5 Common Recurring Dreams

  • FLYING: I recall a dream once years ago where I was in a relationship that needed to end. In my dreams I am the one usually flying, soaring over oceans, over cliffs, never scared enjoying the flight. However, in this one particular dream it was my ex-boyfriend who was flying and I was watching from a large window in a hollow room from an empty house. This dream was monumental for me. This was the dream that I realized my ex-boyfriend was soaring towards his dreams / passion and it was I who was looking out. He was flying high and I was stagnating. I yelled out to him, I knocked on the window to get his attention. He looked towards me and smiled. “I want to be flying!” I screamed out. He was moving forward and I was hesitating. I wanted to be out there flying — hey it was always me that took flight in my dreams, until that moment. When I awoke, I knew that no matter how we felt for each other our relationship was not going to work out. I even wrote a short story about that particular dream so I could find meaning to this major life changing dream I experienced.
    • Flying: What does it mean to you when you dream of flying? How do you feel? Does the fleeing change each time you experience flying in your dreams? What are you doing when you are flying? What are your surroundings like?
  • TEETH FALLING OUT: I have actually experienced my teeth falling out once or twice that I can recall. However, many people I encounter and discuss dreams with recall having their teeth fall out more often than not. So what does it mean to have your teeth fall out? Teeth falling out usually symbolize death of a loved one or death of some aspect of yourself – a shedding or a major change about to take place. Well for me it was a change in my current routine that was about to take place – a shedding of an old aspect of myself to make room for a new routine. Many people who have experienced a dream with their teeth falling out have soon thereafter experienced a shedding of an old thought, or part of themselves. Sometimes the waking experience is difficult to adjust to, however the dream is preparing the dreamer for what is to come. How does it feel when your teeth are falling out? Is it just one tooth or many teeth? What are your surroundings like while this is taking place?
  • THE HOUSE YOU GREW UP IN: I am always dreaming of some sort of house or my childhood house. It comes in waves, dreaming of the house I grew up in.. less currently in my life since I have dealt with my own personal childhood issues. Usually when a dreamer revisits the home they grew up in the dream is signaling to the dreamer of unresolved issues and memories. By visiting your childhood home you are seeking answers to something hidden or buried within your subconscious. The house symbolizes the foundation of who you are. Each room represents a different aspect of a dreamers life. What does it feel like when you return to your childhood home? What does it look like? Does everything look the same or are things different? Is there anyone in the house? What room or rooms do you revisit most?

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  • LOST OR WANDERING: Many times I find myself lost or wandering in my dreams, this is common for many dreamers. Some dreams I am lost searching for something or someone. Other dreams I am wandering through unfamiliar city streets or forest trails searching, walking alone lost. I find that when I am lost and wandering around my dreams it usually means I am mentally distracted in my waking life. Mentally I am at a fork in the road or have wandered off my path in my waking life. For me, when I am lost in my dreams I know I may be in a foggy place in my life. I can’t see clearly or I am in a rut. What does it feel like when you are dreaming of being lost? How does it feel to wander? What images appear for you in these types of dreams? What is happening in your waking life that may have sparked a dream like this?
  • BEING CHASED: Usually when I am being chased in a dream it represents a fixed idea I can not free myself from. Transition is taking place in my life but I am stuck from making the change due to an idea within my mind I can not shake loose. However, from time to time I am being chased by someone who is haunting me due to crisis or trauma in my past. These can be very scary dreams, dreams that shake you when you wake in the morning hours. Dreams of being chased can stick with you for days while you wonder what it all means. My suggestion: Write down these dreams or talk to someone about them. Ask yourself, Who or what are you trying to escape? What was the setting like in your dream? What did the person or thing look like that was chasing you? How did you feel? What have you hidden or buried within you that is trying to bubble up to the surface? Is there a transition currently taking place in your life today?