Dreams Before Dying

Gillian and I had a wonderful conversation with dream researcher & author Kelly Bulkeley on April 28th Flash of Spirit show. We discussed the realm of pre-death dreams and visions. Kelly is the author of several dream related books, and today we highlighted Dreaming Beyond Death: A Guide to Pre-Death Dreams and Visions, which he co-authored with his mother Rev. Patricia Bulkeley. Kelly was able to take the subject of death & dying (a topic most people in our society accept as taboo) and create a tone that spoke eloquently to the reader. Speaking with him today felt very similar, he brought the subject of dying to light granting it the attention that it needs and deserves…. sharing his research so simplistically.
Listen to today’s show or download the broadcast HERE.

From my own dreaming experience, I have come to understand that there is nothing wrong with death, there is nothing to be fearful of. If welcomed, dying is a beautiful transformational evolution of one’s soul. If we all began to shift our perspectives, letting go of the fear that embraces the idea of death, we could open our selves up to the messages and the healing that pre-death dreams offer to many people. There is a need for more people to be present and hold a space for dreamers so they are able to open up and share… so that they can let the images unfold and express the feelings / emotions  unraveling within most dreams. By doing this, by holding a space, welcoming dreams, insights & visions, the dreamer begins to heal in the present moment….. letting go of the past in order to welcome their future with an open heart, and finally seeing the radiant light that surrounds them.

But what about dreams of dying when there is no known medical illness?! How can dreams of dying and of death be translated from dreamtime to waking life?

Usually dreams of dying can be translated into dreams of healing; healing an aspect of one’s self that may be neglected or needs special attention. Depending on what is happening within the dream, depends on how to translate the dream to find the meaning that resonates with the dreamer. Yes dream interpretation is a process that brings to light a rich in-depth story of one’s own personal journey. What we can not see in waking life is illuminated in our dreaming worlds.

Back in December of 2010, during my Reiki training, I had the following dream:

I woke up one morning within my dream and I was feeling very ill. My kidney’s were hurting and I felt very ill. I hurried off to the hospital to find out what was happening to me. I felt as if I could be dying and I needed to prepare for my final days if there was truth to my life coming to an end. I arrived at the hospital holding on to both sides of my lower back. I hurried around looking for help. I did not feel scared but rather wanting to find resolution to my illness.

I bumped into a woman who quickly said to me, “Ohh good you made it.” She grabbed my arm and rushed me down a hallway. We came upon a line of people. The woman pointed to them, highlighting these people and what they were doing in this present moment. “They are waiting to help give a piece of their liver or Kidney to another soul.” We stood there for a short while and watched what was going on. Two people ended up being a match and walked off into a hospital room. Suddenly we disappeared and reappeared in this same hospital room. There was a woman lying in the bed that looked exhausted and very ill. I asked the woman beside me if the person lying in the hospital bed was me? I waited for an answer but heard no reply. I looked towards the women next to me and she was surrounded by an energetic light. I asked her if she was my spirit guide or an angel. She turned to me and with her illuminated eyes smiled. I do not recall getting a response. I think the answer was up to me.

The energy in the atmosphere was peaceful and even tho it seemed as something physically wrong was taking place, at the same time something good was about to happen. Then I heard the spirit guide say to me, “They are all here to help heal. Those two people will save.” She was taking about the two people that were a match for the transplant.  I could not tell if I was there to see how things work… or if I was the person in the hospital bed. I stood there longer to watch what was going to happen. I moved closer to the woman lying in the hospital bed. As I leaned in to take a look at her face I saw myself in her. I was startled. “Am I dying?” I asked out loud. A warm light was placed against my lower back. “I am standing here, and I am lying there. Why does this feel so good?”

“Do not feel any fear; no matter what you choose to happen you will be safe.” The spirit guide whispered in my left ear. I nodded.

I woke up (for real this time). I felt exhausted. My lower back was aching and I felt not myself. I jumped out of bed and I looked in the mirror. I noticed having some horrible dark circles under my eyes. I sat down and wrote out this dream.

The first thing I realized as I wrote down this dream was that this dream was not about me actually coming to the end of my life. I did not feel as if I was going to die anytime soon, but rather, an aspect of myself was dying. There was some healing that needed to take place within myself and for this to happen. I needed to take notice to the part of me that needed to change / to die. I did have fear around this dream, but I also experienced a since of relief and serenity blowing in. A part of me was going through a dying process in order for new growth to bloom. One can not move forward if one is stagnate. One can not grow into something new if one does not shed the old. This goes for everything in life, the cycle of death and rebirth. So as you can see, dying in dreams is not always meant as a pre-vision dream to passing away into the afterlife. Dying in dreams is a metaphor for shedding of the old in order to heal and move forward, to evolve. I have had many dreams of dying through my life. It is my way of healing in order to move forward down my journey.

After spending a whole week embracing this dying dream above, I found within me what was trying to die. My kidneys represented both the physical and spiritual parts of myself; by having my kidneys highlighted in my dream I was being asked to wake up and take notice to what was happening within my body & spirit.  A part of me, both spiritual & physical, was ill and needed a cleanse, needed to be tended to; this part of me I was neglecting and abusing. Having my spirit guide appear before me in my dream was a way of showing me healing had already begun; I was not alone through this process. She had healers on call and ready to help remove from within me this particular aspect of my Self that was no longer necessary.

The funny things is (and I do love when my dreams shout at me) a couple of weeks ago I woke up yelling out loud, “I need a cleanse!” When I fully awoke and realized I had been dreaming I immediately thought of my kidney dream from December. The first thing I said to myself was “there are unhealthy particles that remain within my body that need to be removed.” I thought of the part of my kidney dream when my spirit guide said to me, “No matter what you choose to happen you will be safe.” These two dreams of dying and healing are connected. They are both stripping away at the core of my true Self, this part of me that is ready to emerge and transform. My dream in December was the aspect of my Self that was dying, and  this current need to cleanse is now the part that will remove any remaining energies I no longer need within that aspect of my dying Self.

Since I only focused on translating dreams of dying, I will be following up this posting with a related one on translating dreams of death. Stay Tune.


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