Visitations, When the Dead Come Calling

Some dreamers, whether in their childhood years or adult years, experience encounters with spirits.  Sometimes these visitations happen once, sometimes the visitations are of a loved one, sometimes the visitations are from someone in the dreamers past life or someone who is unfamiliar to them. Usually when a dreamer experiences visitations it happens several times over the course of many years and this is a gift the dreamer has been given.

In my childhood house, I lived with one spirit who came to me every night. He became my guide to understanding the afterlife (but this is a long story for another day). Because of this spirit’s guidance, I began to understand what happens after death. It took me years of growth to fit the pieces together, but when I did my fear began to diminish.

When the Dead Come Calling:

It is common for me to receive visitations both in waking and dreaming, however, over the years I have learned to turn this switch on and off in waking life. I prefer the visitations to happen when I am dreaming because I feel I am more empowered, weightless, filed with a universal light, and very well protected from any energetic harm. In my waking I am caught up in my day-to-day activities and it is not easy to drop everything to tend to the need of every spirit and soul who come asking for help. So I ask the spirit(s) to give me my physical space during waking and come to see me in my dreamtime.

In my childhood years, although a natural gift, I was taught by the “ghost who lived in my house” how to tend to spirits within my dream world because I feared them when I was awake. It started out as a coping mechanism that turned into taking my intuitive gift into the dream world, that other plane of existence where I felt most at ease. At first when I would ask the spirit(s) to wait until I was asleep, they would congregate in an area of my physical space and wait, some patiently and some not so patient. The problem with this was I would hear their chatter interrupting my thoughts and actions making the time between asking them to wait and for me to finally go to sleep way too long of a gap. Over the years it became the norm, I accepted that this was my life.

As I grew older, I was able to touch on the topic of visitations with random people or friends. I was able to begin shedding light on what I needed to try in order to take control of the situation. I always spoke to spirits who had just passed and needed some type of guidance or reassurance in their transition. In elementary school, I recall attending Catholic wakes & funerals where I would get stuck being the one looking at the dead body’s spirit hanging around as they tried to find meaning in what had just happen to them. In my teenage years, I began playing with the visitations in my dreams, asking questions, becoming lucid, interacting with them, learning not to fear what was so mysterious to me. It did become a problem, I thought I was going crazy, I was not normal, and I scared off a lot of friends with my dream ghost talk. I could not concentrate in school, nor at home, I hated to be alone and I turned to the television in order to escape from the chatter. Until one day someone I knew, someone within the circle of friends I hung out with, a boyfriend of a friend committed suicide. Because I understood death in the most unusual way, because I lived amongst the dead in my dreaming life, I was stale to any feelings of this guy’s death. I watched my friends cry, I watched them feel so lost and confused at why one of the cutest and most popular boys would just kill himself. I felt as if I understood this guy, I had seen the afterlife, I helped the souls who transitioned to that beautiful white light, I could see why someone would rather be back living in the afterlife, then on this earth in our complex human form. I stayed numb and disconnected to my friends, I stood on the outside looking in, containing the space for those most in need.

And then it happened. I had a dream of this 16-year-old boy who committed suicide just 2 weeks earlier. I was sleeping and he nudged me on my shoulder. “Wake up. Wake up.” I opened my eyes and I saw him standing there. He looked as I last saw him. I was taken back why he came to me, we just had the same friends, he dated one of my friends, I even kissed him once, but he never connected with me like he did with everyone else. I was the odd girl, fun friend, but odd. I asked him why he was here and he told me I needed to come with him. I lifted myself out of bed and we drifted off into a gray space between waking and dying.

“Where are you taking me?”

“I need you to know why I died.”

“Why me? Why not your closest friends or girlfriend?”

“Because you understand. You don’t fear.”

“But maybe you should try to visit the one’s who love you most.”

“Maybe.” He turned from me as we floated in silence.

