awaking to my dream

I dreamt last night that I had washed myself in a watery mud to clean myself. But instead this watery mud was filled with ocean water sea creatures that stuck themselves to me. In my dream I began pulling them off me, I could actually feel their suctions being pulled off me. I awoke from the sensation and my whole body felt as if something had been living on my skin. I woke up finding myself sweeping off my skin as if I was still in my dream.

I was sent back to sleep and I ran to  this woman (who I am finding is a life teacher of mine ) and I told her how I just dreamt of being covered with clams and crabs and their suctions and claws where attached to my skin. “I woke up feeling as if they were really there. But as I realized I was awake, I heard you calling me back to sleep, back to my dream world.”

“Yes. It did happen Meredith. Think about why their suctions and claws covered your body. You always want to wash everything away but if you notice water is not what you think it should be.”

I was completely puzzled. My skin still felt the sensation of these sea creatures, I could not help but feel myself all over to make sure nothing was left holding on to me.

“Here I will give you some math problems for you to explore and you decide what the answers should be.”

“NO! I hate math!” I yelled.

I was standing in the backyard of the house I grew up in. I looked around and did not feel any residue from my younger life. Being here presently was for different reasons then why I grew up here.

I asked why I had to learn these mathematical problems.

“Well you are having writer’s block right? Your stuck creativity at this present moment, right? Well… ok just listen and you will solve your block. The breakthrough will be mystical and magical…. and freeing.”

I nodded thinking negative about math problems as she quickly threw some out to me. I felt frustrated and icky. Ok.. OK. I said to myself. Just listen. Think. What is the meaning behind this particular math problem.

AS I stood there. Listening. Rubbing my head. Rubbing my eyes. I felt confused. Suddenly I woke up and the last thing I heard was… “You will be ready when you stop thinking so much and just let the math problem flow through you.”