Moving through a Dream Premonition

(This is the continuation of my Premonition Dream…. moving through…processed… moving forward)

A friend asked me the other day, what would I say to a client if they came to me with a similar dream experience. At first I did not know what to say, I was still too deep into the feelings of what had happened. This morning I am suddenly emerging, moving through the process, each minute that passes helps untangle me from the dream that seeped into my waking life. All week my dreams have been calm, noticeable but they were just healing dreams for me to digest and move through the process of my premonition dream. Until last night, I dreamt the answer to what I would say to a client, a friend, a stranger, if they experienced such a emotional, tragic premonition.

This is what I was told in my dreams last night….

Sitting at a round table with others who were familiar to me, I sat in silence, I sat in peace. the energy and light flowed through the room with such beautiful love, no words can describe the feelings. After what seemed like a few minutes someone at the table spoke telepathically:

Now that you have sat with your feelings, embraced them, and finally felt anyway you wished to feel. Now you will begin to emerge from the feelings you experienced. You need to understand that you were sent that dream as a gift, you are a lightworker, a guide, you were needed to calm their souls, to contain the space of those in the accident. When you are brought a dream like such, in a sense, those souls are preparing to move on to the afterlife. They may not realize it in human form, in physical life, but all who are their guides before, during, and after their death appear to help begin the process of dying. They appear as guides, as light workers, clearing the path…. as we all have roles to play in other people’s deaths.

(me) What about Jonathan who survived?

You were his guide to fill a shallow hole with love and light…which he is now feeling at this very moment. He will have his own revelations both good and bad, it is up to him to receive them, embrace them, and move forward.

(me) Do many people who receive dream premonitions do so because they are some type of guide?

Everyone has their own purpose. But yes many work beyond the physical realm as light worker guides.

(me) Will I receive more premonitions like this one?

You will receive what you are meant to receive at the time you are needed most to receive them.

(me) Thank you

They faded out. The scene changed and I was all alone standing in the middle of a street. It was night time, it was dark, there was a dim light above me. I had no clue where I was. I felt no fear so I began walking.

That is all I remember from this dream. I recall having another dream also but it was not connected to this one.

What would I tell a client, a friend, a stranger if they receive a dream premonition so strong that takes place in waking life and removes them from every sense of their Self….. I would say exactly what I have been told above…. “to Feel, embrace, move through the emotions. And know that you had a helping beautiful role within the soul’s ultimate journey / fate. No one dies alone, and many receive preparation before their death even if their mind does not realize it before hand.” And I can only hope it will resonate with the dreamer as much as it has with me.

 I believe that each of us are spoken to in a way that we are able to accept and understand.

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