Collecting Dreams Related to Visitations, Death & Dying, and Spirit Guides

As of 2014 I am no longer collecting dreams for my research. Thank you to all you have submitted dreams to me. If you are interested in reading my dream books where my research was poured into please visit:

As a vivid and active dreamer, I find myself experiencing many visitation dreams related to spirit guides and people who have passed away. I am currently beginning in the process of collecting dreams related to this topic for a writing project I am completing.  I will be starting this fall. In return for submitting your dreams related to this topic (only) I will interpret your dream(s) for you, helping guide you through translating your dream (free of charge). Thank you to all dreamers who submitting dreams to help in writing this book.

I am always collecting dreams for future writing projects. Anyone who is interested in submitting their dreams please fill out a questionnaire….  I will contact you within 2-3 days of receiving your dream / questionnaire. Please make sure you add your email address to the questionnaire. If I decide to use your dream and need to speak with you more about it I will need your email address so I can communicate with you. There are no longer any guarantees that I will be able to respond to your dream(s) you submit to my questionnaire / permission form. I receive many dreams for my research and from paying clients –and I am no longer accepting dreams for free interpretations. If you choose to submit a dream to my research and I decide to use it for reprint in my books the survey monkey form you fill out gives me permission to do so.  Please do not contact me directly to submit your dream for my research.

I look forward to hearing your dreams.



2 thoughts on “Collecting Dreams Related to Visitations, Death & Dying, and Spirit Guides

  1. I filled out your survey with details of my most recent dream. I hope you can offer me some kind of insight or advice, and I did leave my email address. THanks for the information on your sight. I’ll take whatever advice I can get at this point!

  2. Thanks Kitty Marie! I will reply back to you, via email, in regards to your dream by Friday. I greatly appreciate your submission and look forward in exploring your dream with you.

    Blessings, Meredith

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