Translating a Dream Symbol by Symbol: Fire Dream

The following dream is one that was recently sent to me (with permission to share): 

I had a fire dream last night.  A fire broke out in a kitchen in the hotel where we were staying and I and other person were trying to put it out.  But the fire was so big that we decided to stop spraying the small fire extinguisher and run outside to yell at people “Fire!  Run!!”  Some people heard us, some people were still staying the rooms, my big sister came running out and she was 6 month-ish pregnant (she’s so not pregnant in real life).  In my dreams, I have been able to use my voices, I realized.  I used to not be able to say or speak.  It’s been good lately.  I was yelling “Get out!!!”  It felt good that I was helping people.  When I woke up, I felt “man, I’m still helping people in my dreams…”  I say “I’m a healer” a lot in my dreams these days, too. 

Thank you for sharing your dream. How cool you have gained control over your voice within your dreams! Isn’t it fun?!I am going to pull symbolic pieces of your dream and break them down for you. After let’s talk, off line, about how you are feeling and what you are taking away from this dream and my interpretation.

Interesting about the fire… fire can be represented as passion, sexual,and or extreme emotions. It can be translated as a need to dematerialize destructive feelings, attitudes, or behavior that inhibit you from being your truth Self. As a fire burns and creates destruction, it also gives growth or new life, transformation to take place.

A kitchen can represent the nurturing and feeding of your soul.

A hotel can embody a place of transition for the dreamer. A temporary shelter or stopping point on one’s journey. A place to refresh, renew, recharge depending on the type of hotel.

As for your sister being pregnant, this can be translated into something about to emerge for her…giving birth to something new.

People in a dream, well there are many translations to this symbol depending on the dream and dreamer… but here is a general meaning for interpreting “people” in a dream: people can be represented as aspects of one’s Self… and or they can represent different aspects of the dreamers emotions.

Now that I shared with you those little symbolic hints, how do you now perceive this dream?