Crossing Souls Over in Japan

The day after Japan was hit with a major devastation I had a Reiki session with a client. She actually grew up in Japan and the area that she once called home had been washed away. On this particular morning I had gone to her house to do Reiki on her, she welcomed me with opened arms and I felt Reiki was the perfect healing modality to help her move through the feelings of connection and lost with Japan. We discussed our intentions for the Reiki session and I created an internal blessing to help remove unwanted and old energies, while inviting new energies within her to emerge and shine through.

A week after our session she contacted me to discuss some amazing and intense emotional dreams she was having since our Reiki session. There was one particular dream that let her feeling overwhelmed, confused and wondering what was actually taking a place. She has given her permission to let me post the dream here, and my guided interpretation to help her move forward with the healing process.

In my dream I was hanging out with dead people. We were on a mountain.  I was sitting on top of a van and they were worried that people would forget them.  I took them to a cafeteria.  Then this dead father kept leaving pieces of his hair for his wife to see.  He was watching his wife and his child in the ofuro (hot bath).  I finally got him to realize that he wasn’t coming back and that he could let go now. 

When I woke up I was freaking out, even though in the dream I wasn’t scared at all. I realized that I’m pretty worried about Japan right now so I think  I’m trying to process this complete disaster.  I mean the agony this man in my dream must be feeling is multiplied by 13,000 people!!!!!!  These are just anxiety dreams right? 

This was my response via email communication:

Yes, you could translate your feeling within the dream as your anxiety mixed into your strong connection to Japan – your roots. However, reading your dream I sense so much more. I sense a strong beautiful feeling that your soul went over to take a look at what is happening. It needed to see for itself in order to digest your physical feelings of sadness and lost.  As you arrived and journeyed through the land you encountered some souls who had just passed. Because it is such a sudden tragedy, many souls right now are wandering trying to disconnect and reconnect with what happened on the physical plane. In this dream, I sense you actually helped this man awaken to his transition between life and death – which may feel scary and unusual to you. Many dreamers don’t realize that every so often, if they are connected to a particular place, land, or people when a disaster or tragedy hits they will be called to reassure, guide, and tend to those souls who are wandering between the physical and afterlife. Nobody wants to be alone when they die, yet what we don’t realize as physical souls is that most souls are never truly alone when they pass into limbo or into the light. Someone, some soul, some spirit, is protecting them and nurturing them in some way. For whatever reason, your connection, maybe your soul knew this man, you arrived in Japan when this gentleman needed someone most.

You seeing, encountering, hearing the needs and worry of the souls who have past is a very important role your soul feels the desire to take on. Sometimes when people experience something similar like this, in a dream or waking life, they realize they have to honor these souls in some way….share their story, help people to remember the meaning amongst the tragedy….maybe they were asking that of you?! These are your current physical childhood roots – it sounds as though your soul is being called to help in the shift and major change taking place around Japan.

 Keep dreaming like this, let your soul slip away at night and go to Japan to help.