Bathroom Dreams…purging and cleansing

While helping other people interpret their dreams, a lot of dreamers ask me to translate the bathrooms that show up in their dreams. Most of the time they come away with a confusion and a feeling of dirtiness about their bathroom dreams. But I always smile and reassure them that their is something so refreshing about having a dream of a bathroom, toilet, purging, peeing. Sounds crazy and even gross but the reality of it (or the dreaming of it) is that dreaming of a bathroom, dreaming of sitting on a toilet, can be translated into a need to purge, to cleanse, to remove the waste or energies that are no longer needed in your body, mind, or spirit.

A few months ago I was helping a friend, who is also an intuitive light worker, with a series of reoccurring dreams that centered around her sitting on toilets. Each dream would keep opening a door to a bathroom and the toilets would be highlighted. This really bugged her, but she shrugged it off thinking the meaning would appear within the healing and meditation she does. She told me she was not much of a dreamer nor did she have any concept of how to decode the symbolic messages in her dreams, and that she was happy she and I became friends. Since our friendship started a year ago, she mentioned to me she recalls her dreams more and I will often show up in her dreams guiding her and helping to heal her during aspects of her life. When she mentioned these toilet dreams I smiled and let out a chuckle. “How wonderful! Aren’t you lucky.” She laughed with me and felt at ease, telling me she was suddenly relieved that by my reaction; I understood something beautiful about her recurring toilet dreams that she was unable to see. I am unable to write her whole dream here but I will tell you the following:

For her the process was as simple as putting voice to her reoccurring dream; this helped shed any confusion and fear around what the toilets / bathrooms represented. The next step was about giving her a general meaning of toilets / bathrooms as follows: toilets & bathrooms represent a since of needing to be cleansed, to purge, to remove thoughts, energies, waste that are backed up within us. To enter a bathroom and look at a toilet is the first step of realization that something needs to be let go of within us. To sit on a toilet, to let the waste out, to purge, is a cleansing that is much needed. This is actually a beautiful feeling if you shift your perspective of  how you view a bathroom and toilet. To flush the toilet is to fully let go of what you just purged from your body; to set it free, to get rid of it and let the water dematerialized the waste / energies removed from your body.

For my friend this dream kept reoccurring because there was a cleansing process she was ignoring. Her toilet dreams doubled because they were calling her in, screaming for her, to purge the old ways of thinking in order to invite new ways in. Once she recognized this and accepted what resonated with her, her toilet dreams shifted and began to tell a new story. Over the next couple of weeks she felt better and the bathroom dreams appeared different for her, she began to embrace the toilet rather then shun it.

When you dream about toilets or bathrooms think about the following: How are you feeling? Did enter the bathroom or did you just stand in the doorway? Does the bathroom appear clean or dirty? Did you sit on the toilet? What do you think in your body, mind or spirit needs to be purged? Is there any stress in your life currently?

Ohh.. I want to point out that it is common to dream of going to the bathroom when in waking life you actually have to go. Dreams will try and wake you up if your body is in need of a waking life purging. But this becomes obviously, because as adults we are potty trained and when we have to go we have to go so a personal internal signal switches on for us. Alerting us that our current dream is actually a feeling our body is experiencing in waking life. I know for young children it can be slightly different. When a child dreams of having to purge and they actually have to pee, it is common for them to loose control and not realize that their dream is not waking life. In their dream they will sit on a toilet and purge, and as they wake up they have peed the bed. One way to help your young child with their potty training issues (I’m saying this for kids who have been potty trained already) is talk to them about their dreams. Ask them what they were dreaming and see if they became confused and could not differentiate between the dreamtime and waking. Open the conversation for them to talk to you about their dream world.

