End of the World Dreams / Alien Race Dreams


Over the past couple of years, I have come to call a series of dreams that feature the destruction of the world, the end of humanity, or the take over of our human race by lizard like alien creatures end of the world dreams. (I also experience end of the world dreams that relate to souls who have just recently died and are lost, I have come to recognize these types of dreams as limbo dreams. I will write about limbo dreams in a different posting in the near future.) I have realized recently I am not alone in such end of the world dreams or alien type dreams. I was not always willing to talk about these dreams because I never wanted anyone to think I was a little crazy or that I was predicting any part of the future. However, lately as I speak of these dreams more and more to people I know I realize that by giving these dream voice I am opening a much needed conversation. There are a great number of dreamers who are receiving a download of information from their alien type end of the world dreams. Sometimes the information comes in symbolic images that are messages, other times it arrives with such ecryptic images a dreamer is not sure how to translate or unravel the message being sent. If we share our dreams more, especially these type of rarer dreams, we can together translate the messages we are being offered.

A few times a year, I seem to experience anxiety in waking life right before one of my end of the world dream. During these times, I feel as if I am in a state of high anxiety; I can’t calm myself down and my mind is out of control. This happens about 2 or 3 days before I suddenly experience a dream in that tells a story of destruction within our society. Through my adult years, the following would take place in these types of dreams:

It is usually dark outside, often the dream has a large fire burning in the night’s horizon. In almost every dream of this kind my family and I (once in awhile a few dear friends are with me also) are trying to get out of town in the middle of the night. We are trying to escape the take over that is setting in, we don’t want to be thrown in FEMA type camps (government jail), but every time we try to cross a state line we would have to stop at security check points. Some who arrive at check points end up dead, however, it is not clear why they are killed and left for dead on the side of the road. Some check points we get a sign or feeling of some type that suggests we quickly leave. When this happens we sneak out of the long line of cars and escape off towards another direction, re-figuring our plans to hide.

Every so often when I wake up from a dream like this, after a day or two of waking life anxiety, I notice that the anxiety that was just swelling up inside of me has now disappeared. I feel at ease for a moment even though the end of the world dream always is unnerving for me. At some point in my day, after I just dreamt of a end of the world, I find out via the news that a major earthquake has taken place. In some country, a town has been destroyed by an earthquake (or Tsunami). I am always overwhelmed and I can’t help but wonder if there was a connection with my anxiety, the end of the world dream, and the devastation of this particular incident.  I am still keeping track of when this happens, taking detailed notes of my feelings, dreams, and waking life devastation’s. (I do need to note that sometimes when I experience these end of the world dreams as described above, it does not relate to any waking life devastation. So I tend to log these dreams as possible premonitions, spending time decoding the intricate details of the images and feelings within the dream.)

As a child these end of the world dreams were very similar to the way I described my adult dreams above, however, as a child I usually was alone during my night time escapes. When destruction rose, I would run off into a direction that would lead me to a deserted dirt road. I would journey alone down this road, trying to escape the havoc of the terrain behind me. On this dirt road through the darkness of the night, with only the faint glow of fire in the horizon I would come across fellow souls who were escaping in the same direction. Some of these people were walking with others, some of them alone, most were familiar to me but not from my current waking life. At times I would walk with another familiar soul or souls, and together we created a protection shield for each other. These moments, I would feel as if I did have a connection to something more then what was presented to me in waking life. Always, I would wake up from these dreams and fear the end of the world, an annihilation within our society that I had no way of preventing. This feeling would last within me for weeks, and as a child I was never able to bring these dreams to voice. Instead I buried them deep in my mind’s eye, and hoped these dreams were preparing me for what was to come.

It seems as though about once a year, since I can remember, I have an end of the world dream that details the take over of our society by reptilian like aliens. These dreams are always scarey to me, and I always seem to be lucid in the dream. I am not the type of lucid dreamer that changes or recreates what is happening in the dream, I experimented with changes in the past, but now I let everything play out as it is designed to. What I do change in my dreams are my reactions from my fear. I try not to embrace the fear, but rather I let go of the fear and create a high vibrational frequency in order to protect myself from danger.

