Simple Tips for Dream Recall

Dream Recall Techniques: (Simple techniques for those who have trouble with remembering their dreams and for dreamers that would like to more practice.)
Ways to remember your dreams:
  • Set the Intention, each night before going to bed, to wake up and recall at least one thing (image, sound, words, characters, settings, color, smell) from your dreams.
  • Incubate: Think of an object, place, or person you would like to see in your dreams. Think about this thing before falling asleep each night. While you are sleeping as soon as you see this person, place or dream tell yourself you are dreaming. Most likely at that moment you will wake up. The dream will be fresh in your mind – quickly write down everything you can recall from the dream.
  • If you have a hard time recalling your dreams… Do not watch TV, read a book, or drink any alcohol or caffeine 60 minutes before bed. Just relax and meditate, sit in silence or light a candle – clear your mind of your day’s events before falling asleep.
  • When you wake up in the morning just lay in bed peacefully. Do not get up out of bed right away. Wake up slowly and try to recall images of the dreams. Have a pen and paper close by and jot down any fragments or images you can remember. Take about 10-15 minutes each morning for waking up before beginning your day.
Waking Journey:
Sometime during your day while you are awake take a moment to mediate on the recalling your dreams. Sit quietly and close your eyes. Let your chatter of monkey mind go…. and visualize white light. Let whatever positive images or voices into your white light as ask yourself, ask the images what is blocking you from recalling your dreams. Listen to the answer that comes. It may be simplistic or it maybe something you have buried subconsciously. Do not become frightened. Just listen and take notice to what appears before you. After doing this exercise and before falling asleep this same night – think about shedding whatever has blocked you .. see it’s pieces fall off of you.. and invite your dreams into your sleeping life. Ask you dreams before falling asleep why you are unable to recall them when waking up. (This may take a few attempts – usually 3 to 10 nights if something internally is blocking you. There may be a healing process you find yourself moving through.)
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