When Your Vibration Is High…

…All Seems Right With The World !

I recall my time spent in graduate school at Pacifica Institute the vibrational frequency on the land where the institute resided was other worldly. It was as if when you arrived you entered an invisible gate into another world dimension. It felt as if the invisible gate had a cleansing mechanism that sprayed off any negative energy, leaving the dark particles at the gate to be swept away, far away to the ocean waters to eventually be dissolved. The vibrations of the land can be seen and felt, and once entered you wonder quickly, why ever leave.

One evening while I was attending Pacifica, we had the amazing honor to meet Jungian Analyst  and author Marion Woodman. With the energy high after her lecture she beckoned all of us to stand up and group together in 3’s; for she was going to guide us through the Dance of Three’s.  My two friends who I had become close to while at Pacifica knew right away this was too much for me to endure – to stand up in front of everyone and be guided blindly through my own dancing with the music to come from my heard, I wanted to cry. My two dear friends grabbed me up offered me their comfort so that my nerves would not get the best of me. They surrounded me with energetic love & light  keeping me protected from dimming my vibration that had been at such a high. And soon the dance begun. I will not explain the process of the dance because it is unexplainable, it is and act, a feeling, something that no words I feel can explain in any logical way. But what I will tell you is this:  because we were already in a place that gave off such a high level of vibrational bright light of colors, and because Marion Woodman is a true Goddess , and because all the students were there for the same purpose, the same need, tuning ourselves up for the real world of waking life, the room was aglow with a illuminated white light  shield as we took turns presenting our personal dance within the dance of threes.


The feelings, the energies that emerged from all of us created all our chakras to burst with light while we danced – our crown chakras vibrating with a universal energy shining light beyond the physical. Looking back now, as the feeling rolls through me again, and tears of joy fill up my eyes, for those moments of dancing I could feel all of our souls back home together again. I image that is what the afterlife is like once we return home through the light.

When I was young, a few of my friends and I would read and feel the energy around people. We would steer clear of people with low energy fields; afraid they would suck us into their field and break us down. I never understood why I had this type of knowing or what it really meant, but I just knew I needed to beware and be careful out in the world. When you encounter a person with low energy or a low vibrational field you first feel it in your own body. It could be an icky feeling you suddenly have, or your body suddenly folds inward and closes up. You feel it, and then know something does not feel right about this particular person, (or a particular place or thing). Sometimes if you are not quick enough to protect your energy field you suddenly feel drained or maybe a thought arises that is negative, and you wonder where did that thought come from? At first it is something you can’t pin point but you know you must walk away, hang up the phone, or close your computer. You feel as though you must step away as soon as possible. This is what it usually feels like when you encounter a low frequency field or energies that are of a negative nature. So what do you do about it? So how does one create a High Frequency Life? And what does any of this mean?

If you are aware of your surroundings, which I suggest everyone should be aware and be present in order not to step into a field accidentally, you can prepare yourself ahead of time, and then remain prepared when the encounter happens. I suggest that the first thing you can do is to make sure your frequency is high before leaving at your house. In the beginning this may take practice, but once you become used to attuning yourself at a high frequency, it will happen naturally.

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The Power of Personal Vibration

On Thursday April 14th, 2011 Flash of Spirit will be speaking about the Power of Personal Vibration with a Intuitive author Penney Peirce. This book was given to me by a publishing company here in the Portland metro area in 2008, before it was officially published in 2009. It was given to me at a time in my life I needed it most. At a time when I had forgotten about the Dance of Three’s, at a time when I was losing myself to other people’s energy and vibrational fields. A few weeks before I was given the book I was referred to an Intuitive reader by a friend. For a moment in time I was feeling lost with a direction to go in, I felt that I had to have a 9 to 5 job since I had a daughter to tend to. After I discussed with the Intuitive that my calling in life always had to do with healing work and dreams, but I was afraid of mixing healing & money while trying to contribute to supporting my family, the intuitive had mentioned writing to me and that she saw publishing in my future, ONLY IF I worked hard and was persistent, while staying true to myself. I laughed and said ok, still not knowing how to digest the information she had given me.

A week later a job position appeared for me, marketing assistant with a spiritual / healing publishing book firm. I thought, well this must be what she was talking about. I was very persistent with requesting an interview, and because of this they granted me one.  And then the following took place, they told me I was persistent and they liked that, however, I did not have all the qualifications they were looking for, but they wanted to meet me. I felt as though I needed to be completely honest with them and I told them how I ended up in this interview. They loved what I said and the energy in the room was very high and comfortable. The director said to me, I have something I need to give you, she handed me Penney’s book, and then she said to me, “You are a healer, a dream intuitive, your place is not here. You should be writing your story, your knowledge of dreams and getting published, not helping other people get published. We all like you but you’re not right for this position. You are needed elsewhere.”

I walked away bummed that I was not going to get the job. I could see myself working amongst that atmosphere. I feared what they told me, but at the same time felt so confident and free, they saw in me who I truly was. I went home and began reading Penney’s book. I devoured every word, every chapter within that week. Everything I had known to be true was true. People were writing their truth, their awakenings, it was time for me to dive in feet first unraveling my life in order to become the healer, the dreamweaver, the light that everyone else saw within me. I did enjoy the free flowing life, if and when someone needed a message they found their way to me. But I realized that some people get lost along their way and never make down the path to receive the dream messages waiting for them. It was time for reach further, dig deeper and clear the path for others to find me.

After reading Penney’s book, and from all the knowledge I held within, I began o look inward at my outward life. I began to see webs I created and the frequency of others feeding off my vibrational energy. I began to rethink my thoughts and tune into more positive energy. I saw the trap I created for myself and began digging my way out and up into the light of the world. This process took a while, it was not easy and it took a lot of work… but I did it.  There were many tears, many friends I had to weed out, I had to accept me for me and begin to love myself. I had to stop worrying about what others thought, and to be ok with having few friends. I had woven a web of being a mother amongst other mothers I did not connect with. I had created a dark energy around disliking being a mom rather than just enjoying being me. I decided to create a white bubbly light around my home and family and see the good within this bubble, rather than looking out my window and noticing everything I disliked. I stopped looking out my window and began the process of creating the life I have always wanted. This work is not over, I am still creating and still being present while creating my future. I had to start somewhere, and I had to take baby steps out of my web and out of the energy field I let others suck me in.