I do try to stay away from the energetic field of aliens or unknown creatures and dimensions that appear in my dream world. But for some reason every so often I am pulled into a vision created by someone else, or I am caught up within a strong current of another unfamiliar dimension. I often wonder how I come to  decode the messages and images I receive, and I wonder if any of the translations are really related to waking life reality? The following is the most recent end of the world reptilian dream I have had; this dream took place on the night of April 4th 2011.

I felt a scratch against the back of my neck. Long sharp claws slowly scraping the back of my neck, it was very painful. I sat right up in bed and touched the back of my neck to try and feel the scratch or blood. I was lucid at this point, my eyes open, I could tell I was in my bedroom and looked to see my husband laying next to me. Suddenly I said out loud, “No! Beware the others are downstairs, they must stay downstairs and not enter into my space or else.” I saw my cats looking right at me as I sat half away, half asleep. They were very spooked out, and the way they looked startled me to wake up fully. I rubbed my eyes and turned on the light realizing at that moment I was awake and the moments before I was dreaming. My cats were freakishly staring down the stairs at the door. They acted like they could see something. I felt as if I could hear them say “we are trying to protect you from them.” I looked over and noticed my husband was not laying in the bed next to me, he was still down stairs watching television.

I laid back down and fell back to sleep.

Jordan and I were in a house and living near our previous neighbor  (who I will call Candice for posting related purposes) again.  We had just arrived to the location and we noticed the beach cabin next to Candice’s was available to rent and move into. I dreaded for a moment the thought of having to live next to Candice again and wondered why the universe would play such a cruel joke on me. I stood thinking about looking around down the beach for another place. Jordan grabbed my hand and pulled me up the steps. We stood  on the front deck for a moment, then began walking between the cabins looking through the window of Candice’s cabin. Suddenly she appeared out of no where and wore a huge smile.

“Good you are here. We were hoping you both would make it.”

I looked at Jordan in confusion. He shrugged his shoulders.

“You both will have to stay in my cabin until tomorrow night. Things are taking place and my space is very well protected. You need to take some time tomorrow and protect your new short term place o live.”

“What is happening? Why were we called here?”

“The war is brewing. The fight will take place sooner then anyone realizes. I can not remain any longer, I am too weak. I am packing up now to leave.” Candice began rushing around.

“Ok but… wait… I am confused and unprepared. This happened too fast.”

“You will see soon enough.” She gathered up some of her belongings and headed out the front door. The last thing she said was.. “I lost touch with my purpose. Now I must run and hide to be saved. You two, like many others, have always known this was coming.”

I looked around the beautiful airy cabin; it had windows and French doors all around the walls. You could see out at every angle, 360 degrees. I noticed a table that held a few expensive items, I picked up a pearl vase and admired it. I shuffled through random papers with unfamiliar symbols drawn all over them. I opened and closed the maroon colored linen curtains that hung through out the cabin. I watched Jordan go from room to room looking for any evidence of what was to come. I did not have the feeling that we would be well protected here.

As I glanced out the windows I noticed there was a storm coming, it was an odd looking storm and Jordan and I felt the need to step outside to take a closer look. We decided to walk round through the rainforest that surrounded the cabins. Walking from dirt to sand and back, checking out our surroundings and setting up signals so we could be found if “they” came directly to us. We went to see the other cabin. It was completely empty, hollow inside, dark and eerie. At that moment I understood why Candice wanted us to stay in her cabin.  After a little while longer outside, we decided to enter back into the cabin and begin settling in. Once back inside as Jordan took care of things, I began to mediate and send Reiki healing around us so we would be well protected from any evil darkness that tried to break our barrier of light. As nighttime set in we became sleepy, we slept very light that night, remaining on alert.

The next day it begun too quickly.. We were not awake for very long when “They” arrived suddenly and without any warning. We were preparing to roam the beach for the day when there was a knock at the door. I opened it slowly and the head of this large reptilian looking creature pushed the door open. His eyes were beaming with darkness and he wore a large smile on his face.