The reason I decided to write about bathroom dreams is because I had this amazing one last night I wanted to share. I had a hard time waking up this morning because I wanted to stay in my dream and lavish in all the beautiful bathrooms. Usually when I dream of bathrooms I am purging and during the dream it is not the best feeling; sometimes I dream of taking a shower …which is a wonderful cleansing dream – ridding your self of negative energies, cleaning, cleansing. Last night I dreamt the following:

I was roaming through a new house my husband and I decided to rent for a while. I was memorized by the cool looking bathrooms and just loving them. It seemed as if every bedroom had an attached bathroom suite, and each bathroom was very creative and unique. I picked a bedroom that seemed to be the master bedroom and I pointed out that the one down the hall could be my daughter’s room. I heard a knock on the door. I opened the front doorway and it was this women I had known and not spoken to in a while. I invited her in and began to show her around the new house. It seemed as though it was a ranch style house since everything was located on one main level. I was so thrilled about showing her the bathrooms, showing off how cool they were. I was just so amazed and happy how new and clean they were.

When we came to the third bedroom, located near the front of the house, I mentioned that this room would be a guest room / office because it did not have a bathroom of its own; but rather was close enough to the main full bath located near the family room. She said “Ohh but then what is that?” She was pointing up to a loft area above the bed. To my surprise it was this awesome stone bathroom / shower. “Wow! This must be the master bedroom!”

I noticed that there were hidden stone steps that were built into the shelving wall unit. There were two levels in the loft area. The first level was a huge tub that you stepped into to get to the shower level. The tub was built into the floor above the bed near the loft window. The shower was a step above the tub and fit perfectly into the window area. The water from the shower flowed down into the tub, and drained there. The toilet however was in an odd place. It was at the foot of the stone stairs built into the shelving unit near the bed.

“This is so cool. I love it! But the toilet is in an odd place. How does one hide the toilet when sleeping in the bed. Weird. But wow! How cool is this?” I turned to the woman and she smiled agreeing with me. “I wonder how I found this house. Crazy. But if we make this the master bedroom, and I think I should, how do I hide the toilet?!”  I stood there for a moment staring at the toilet, it was glowing a bright white. “I guess I could get one of those standing screen room dividers. Yes that is it! That would work.”  I looked at the woman and she said, “Or maybe the toilet is glowing and set right here to remind you to cleanse. Maybe hiding it would defeat its purpose. Maybe you should turn this room into a healing meditation room. That feels better. Jordan would like that. I think it is healing you should focus on when purging on the toilet.”  I digested her words and continued to stare at the toilet. I do love this house, I thought to myself. I don’t want to wake up. I want to stay here. I like it here. It feels like home for right now. Then I whispered out. “Toilet don’t go fading on me. I want to enjoy the peacefulness of this amazing room right now.”

I turned and ran out of the house through the back door. The setting was amazing here also, wooded area, old growth trees. I looked and saw Jordan sitting on a huge rock. He had his coat on and the wind was whipping through the air. I sat next to him on the rock. “Jordan why are you out here it is cold and very windy?” He told me he just wanted to soak in the beauty that surrounded the house. It is safe here, he said. I told him about the bathroom in the other bedroom, “I am not sure how we missed noticing this, but you must see it! It will change your perspective of how to use this room.” He nodded and said he would be in soon. I told him I needed to go back inside and look at the bathroom again. I struggled to run back inside since the wind was pushing me back. Once inside I went back to the third bedroom and stood staring at the bathroom. “Man this is a odd toilet.” I stood and watched it a it faded out. I stated again I was not ready to wake up.

It began fading and I struggled to remain in my dream. I heard the footsteps of my dog, and then the quick foot steps of my daughter. Ugh, it is time to wake up. I opened my eyes and both my daughter and dog were staring at me.

I am feeling good right now. Tired, wishing to be back in my dreaming house, but feeling good. Just soaking in the uniqueness of those bathrooms tended to some part of me that needed to be illuminated in waking life. There is a healing, a cleansing I am ready for, and those toilets / showers were inviting me to enjoy the process of purging and cleansing.