Dream Incubation

Incubate your Dream:

To incubate your dream you need to sit with your dream that you need /want more answers to… your dream you would like more guidance and find meaning to.

  • If you would like to revisit your dream while sleeping:
    • Create the same dream recall ritual as you did above. Plant in your mind’s eye, before bed, questions you would like to ask your dream guides about a particular dream. Relax … and think about going back into this particular dream while you are sleeping.
    • Repeat to yourself, while falling asleep, the questions you need answers or guidance on from your dream.
    • On waking write or draw out anything you can recall from your night’s dreaming. As you are reconnecting with your dream in waking life begin looking for elements and image associations to the questions you were asking — trace the pieces of your dream(s) together.
      • Do you feel your question(s) are being answered or recognized?
      • Do you see any images that are connected to your previous dream?
      • How are you feeling?
    • You can continue to incubate this dream each night as you unravel the meaning. (Some dreams have clear meanings, some dreams take longer to interpret only because there is healing or messages that a dreamer is not listening to in regards to waking life. Do not get discourage! All dreams have meanings sometimes the meaning comes in pieces and belong to a larger puzzle that you need to fit together.

Dream Incubation:
If you would like to incubate and revisit your dream while awake contact me I am able to guide you through this Dream Journeying technique through Reiki Healing and Shamanic Journeying. I provide dreamers with guidance on how to understand their dreams in order to find meaning & healing.

I Speak In Dreams.

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