Telepathically  we communicated. “We mean no harm, as long as you do what we say.” This creature stated.

“Well, that sounds like harm to me.” I responded with.

He laughed and slithered inside the cabin pushing me out of the way. His face & body looked similar to a crocodile but five times larger, and the creature was able to stand up on its back legs.

“You don’t scare us!”  I signaled Jordan to lock all the doors and windows.

“You can’t keep us out.” He hissed at me with his huge creepy smile.

“You would be surprised what we can do.” I replied standing my ground.

“Humans ha! You can do nothing. We have become so large because you let us feed off of you. Your intelligence is beneath us, but we want your earth, your things, we want you to be our slaves.”

I was taken back by the frequency of his tone. It was giving me a headache, which I tried not to hinder me in any way.

“No! I am not human I am a soul! As the souls we have more power then you can ever realize right now.”

“Power? Yes! That is why we want to breed with you.”

I felt  the energy of this creature trying to embrace me; a strong chill full of fear ran up and down my spine.

I glanced to my left and saw a flash of shadows out the window. They were all coming to get us. I watched as they shape shifted from grey shadows into large, scalely creatures, with huge heads, fangs, and long strong tails that whipped around in the air.

“What do you want from us? Why are you here?” I screamed out.

“To seed in you.”

He slithered around back towards the door, letting two more of them inside our cabin.

Jordan signaled me to leave on his call.. and seconds later we were out the side French door and running off the deck down to the sand. My daughter Sequoia came running behind us with something in her hand.

“If we use this we will be safe.” She held out her hand.

Jordan asked her where she got it, but I could not understand what her reply was.

“Quick Meredith hold it!” We stopped and took a hold of  this thing Sequoia held out to us. At that very moment the reptilian creatures came lunging toward us.

We seemed to have slipped through a portal out into another dimension. We found ourselves floating amongst the stars somewhere far from earth. It was very bright, full of light and warmth.

“Mommy we can’t stay floating in this place forever and we can’t run. Mommy our purpose is to fight, protect and heal. Jordan fights, I protect, and you heal.”

I was stunned at her words. How did she know this? Where did she receive this information from? Then I whispered out through my tears, “Why is this dream taking us through this all. What does this dream mean?” And with that thought I must of opened some portal to my where-a-bouts;  I felt the eyes of the reptilian piercing through the dimensions as it began to slither it’s way through a tunnel towards us.

“Mommy we have to move on. They are as strong as we are. They can come to this place too. We need to go back. We are needed there. Mommy do you hear me? Mommy wake up. Don’t go back. Stay here, don’t slip away!” I heard the faint cries from my daughter.

I woke up.

Have you ever dreamt of the end of the world? Have aliens appeared in your dreamtime? Send me your dream and I will help you translate the meaning.

When dreaming of Aliens they can represent a part of your Self that has been neglected or they can represent unknown parts of your Self that have yet to be discovered. The aliens in a dream can be alerting you to discover this unknown part of you or to nurture what has been forgotten. Usually these dreams feel intense and scarey because they are very important in your evolution as a human & soul. Is there a piece of your spirit you have forgotten to take a glimpse of? Next time you dream of any type of alien, trace back the cord to find out where it is connected in your life. You may be surprised at the lost gift you may find.

Reptilians in dreams can be translated as that cold blooded aspect of you that needs warming. An aspect of your Self that you have ignored because you prefer not to take notice, while others have taken noticed. Does the core of your very being need warmth? Is there a personality trait that you portray that others find unappealing in you?

We all have a curiosity behind the existence of aliens. There are theory’s behind the existence of the reptilian alien race, a race that arrived here from a different dimension, a different galaxy. I do not disregard the truth these stories may contain. I embrace everything as it can hold a little bit of truth. The pieces of truth that resonate with me the most, I see if they fit together in the bigger puzzle of our lives in order to unravel the meaning of the here and beyond.

