City, brick school, and old familiar faces…

I was living in a city that I had been to before (dream city?). I only recall bits and pieces of this dream….

I was amongst familiar faces from my childhood and teenage years. Mostly girls.. a few boys… girls I had been friends with and severed our friendships as we grew older and evolved into our own Selves. However, most of these so called friends in my dream I had issues with. I was the outcast.. I did something to offend most of them but I do not know what. A part of me wanted to resolve the issue the other part of me didn’t care if they did not accept me for who I was. I struggled with these in my dream

There was a castle like building of some sort. Similar to an old brick large inner city school. There were hallways and rooms that seemed deserted, however, I was searching for my classroom. I was in college (I think) trying to hurry for it was one of the last days of school. When I finally found my way to the classroom I was late, everyone was showing their projects and the professor was lecturing. As I peered into the room I noticed everyone sat amongst a growing garden and only a part of the room was covered in a cement ceiling the other part opened up to the vast cloudy sky. I observed everything and everyone in the room. The professor who was male turned to me and smiled as I stood at the doorway. He seemed at peace with himself, a bright light shined all around him. Everyone else just glared at me from their chairs, however, I smiled back at them as if a part of me was at peace.

I had my white cell phone and all these different gadgets that went with it. This woman, who I was familiar with, asked me if she could borrow the battery and charger (amongst other things) for a short while. She seemed as though she urgently need them. I nodded yes and handed it over thinking I would get them back soon.

Later I was on the city streets meeting up with these old familiar faces – past distant friends from where I grew up. I waited also for the woman who borrowed parts of my phone to return. Some people showed up but where not very friendly with me. I never got my phone parts back. I asked where the woman was and they laughed. It had been a planned to take it away from me and not return it – revenge of some sort. This upset me. I thought we had grown from some immaturity. But I had to prove myself to myself that none of what they did matter. I was beyond them. I followed them to wherever it was they were going… through the dark city streets (that seemed more like open hallways in the brick building from earlier)… with only the street lights and night stars lighting our way. I became more upset with the fact I did not have the parts of my phone and began demanding to the others when so and so was going to show up.

Where we were is foggy to me. I think we were in that large brick building or at least outside of it walking around. I decided to devise a plan to get my stuff back. I was in a room of some sort asking the others to tell so and so if she did not come back with my stuff then I would take all this stuff on the table and not give it back. Some of the others started to freak out. People started running out of dungeon type rooms. “I’ll go get her” someone said. But I did not fully trust it.

“If she wants her stuff back then I will meet her outside the store.” I yelled out. I just observed as I floated from dungeon room to dungeon room. I thought to myself. If I don’t get my phone parts back I will be trapped here forever. I began gathering her stuff and went to the store. I stood outside as everyone showed up. There were two cars there .. one was white. I waited. Someone came up to me and said “you know she needs that bread you can’t keep it.” some people were distant from me and acted mean to me. I could not understand why. But all these familiar faces from my past scared me .. I had a slight fear and I just wished everyone could get over things and move on. I wanted acceptance and I wanted them to find acceptance also.

I went inside the store and began putting the woman’s stuff back on he shelves. This guy came in and said “you can’t do this.. don’t do this… i promise she will be here with your stuff. she was just kidding by taking it. here is one thing back… i don’t know where she is but she will be here.” I held out my hand as he gave me back my headphones. “Thank you”. I suddenly felt bad putting her things back on the shelf. “Ok I will take them back down.” Then he said he would help me. We started putting the food back in the bags. Then I even took some food that was never hers becuase I felt I deserved some food since i was hungry. I felt somewhat guilty for I knew it was never paid for. I looked around but no one saw me or said anything. As we stuffed all her food back in the bags we began to walk out of the store. I could not help but wonder if the old small chinese lady who woned the store would come after us thinking we stole all this stuff.. evern though we did not. We went back outside with everyone. I held tight onto the bags waiting.

As we all waited (what seemed like 15 of us). They decided to take a group picture. I had to take the picture – i was not invited into the picture. I was having difficulty getting everyone to fit into the picture and as I was asking people to move around and form a smallr line kneeling down in fromt of some people standing up… but not everyone would listen. They were being difficult. I could not get everyone int he picture perfectly.. so I took two pictures. This girl I knew walked up to me and asked me for her camera back.

The woman showed up with my phone parts.  “Did it work?” I asked her. She nodded yes. She showed me her phone. It was a large white cell phone. I though about how big it was. I thought it was odd. I wondered how my battery fit hers – since i had a little white phone and she had a big white phone.  She said something to me. I looked up and saw the amazing black night sky lit up with millions of stars.

I woke up.

I know that I am missing parts of this dream. I can still visualize images and scenes in my head that I am unable to put into words just yet.

I dream every night however, sometimes I either do not have time to write them down OR I am unable to put my dreams into words. I hold on to each of my dreams and sit with them through out the day. I put all my dreams into a tresasure box inside my mind (and heart). When I need a piece of any dream I can most likly recall parts of them at any time. Sometimes a past dream will appear in my waking life out of no where.. like a symbol or sign guiding my way.