cleanse yourself of any energies that do not belong to you.

Night Shift dreams are about guiding other souls, rescuing spirits, and helping those who need help. It is no different from a waking life EMT, Nurse, Doctor, Professor, Firefighter, Healer, or Caregiver. I am researching night shift dreams, if you have experienced a night shift dream or have a question about night shift dreams please email me your dream or question: dreams@ispeakindreams.com

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