I have been doing a lot more research and unraveling of other galaxies, alien races, realms, dimensions. I have found an excellent website for those of you who are interested, and have dreamt of aliens but can not identify them or their reasons for your encounters with them. This is a good places to start: http://arcturi.com/index.html

There are many more forums and websites on worlds beyond ours.

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  1. Hey, so I have always had dreams of the world coming to an end . About 1 year ago I began to relaize that as much as I was trying to survive this world coming to and end , I was also running from something. I had a dream that the world was coming to an end and there were all these red little light in the sky . I knew my family and I had to get out and leave town. For some reason I also knew that we could not use any electricity because it would lead these red light to where we were. I began screamin at my family to shut the tv off and come hide in the basement . Well my step father decided to go into the car and we all ened up being in there I begged and begged him not to start the car and as soon as he did the whole car was covered in red light I ran out of the car into the basement and there they were. These three half human with two legs of a goat or horse . There were two men and 1 female, I knew this because of their features. I froze and as I wanted to approach them I looked at the palm of my hand and realized I was growing little tiny hairs on them. I wanted to talk to them as I did my step dad came in and shot one of the males. I remmebr being so upset and thinking well we’re screwed now. I woke up at this point .
    Now I had another dream last night where it bagan to rain horrible to the point where there was a flood and waves taking over the city . My boyfriend and I kept somehow surviving all these violent waves and climbing houses and buildings . I figures we should go towards downtown cus of the cn tower it seemed as if everyone folowed us there. Once we arrived there the flood stoped and all the watter was kept blocked and from a far these well I can’t decribe what they looked like but there slaves we’re these monkey looking like creatuees and it was as if it was a parade of a introduction to the aliens that were gunna rule our world now …. Theyw ere throwing food in the air with flowers very fancy but evil I could just feel it …. Everyone seemed so awed by this but I grabed my boyfriend and began to sneak inside the building trying to figure out how to survive . Everytime my dreams become more vivid so vidid that I feel that I will be on earth for the end of it and it scares the crap out of me

  2. Hi Sari, Thank you for sharing your dream experiences here. I have found that more people are experiencing these type of end of the world dreams, running and hiding from someone or something, and watching society around them crumble. Depending on the dream and dreamer my perspective as a whole shifts slightly. It could possibly be that the dreamers world is about to fall apart in some way (minor or major) and the dream is pre-warning the dreamer. However, I am unraveling that many of these dreams are more complex then that. As dreamers many of us astral travel to the past, present, or future worlds parallel to this 3rd dimension and we experience what has, is, or will be happening if everything continues as it is going. But do remember every action in every moment changes the outcome of the future. During these travels we encounter unearthly beings, some who work for the light and those who have darker intentions towards the destiny of the human race. Do not fear your dreams, you have more control of the outcome of both dreaming and waking then you may realize. Would you like to discuss this more in detail via direct email?

    If you would like to discuss your dream(s) more please contact me for more information on dream interpretation session via email please click here

    If you would like to submit your dream(s) above for my research and writings please click here In exchange for permission to use your dreams I provide free translation of the dreams I utilize for my writings and research.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Blessings, M

  3. my mom passed in june 2010 she passed in her sleep and.she.wasn’t sick. i lived with becuz my step dad passef in 2010 and mom was scared to be alone.ikeep having thr same dream where she comes back and is mad at me for giving away her things and in the dream shes driving crazy to go get her things. needless to say her room is the same way she left it . i cant get reid of her things .she passef in june 2012..Please help me.

  4. Thank you Angie for sharing your dream. I am sorry about losing your mother. You mentioned to different years above, did she pass in 2010 or 2012? Is this the first visitation dream you experienced with your mom? If you would like to explore this dream with me please feel free to either visit my payment page here: http://ispeakindreams.com/book-an-intuitive-session/ or choose a questionnaire form to fill out by reading the information about my research and disclaimer for submitting a dream: http://ispeakindreams.com/book-an-intuitive-session/questionnaire-forms/

    I suggest setting an intention and asking your mother if their is something she would like to say, express, or release. Listen, as the message may become clear for you.
    Blessings, M

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