Dreaming of Reiki Healing

Just in the past several months I have been trained in Reiki. It was a calling I could not ignore from my spirit guides within my dream world. Even before I began my training I was dreaming of the transference of energy from the universe through me, as I would exist as a hollow bone.

I realized I had dreamt of healing myself through Reiki even before I had learned anything about it. In my dreams I would become lucid as I would receive some amazing energy in colorful forms of gold, yellow, and orange. I would be guided to sit in a comfortable position within the atmosphere beyond the physical plane and was shown how to hold my hands together. Within seconds I was floating with amazing light sparkling from me and into me. I am not sure if I can create words to explain the amazing feeling of peace I experienced within these dreams.

I dreamt again of Reiki this time I was actually using Reiki and healing someone. The silhouette of their soul laid before me and I placed my hands on the parts of the body they needed the most healing. I woke up again with the most amazing feeling from this dream.

About a month before my training I had the following dream:

I was walking through the forest on a wide path. Merlin is one of my spiritual teachers and he greeted me on my path. I hugged him hello and stepped back. He mentioned to me that he was not going to stay this evening but there was something that he needed to show me. He asked me to step back again. “Meredith when I leave in a moment I want you to look all around you. There are four stones you need to find. They are all right here in the present moment, but if you take a moment to look you will find they will appear for you.”

“What are they for?” I asked.

“That is for you to unravel on your own. Do what you will with them… and until next time.”

He bowed to me, then tipped his hat. He dematerialized as quickly as he appeared before me. I began to look around. I put down my stuff and told my Self I was ready to see. I drifted around in a circle and I recall someone saying “Here you go.” I looked up and to my right. To my amazement four golden brown stones floated in front of me. Each stone had a symbol on it that I was unable to comprehend.

“What do they say?” I asked out loud. “What numbers, letters, symbols are they? What do they mean?” I jumped up and tried to grab them but they floated away from my reach. Trying not to feel frustrated I took a moment to calm down. The dream began to shift scenes and every time my surroundings changed I would here someone say “Here you go!”. As if I was being handed the symbolic stones I would held out my hand, but instead the symbolic stones would float up into the air and float around me.

After a while I realized that I was suppose to decipher what the stones meant. They were not mine just yet, but they would be soon enough.

After my first training I met up with a friend that was a Reiki Master, she offered to let me practice Reiki on her. I met her at her office and she handed me a book called ‘Reiki Shamanism: A Guide to Out-of-Body Healing’ by Jim PathFinder Ewing. I had not read anything on Reiki as my dream guides told me I would find out everything as I was meant to from my teacher, other Reiki healers, and from my dreams. My friend said she thought I should read this book, that it was filled with some information to help guide me and put Reiki into perspective for me. I thanked her and felt slightly afraid to read it, I did not want to take on more information outside of what my dream guides had mentioned to me. I also had learned that Reiki was to be taught by being handed down through word of mouth. I could not help but wonder if I read this book something that felt so naturally magical would change for me.

To my surprise that evening I opened the book and began reading it. It took me a couple of hours to read through the book, but what was so surprising was that the dream I had before I trained in Reiki about the symbols in the stones were shown in the book. These were the symbols I dreamt! What is even more amazing is that the author and Reiki Master, Jim PathFinder Ewing, called these particular symbols Pathfinder….And he had dreamt of these symbols 10 years earlier!I dreamt these same symbols as he did, maybe not in the same way… but I had not known anything about these symbols in waking reality before this particular dream.

I knew right away I was to learn about this symbols alone–completely on my own — along  side with the original Japaneses Usui symbols that were being taught to me by my Reiki teacher.

Right before I began my Reiki training I dreamt of healing my dog; in waking life she had become ill with a stomach flu. I fell asleep that night asking for my dream guides to help me find a way to make my dog feel better. I asked for any messages to be sent to me with guidance and information.

Sometime during that night I was awoken, or at least I thought I had woken up, but I had just become lucid in my dream. I received a tap on my right shoulder and my eyes opened. I felt a hand guide me to sit up in bed and there was a light that illuminated the space where my dog laid on my bedroom floor. I could see beyond her fur and skin, I could see her spirit all limped over and without any energy. I decided to stand up and go by her side.

I was completely aware I was dreaming and I took this as a sign of guidance… a message being handed to me in order to help my dog feel better. I keeled down and placed my hands on the spirit of my dog. Next thing I know she and I are twirling up in an energetic field that is common for me to visit while dreaming. My hands felt as if they had melted into her body and as I tried to move them I would hear a beautiful voice say “Keep your hands as they are.” I looked down at my dog and I felt her smile shine up at me. I knew I was helping her heal in some way that she needed. As I shifted my focus away from the light and back into the bedroom I could see my physical body sleeping. In awe, I remained calmed and kept my attention on my dog. I could see an array of light beams shining down from up above down through my hands and moving through my dog.

What felt like several minutes ended as quickly as it began and my dog sat up and looked at me. I petted her for a moment and I felt the gratitude flow between us. I think seconds later I woke up from my dog making coughing noises. She sat up as I sat up and she sneezed a few times. All day and night her stomach had been making odd rumbling sounds. But as she laid back down I heard silence. I knew I had been dreaming and placing Reiki on her and the waking world at this moment did not feel any different then the dream realm I had just left. Soon we both fell back to sleep. The next day she was feeling a lot better. Again another sign for me to train in Reiki healing.

The best part of all of this is on my first day of training my teacher informed me that she was told by her spirit guides that I would feel as if I was finally home. I was indifferent with what she told me. I had no real idea of home, except in my dream world. Mentally I discarded what she told me ready to dive into my training. By the end of the day I was in tears with happiness. How amazing this experience to learn Usui Reiki had been. All my dreams of Reiki had revealed so much truth, I had been healing in these particular dreams. I had been learning and accepting what I was feeling and being taught in my dreams. Finally before my teacher and I ended the training day I turned to her and said “I finally feel like I am home.” There was so much happiness and inner light pouring from every pore of my soul.

Reiki is a source for alternative healing within your body, mind & soul. It is a healing modality where a  transference of energy passes through the practitioner from the universal energy source. It is a beautiful and calming way to cleanse and move old energies out of your body to make room for new energies.