a House is your foundation

A house symbolizes your life. It is the foundation of who you are and what your life represents at that moment. The house can change as you change.

Each floor and room in the house represents a part of your over all life.

  • The ground floor is your daily life – the present… always changing.
  • The second floor is your mental life – what you are thinking or planning.
  • The top floor or attic is your spiritual life.
  • The basement is your deep subconscious – a deep mystery of yourself rarely explored. (Things stored in the basement can range from current to past life abilities.. however, stored items here can also be repressed memories. Be careful when lurking around the basement – enter & explore when you are strong enough to unlock parts of the past.)

The rooms in the house represent parts of who you are.

  • The kitchen represents your diet – your intake of food. What you are eating, what you should or should not be eating depends on the cleanliness of your kitchen. It can also mean how you tend to yourself or nurture other people close to you.
  • The living room symbolizes your daily life.
  • The bedroom can symbolize your secrets, your sex life or other intimate details you may not share with others.
  • The bathroom represents your over all cleanliness or your need to be cleansed or to purge out of your body.
  • A pantry symbolizes where things are stored – where you store all your memories…. and / or  your gifts, talents, and spiritual abilities you may or may not be using. You take items from the pantry when you need them, you store items when you do not need them.. however, many times we forget what we have stored away. The pantry is a good place to start looking for items within yourself you need (or do not want to forget about).

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