We appeared in the bathroom of his house where he passed away. “Look.” He pointed to the shower poll. My eyes closed and reopened and there I saw him with a noose around his neck. His eyes were open staring directly at me. I began to cry. “What do you fear. There is no fear.”

“I don’t understand why you are showing me this.”

“Please let my family know that I had to do this. I am not like any of them. I did not mean to hurt them but this life is too difficult to live in love & truth. Tell them I feel no pain and I will be safe.”

“I don’t know your family. Everyone already thinks I am a little crazy, why would I alienate myself even more?”

“Everyone likes you, they are drawn to you because you speak the truth that they fear the most. If you help me and tell them you will be surprised at what wonderful things will happen for you.”

“And if I don’t tell them?”

“Then you road will be longer and just as difficult, but you will get there eventually.”

I shook my head staring at him hanging from a shower rod. I was memorized watching the intricate details of his death. “I think you need to go into the light.”

“Yes. Yes. I will. I need no help going to it. I welcome it. I just need to put closure on my waking first.”

“But your dead. Your waking no longer matters. And soon enough you will be forgotten, just a faded memory int he hearts of those who love you most… well until they die.”

He laughed and hopped out of the noose. The bathroom was beginning to fade out. “You were always inappropriately funny Meredith, that is why I choose you. You don’t let these situations bother you. You see the truth of what we are.”

He reached out his hand and tried to grab mine as he faded out. The last moment I saw him he was smiling and filled with a radiant light.

I woke up.

I never told the boy’s family that I had a dream about his death and that he was safe and happy. I never got up the nerve to reveal my gift in such a way. I do know he visited his family and dearest friends one last time before eventually crossing over.

Over the years what I learned is that most spirits do not mean any harm; they just need some guidance or help in their transition. If you are confronted with a spirit visitation remain calm. You are a physical being in control of the situation. You are just as divine as the spirit, remind yourself of that. Ask the spirit what it is they want or need. Set your boundaries. If you are unable to help them at the time they come calling let them know. If possible set a time when you are able to help them. For example; I ask the spirit to wait in a crystal I have in my room, I let them know that they can come for my guidance once I am asleep. If they prefer not to wait in the crystal I remind them that they are in my physical space and that I don’t have time for them at that moment. They are more than welcome to speak with me in my dreams or decide to find someone else who can help them. If you feel you are unable to help a spirit just let them know rather than keeping them waiting.

However, remember, that all spirits, or ghosts, in dreams are not a representation of a visitation. Seeing a spirit (ghost) can be translated into undiscovered capabilities of your psyche & Self. Spirits can offer love, healing, light, and creative parts of you not yet brought to consciousness. Sometimes when a spirit appears in a dream it is guiding you to let go of any of your repressed or neglected creative & exquisite aspects of your Self.  Some dreamers see spirits and ghosts as separate entities, a ghost appearing in a dream may represent an aspect of a deceased person that has been lost, forgotten about, or misunderstood. 

One last thing I would like to comment on (and bring into light maybe in another posting)…. It is common for a person to receive a visit from a loved one who has passed or is about to pass on into the afterlife. This type of visitation can mean numerous things depending on the situation and relationship between the dreamer and the deceased. Sometimes the visitation happens as a one last goodbye. Sometimes it takes place because the spirit of the deceased can not let go of their physical life. Sometimes there is information that needs to be passed on before the deceased can move into the light. Sometimes it is the person who is still alive that has not come to terms with their loved one dying, and it is their energy that is keeping the deceased from moving into the light. And every so often the spirit, of the deceased, has a role to play and will remain, in between the two worlds of the physical & the afterlife, in order to help guide others as part of their soul’s continuing purpose. Just ask the spirit why they have come to visit you, they will respond with an answer if your willing to listen.

If you are experiencing visitations, or the dead come calling in your dreams, contact me. I offer guidance with understanding your spirit visitations both in dreaming and waking.


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