Creating a High Vibrational Life

Simple, daily practices to keep your energy level & vibrational frequency high

The best way to start out your day, soon after you awake, is to have a quick and simple routine of raising your energy frequency level to a high vibration. By keeping your energy field at a high vibration you remain healthy and happy.

  • Sit for a moment and greet the morning.
  • Wake up and make it a new day, try not to allow yourself to bring yesterday or last week into this new day, especially if the recent past brings you stress, anger, or heartache.
  • Give gratitude by being thankful for what you do have, for what makes you YOU. Write 2 to 5 things down or just say them to yourself each morning as you arise to your new day.
  • Take a shower with salt’s to begin your day cleansed and new.
  • Before leaving the house envision yourself surrounded by a light – white, blue, emerald, or golden light — whatever color resonates with you the most. If you can see and feel your beautiful light, so will others you encounter.

These only have to take a few moments out of the start of your morning. Face the day with light and forgiveness, carry lightness with you throughout the day, act rather than re-acting. See the positive out of everything and let the negative roll off you.

  • Be present with yourself, your family, your animals, whatever it is that surrounds you within your home.
  • Remember that like attracts like – simple law of attraction.  Be aware of who you bring into your life. Be aware of you approaches you throughout your day. If you are at a high frequency many people will be attracted to your light; if you are well protected they will not be able to feed off of your light & energy. Shine your light, invite people to join you in a high frequency… but do not let them draw out your beautiful energy.

  • Be mindful on your thoughts, actions, and speech throughout the day. How you think and interact with others can raise and lower your frequency / vibrational energy level. Come from a place of love and kindness throughout the whole day.
  • Be conscious of what you eat, take into your body, and digest.
  • Deeply Love Yourself and Others.
  • Taking a walk in nature is a great way to help cleanse and keep your vibration at a high frequency.

At the end of the day, remember to take a moment to cleanse yourself off, leaving the particles of other’s energy that tried to attach to you at the door. Lighting candles, burning sage or sweet grass, after you return home helps keep your energy field cleaned and beautiful.

  • Do not invite those energies into your home. As you enter remind them how they are not invited in.  Believe me this works – I do this almost every day when I return back home from anywhere.
  • Before you go to sleep at night, give gratitude for your day, be thankful for all the positive things that happened, even if it feels minuet.

In the beginning this may take practice, but once you become used to attuning yourself at a high frequency, it will happen naturally. There are many great books and resources on the internet to for a more in-depth read and practices to keep your vibration level high. Meditation and Yoga are both wonderful & powerful ways to keep your soul well fed and at a high radiant frequency. And if nothing else, learn to dance in the light of your own music, commune with all of yourself, let go and be free as you dance…. and watch the energy level in the room become a radiant light of love.