train station…

It is very common for me to dream of train stations….  another beautiful healing dream:

My daughter, my husband and I were at a train depot. The place was illuminated in a golden misty glow. As we were walking through the station to our platform we bumped into my husbands dear friends. The woman, Kathy approached me first calling out my name. I turned around and she quickly walked up to me with arms opened wide and gave me a big warm long hug. My husband and daughter stopped and my husband’s best friend Ira reached out his arms and they gave each other a hug of warmth.  Kathy glowed…. she wore big black trendy sun glasses and her smile was radiant. We were all so happy to see each other.

They asked us were we were going and we pointed in one direction. “Our train is leaving soon. ” I spoke out.

“Ohh, we are going this way.” Ira pointed to the left.

“How are you?” My husband asked them.

“Very good. I was hoping we were all getting on the same train.” Ira said and continued to speak. “But of course that is ok. It has been so long… but I understand. You all look so beautiful, a family. Jordan, promise me you will all stick together… well of course you will.. you have to.”

I recall thinking his statement was odd but not in a bad way. We knew we had to move on. We all hugged again. Tears of joy welled up in Ira’s eyes.

“Man. It is so good to see you. I miss you.” Ira said to Jordan as he hugged him again. “But I know we will connect again someday. One day we will be on the same train. All of us. Our souls are a family. But as it goes … our paths need to go in the direction they are led to go in.”

Jordan smiled. We all understood.

Ira looked at us one last time, as Kathy stood glowing. “You are not lost , nor are we. We are all just searching and surviving the best way we can at these moments.”

I reached out and motioned we needed to go, although it would of been nice to remain in their presence.

“We will connect again soon. We will be on the same train again.”

We all said our goodbyes.

I woke up feeling as though this was a beautiful dream… healing to my spirit & soul.