Learning to Listen When Your Inner Voice Speaks

Insight into Our Visions…..

On Thursday March 24th, 2011 Flash of Spirit will be hosting a show about Premonitions featuring expert researcher Dr. Larry Dossey, author of the Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives.  Many people may be wondering what defines the meaning of a premonition Dr. Larry Dossey (2009) explains a premonition to be as follows: “A glimpse of the future, a feeling or sense that something is about to happen.” ….This is starting to feel familiar isn’t it?

I read Dr. Dossey’s book within 2 days, devouring every word, every case story, and every piece of scientific evidence he had researched.  But he did not need to convince me that premonitions are real, I live through them almost every day. I was happy to find more explanation behind the foreshadowing I experience often. From knowing who is about to call me or email me right before they do; to seeing a vision of resolving an issue before the issue even arises, to getting that feeling of knowing and changing gears before an incident takes place, and watching what happens after I just avoided it. When reading Dr. Dossey’s book, I was thrilled to know that a doctor was finding truth behind what so many people question within themselves. I think people would be surprised how many premonitions they actually have in their lifetime without even realizing it, or the realization appears after the fact – that moment after it is too late to heed the warning or to act on the positive insight that was offered.

From my own experience, and from working with my clients, a premonition can appear as a warning, it can appear within a dream, it can be a vision of something positive that will happen, or it can feel as a deep knowing – intuitively aware of what is about to take place next. It can spring up as the littlest bit of insight, being tapped into the energetic field of a friend or loved one… that moment when a friend pops into your mind and you begin to wonder about them and only minutes later you receive a phone call or email from them. A premonition can appear as something simple and lucid, it can show itself as robust , or it could be so complex you are left spinning in circles wondering how to connect the dots.

Within dreams premonitions can be defined as a vision of guidance or warning, foretelling the feeling you have deep within your gut that has been bothering you all day, or all week. That feeling you are unable to decipher in waking life so your dreamtime is decoding it for you, holding your hand and showing you images and maybe adding voice to that feeling.

You are probably wondering now how you can tell if you have experienced a premonition. Here are three signs of your visionary insight flashing before your eyes:

1.       You sense that the imagery (whether in your dream or waking life) has a trueness that is taking hold of your senses.

2.       You can feel the imagery, hear the voice throughout your whole body, or a part of your body where your intuition resides.

3.       The feeling, the sense of “knowing” will not disappear. It could be gnawing at you to the core of your spirit and soul.

I will add this following sign: Once you put words to the imagery, to the voice, once you speak it out loud, you will begin to feel as if a weight has lifted off of your spirit, and slowly you watch the changes that take place within you and within your waking life.

I know that we cannot always prevent our premonitions from taking place.  And even if we speak it out loud or put a wrench in the premonition’s plan it does not mean that we stopped what we may fear from taking place. But what it can mean, the more we are tapped into our true self and the universe, is that we have more control over how we deal with our lives, how we cope amongst the positive & negative, how we learn to have forgiveness, and acceptance, ultimately preparing ourselves for what is to come.

Last October, I experienced a premonition, or warning dream, that was entwined with a personal situation I was going through. I dreamt I was not supposed to go to my class because I was going to get in a car accident. In my dream my car refused to accelerate, to go up the drive way, and kept spinning it’s tires in the mud. I kept looking at the time and feeling I was going to be late for class… it was 3:30pm, 3:50pm, 4:10pm. At 4:10pm I decided I was late for class.  In my dream I was aware that if I can’t force my car to drive something terrible would happen. I was in my house and I looked at the clock one last time, it said 6:20pm. The next day, after I woke up, and was preparing to go to my monthly class I had all this anxiety along with an intense feeling that my dream was a warning for something bad to happen. I knew deep within I was going to get in a car accident, so I did not go to class that afternoon. Exactly one week later, I was returning back home from an outing with my daughter. It had been raining really hard, large puddles, mud on the older roads… and then suddenly the rain lightened up about ½ mile from my home. I was thinking about how hungry I was and I looked at the time 6:20pm. Then two blocks from my house, BAM! I was hit from behind and found myself in a car accident. I glanced at the time 6:22pm.

Was I given a sort of premonition in my dream the week before? Did I prevent it from happening the Saturday before? Or was this an inevitable?  Did the universe have a plan for me? And although I may have prevented a bigger accident from happening, was I ultimately supposed to get into a car accident? These are the unknowing, the unexplained mysteries of Premonitions, the reason why it can be difficult at times to decode the message given to us. However, by understanding them, by receiving them and being aware of the positive and negative information being passed on to us, I believe that premonitions can be a resource that illuminates our lives, awakening and enlightening us to explore the depths of our inner truth and accepting  that we hold much more knowledge than we realize within us.

Just notice.

Awaken to your life and take notice to what is happening.

Turn off the television. Turn off the radio.

Stop listening for a moment at whatever anyone else thinks and feel.

Listen to yourself.

Listen and be present, be present in the feelings that emerge within the silence.

You will be surprised at how that inner knowing is speaking with clarity. And yes, it can be that simple – If you let it.

I have always found the greatest insight to come from my dreams and within the silence I choose to exist within. When I am running 6 miles through my quiet neighborhood, when I am hiking through the backwoods of the northern Cascade Mountains and communing with nature, I can hear every voice, feel very sense, grow a better understanding to my knowing, and believe. Don’t get me wrong I have some great friends and mentors that I lean on when I need their insight most, but it is what I feel when they speak with their insight when I have the knowing and clarity of what is true to me.

Here are some excellent resources that can help in understanding Premonitions; along with learning how to tap into your intuition – learning to hear when your inner voice speaks.

Or if nothing else, you can just sit in silence…. meditate… and learn by just being present with your self and notice the unfolding as you begin to become awake to your inner voice as it speaks.

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