To Dream or Not To Dream

Many people ask me; what is the importance to dreaming? Why should I dream? Am I missing something because I can’t recall my dreams?

What many people do not realize is that everyone dreams, but not everyone recalls their dreams. There are several different healing modalities that one can choose from, you just need to find one that resonates with your mind, body, and spirit. There is no reason to second guess yourself around whether you dream or not, nor why or why not you may want or may not want to recall your dreams.  Many of people do not dream as much as I do, and they question the reasons why they are not dreaming as symbolically as I do. My reply to each of them is always; as we know we all receive messages in different ways, we channel spirit differently, our guides appear to us in altered ways that may not resemble each others, and we receive in the way we are most comfortable gathering the messages. This goes for everyone, we are all in service but where we do our work may be in places unfamiliar to others. For many it is a dream that alerts us with an image, a message, or a voice signally us to tend to some aspect of our lives or the lives of others.

The importance I place on dreaming is what I have found works for me and for others who I have personally helped through their dreaming process. I have found a realm where I am most empowered, where my spirit flies free, where I feel safety, where even in the darkest hours of my dreams I am energetically shielded. I find that the beauty of dreaming is a healing process that can send you tumbling down a spiral staircase to the deepest darkest places of your soul; or send you flying high above the clouds amongst the backdrop of the bluest skies. The importance of dreaming may hold meaning to only some of us, and that is ok because maybe only some of us are in service to others in the dream realm. I have found that this is a part of my soul’s purpose, my job in our human form.

Dreaming holds within its astral realm a world of symbolic images, luminous rays of colors, parallel earthly lands, guides to offer a hand to hold. Dreams embrace those aspects of ourselves, positive & negative, that we mentally decided to build a wall behind and seal off. Dreaming enlightens us with images terrifying and real, signally us in order to get us back on the right track, during those waking life days filled with turmoil and sadness. Dreams are a positive transformation process, when skin needs to be shed that in waking life we refuse to let go of. Translating a dream is just another foreign language to learn, but dream language is one where each of us can reap karmic rewards in waking life.

If dreaming does not resonate with you find another healing modality to guide and help heal you, there are many to choose from; we are awakening to our world which embodies many ways to heal ourselves and others. The beauty of healing is your body, mind, & spirit already knows what it needs, listen and it will draw you to what it is that is most essential for you. And if you happen to dream it, welcome and embrace the images that come drifting into your sleep realm, you may be surprised what is revealed.