Dreams Embracing the Collective Consciousness

Have you ever wondered if the collective conscious is affecting your dreams?

Have you woken up from a dream and ever wondered if your waking life seeps into your dreaming realm? Did the dream symbolize something important that you need to recognize or did the dream just replay an image you mentally took a picture of?

We dream of our personal lives often, but what about when waking life is overwhelmed with heightened collectivity. Does this heightened collectivity leave an imprint on our dreams? Yes it does! I believe that collective energy infuses with our own personal issues behind the doorway between the halls of our sleeping minds.

I was asked the other day if the collective conscious could represent a hidden message in our overall dream or if we should shrug off what we think has no meaning to a dream. What we may think holds no significance may hold a connotation we are unable to recognize for ourselves.

For example, a dreamer sent me the following dream the other day:

In one dream, I was in Okinawa, in front of my house, getting out of my car and looked up the sky and it was a night sky and there were all these circles, almost looked like a full moon, but so many of them, and there were two lines inside them.  I thought that I’ve never seen anything like that in the sky so I should take a picture!  I tried to use my iphone to take pictures and it wasn’t working at all.  I felt silly trying to take pictures and looking into the camera and missing the spectacular lights all over the sky.  When I woke up, I felt “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this in my dreams.” 

Upon waking as she sat embracing the memorizing circles that left her in awe she could not help but wonder why they appeared in her dream and what meaning they held, if any at all. She thought maybe they could be containing a universal message deep within, but had no clue what it may be. That same morning the dreamer received an email from a group of lightworkers she meditates and does distance healing work with. She relayed the following to me:

One of the photo was a crop circle in England (I think) and they were all circles, arranged geometrically.  Because they are on the crop field, there were lines from crops lining up.  There were two lines within circles!  I was so excited about this synchronicity!

The general meaning of a circle is as follows; The Self – the dreamer’s inner being – wholeness. Wholeness is achieved when one is standing within their own circle embracing, rather than watching the circle from standing on the outside looking in. What’s beautiful about the dreamer’s dream and the email from the lightworkers is that they were visualizing the circles to help heal the earth and the people on earth. To bring them wholeness in a sense.

A luminous light bulb turned on for this dreamer, it enlightened the dreamer to begin thinking about how sometimes real life minor happenings seep into her dreams where she happens to, more often than not, shrug waking life images off as meaningless. “Maybe they are not meaningless at all and I never realized it before.” A couple of nights later she had the following dream after the circle dream.

I was thinking about the dream I had last night, a scene where I was pregnant but was having a period, then said “hey, you can’t have a period when you are pregnant!”  When I woke up, oh, yeah, pregnancy, yeah, I have a new project.  Having a period… oh, yeah, I talked to my friend yesterday and she was on her period that’s why the period was in my dream…  That kind of things happen a lot in dreams all the time, so I realized that I usually don’t put too much thought to that part, saying it was because I saw/did it in my waking life.  But then, I thought, why did they happen in my dreams?  Dreaming about period might’ve been triggered by my waking life but there could be a message there!  I didn’t think about the message but it was a really good moment for me.

This led us to talk about the most simplistic idea: thoughts or images appearing in waking life, or when we speak with someone else and they discuss casually an image or feeling that is taking place for them, and then we happen to dream about it. For example: If a person happens to dream about a horse they may wake up and say, “Well I dreamt about the horse because I am going horseback riding tomorrow.” Or if someone is stressed out at work over a project and they begin to dream about work, they may wake up and say “Now my stress of work is seeping into my dreams.” And disregard the hidden message(s) the dream is trying to illuminate for the dreamer.  Most people upon waking will not look further into such a dream; but sometimes there are more meanings to these types of dreams then many of us realize.

We discussed further the dreams and intuitive thoughts, mentioned above, and I explained to the dreamer that often in waking life we receive a message, an image, a sound, etc.. that we, as humans, tend to disregard rather than receiving or recognizing as a universal sign for our own personal life. For example; When the “period” showed up in her dream coinciding with her dream pregnancy  it made her wonder if the “period” seeped into her dream from her waking life conversation, or if the “period” actually had some interpretation for herself. The dreamer did not recognize what the “period” symbolized for her own life and upon waking quickly disregarded any meaning within it. I suggested that rather than shrugging off the “period”, represented in her dream, as just a random conversation with her friend, that rather she should invite the symbolism into her waking life to embrace the hidden meaning. I mentioned to the dreamer that her friend discussing her own personal monthly “period” was obviously a signal being given to her (the dreamer) by the universe.

To dream you are pregnant means you are about to give birth to something new, a new project, a new aspect of your life, or it could be an (new) idea, or birthing (new) creativity. To add a period to a pregnant dream is a warning sign to take heed… if the dreamer does not begin to tend to the incubation of their (dream) pregnancy (new idea, creativity, new project, etc..) then it could lead to a loss of giving birth to something new. I guided the dreamer to realize that what she was currently incubating within herself needed special tenderness and patience in order for it to be birthed, and not lost.

We all need to remember that scary dreams, symbols (images and the like) that instruct caution do not have to be received as negative warning signs. What feels negative is actually an opportunity to create (transform) into something positive.

Another example of the collective consciousness seeping into our dreams are those who dream of natural disasters and during a time of tragedy related to the like. For example; Bad weather, strong winds, horrific storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and tornado dreams may appear to those dreamers not living in the areas where the disasters are actually taking place. Their dreams begin to tap into the collective consciousness of the people who are living out the actual tragedy of the disasters before, during, and after they take place. This is not to say that people who dream of related natural disasters can’t contain a personal meaning to a (let’s use) tornado dream… but here we are discussing the actuality of the collective unconscious infiltrating our dreams.  

I personally have a lot of anxiety a day or two before natural disasters take place anywhere in our world. I become restless in waking life, uneasy, and my dreams are filled with turmoil (even dreaming of some natural disaster taking place) that I have a hard time decoding. But once the tragic disaster takes place, I am calm again in waking, and my intense dreams begin to switch to healing dreams.

When I speak of the collective consciousness I relate this to any size group, or act, cracking the surface of our waking lives and penetrating into our dreaming minds. Our dreams can be affected by a collective whole, by a small collective group, or by several different collective happenings at once; the collective amount is boundless. We as dreamers need to be aware of the collective consciousness as equal to the collective unconscious taking place, because whether negatively related or positively related, we have the power to link together in beautiful endless ways within our dreams. We as individuals and as a collective whole have the ability to heal, renew, and positively shift what is needed in both the waking physical realm and in the dreaming realm.