Translating Flying in a Dream

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Have you ever dreamt of watching someone else fly? How did it make you feel? What images and senses emerged from you after a flying dream? Have you wondered what flying in your dreams could mean?

Occasionally, I used to dream of flying. I loved dreaming of flying. Like a bird with wings my dreams allowed me to go anywhere when I would fly. Most of the time I would fly along the ocean shores of a far off land. Swooping down past the cliffs, waterfalls, and others watching me from a distance. There were times in my flying where I felt as though I would fall to my death, but either I would wake up or connect again with the wind and catch myself from falling, only to drift upward and fly eloquently amongst the atmosphere again. I don’t ever recall watching someone else fly, unless I was flying along side of them, until in 2003, when I my life was at a stand still and something had to change in my surroundings in order for me to continue moving forward.


Through the turmoil of finding out the truth, as are all relationships, break-ups can be heart-wrenching. Acting on life changes, when life is comfortably uncomfortable, can be extremely difficult. I experienced the following dream (below) near the end of a four year relationship. Because of the following dream, I realized it was time for me to officially move and end a already broken relationship, along with the life I dreamt up for myself. At this time in my life I had been hiding, feeling afraid to move forward, while letting someone else narrate my life. For a while, it felt as though I was existing inside a bottled filled with water and I was swimming aimlessly around at the direction of someone else. Five years before I had this dream I had wings… and I flew around in my dreams several times; in waking life I felt a freedom that kept me alive. At some point during these five years my wings were clipped and I was given a pair of rain boots to help me walk through the quick sand of what my life became.

(The following dream is the ending of a long very detailed dream. I only wanted to address the last part of the dream so I could discuss flying in dreams.)

When someone else is flying in your dream.

 I decided that I needed to hurry, to move along faster to find an exit door. As I quickened my feet I envisioned a door at the end of the hallway. Within seconds later the hallway ended and I stood facing a large wooded door with a great big door knob.

I did not envision it to be this big. I whispered to myself.

I put down my suitcase and Penelope. I wrapped both hands around the door knob and twisted it with all the strength I had left within me.

“Push don’t pull.” I heard a voice bellow out.

So I pushed with all my might and I tumbled through the doorway as it swung open. As I straightened myself out I looked behind me and Penelope was pulling my suitcase through the doorway. I smiled and thanked her. I walked a few more steps in the middle of the room and took a look around the room. The room was very large, but it was completely empty. I noticed the sparkly white & blue tile floor and there was a medium size perfect picture window in the center of the wall across from the door I entered through. I could see clearly out the window. The sky was clear blue scattered with a few white puffy clouds.

“Penelope look at the sky!” I shouted as I ran to the window. The tissue that was in my mouth fell out onto the floor. I tried to push open the window, I wanted to breathe in some fresh air, but the window would not budge. I pressed my face against the clean window. I wondered where I was, am I really in Africa? I thought to myself. As I kept my face pressed against the coolness of the window I began to cry. I had no clue where I really was or how I was going to get anywhere. I felt lost in a maze that represented my life. What felt like only moments passing, I knew were hours, days maybe even weeks.

Finally once my tears cleared up I noticed someone floating by the window. I struggled to get my eyes into focus, I say a figure, a smile, and a wave passing right before my eyes. Hey wait that’s Jonathan! I began to yell Jonathan, Jonathan! But I could not hear the sound of my voice. I knocked on the window to get his attention. The boom of my knock echoed through the room. I could not believe it! My boyfriend was here to rescue me. I felt so overjoyed.

Jonathan! Jonathan! Look it is me! I was hoping he could hear me because I could not hear the sound of my own voice.

He was looking the other way as he floated passed me again. I stood motionless just watching him fly by me, watching him fly all around in the beautiful blue sky. I wished I could fly. I closed my eyes. I wish I could fly. I opened my eyes and I was still standing exactly where I had been for so long. I watched as the wind gather inside his open jacket, pushing against the flap of his invisible wings, gliding him through the air in amongst the open sky. Ohh wings, he has wings. I wish I had wings.

I glanced down at the land below. I could see people moving along with their lives, they looked like ants from way up here. I noticed a silhouette of a road that split off in two different directions. Then I looked up towards the sky.

Well, I am obviously on the 56th floor of a very tall high rise. Don’t you agree Penelope? How did I get to this point in my life, I can walk and wander the halls but I can no longer fly?

I placed my hand on the glass of the window and just watched as Jonathan took flight. Will I always be the one behind the window peering out?

So how can one translate a dream of flying?

In the dream, I mentioned above, for me to watch someone else fly while I stood looking out a window was a life changer. This dream was asking me to wake up and take a look at my relationship. Why was he able to fly but I was not? What steps had I taken in my personal life that inhibited me to be able to fly? I flew many times in dreams while others would watch me…. so why suddenly am I unable to fly. Another thing I noticed in my dream is was that I felt like I was being called by a different name. My cat Penelope was completely unknown to me, and I felt as though she represented an aspect of myself I had either forgotten or ignored…. when along she (or I ) was right there along side myself.  It was quickly obvious to me upon waking that I was no longer myself, but rather an ideal of someone else. It made me wonder, did I create this different version of me to cope or was I created by my relationship and I was no longer truly me?! (Although I did not post all the images and details of this dream, it was a very profound dream for myself that gave me the capability to make some major life changes.)

I have come to understand that flying is a sort of liberation, it is a freedom we all desire in some way in our life. It can also mean moving up beyond your state of consciousness and a sense of trying to reach further inward to discover some amazing aspects of your Self, your believes, your truths.

When experiencing a flying dream ask yourself these questions and write down your responses:

  • How are you feeling as you are flying?
  • Do you have control of your flying? Or does it feel as if someone else is pushing you along?
  • What is happening around you as you fly? What images, colors, smells are around you?
  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your dream of flying?
  • Think about what is currently taking place in your waking life that may have prompted this flying dream to take place.

Now explore your responses. What do you see formulating? Are there responses that fit together like a puzzle? Or do they still seem scattered or do you feel frustrated with the translation?

Sit with your dream.

When you feel you are ready let the dream go. Send it back into the universe. Give flight to it. Sometimes when working with a dream more answers & translations pop up through the dreams that come next.

Want to explore more about your flying dreams?

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