train platform.. train tracks… trains…. waiting…waiting…

I was walking on a sandy gravel road with a crowd of people towards this “make-shift like” train station. I was walking away from a landscape of forestry terrain with a vast blue body of water in the far distance. I did not know the people I was walking with.. at least they were not ‘familiar’ to me. We were walking as if we were inside a clear bubble… each step we took, towards the run-down train station, we took together in-sync. The sun was shining however the sky was more of a fog color rather than a blue color.

The train station was all open (except for the ceiling, one wall at the other side, in front of us, and one wall to the left of us). The train station was a rusty color and very small. We walked right up towards one of the platforms.. there were three platforms : all long and narrow in depth. There were two tracks very close to the platforms.

“Be careful.” Someone said to me. “Stay still when standing on the platform and do not get to close to the edge. This is very hard to do since there are so many people and the platforms are so old and shake.”

I nodded and thanked the person. “But why? Why are these platforms and tracks made this way. Aren’t people scared of getting hit by the train?”

“People get hit all the time. Just make sure it is not you.”

I wondered to myself where I was going and why I was here at this place. I looked around at everyone, the crowd, the people I think I was suppose to know because I came to this spot with them.

“The train is coming!!!” Someone yelled out. Everyone started scurrying to a platform hoping it was going to be their train that was arriving. I felt lost and I had a shiver of fear shake through me. I hurried to a platform where the others I had arrived with were.

“Stand back!” someone told me.

“Oh shit!”  Someone else said as they fell off the platform. Then others began falling off and jumping back on to the closes platform. The train rumbled closer and louder. I became very nervous.

The train came through fast and stopped suddenly. I hurried to get on but someone stopped me.

“No this is not your train. Wait.”

“But I thought I was on the right platform.”

“You never really know if your on the right platform. You really just have to guess and hope for the best. But don’t get on, just wait. The right train will come along eventually.

Everyone was pushing each other on the other platform and people where falling off on to the tracks. The train started up again and as it began to move forward it disappeared. I looked to my left.. I looked to the opposite direction from which it came from. I noticed that the tracks stopped and there was actually a wall there …so really the train could not go anywhere. At this moment it did not seem to concern me that the train went nowhere. I jumped down onto the track to stand on the middle platform. I hoped the next train would come to this track and be my train. Again, I observed as people pushed and hurried around falling and jumping to and from the tracks. For some reason I decided to go back to the first platform and wait. As I jumped down onto the track someone yelled “Train coming!”. Everyone hurried around in a panic. My heart was beating so fast. I did not know how close the train was and I needed to get back up to the platform. Just in the nick of time someone held out their hand and pulled me up. My black wallet fell out and onto the track. I turned.

“No it is too late do not reach for it.” This voice said to me.  I felt very upset but I knew that if I went for it the train would hit me. I pulled back and fell into the crowd. The train appeared in a quick flash.

As soon as the train stopped I heard a voice say “I think a few people were hit this time.”

My heart sank but I saw nothing.  People scrambled, pushed and crowed off and on the train once the doors opened. I peered in but I heard a voice say “this is not your train.” My heart sank even deeper. I feared being left viewing the dead bodies on the tracks.

Again the doors closed and as the train started up again and went forward it just disappeared out of sight into nowhere.

I felt death, I smelled death, but I could see no death as I looked around. What I did see was my wallet in one piece still sitting on the track. I was so relieved. I jumped down and grabbed it then jumped up on the middle platform. I decided I would wait on this track for the train this time.  I looked around me. There were still so many people, as if no one ever really got on the trains when they arrived.  I looked down towards the direction the trains came from… a deep dark tunnel of nothingness. I looked out towards the way I came into the station and I could see a line of thick green trees and the vast ocean both in the far distance. I looked at the sandy dusty road I walked in on and I knew I did not want to go back down that road.

So I stood and waited. Train after train came and disappeared waiting for my train. People getting hit by trains, faces began to became familiar as we all waited for our trains.

An eerie & creepy feeling bubbled up within me as i waited I just wanted to get out, be on my way and be free.

This dream has really affected me today. I woke up knowing that my soul was telling me I am on a journey. I was elsewhere last night… I am where I am suppose to be in reality (which I am not sure I like at all). I am waiting on a platform for my next destination. This dream felt very Matrix like.

This dream has been haunting me all day .. but now that I type it all out it makes so much more sense. It was a very eerie dream.. my day has left me in a fog and a knowing that my soul is its journey towards its purpose… even if in reality I do not clearly understand it all.

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  1. Hi Jeni! When I first wrote this post I was still uncertain why I was blogging and sharing my dreams. Since this posting I have shared and translated many dream images. Here is more about trains on this post:

    Trains are the transportation we choose to take on our journey. Some people only dream of planes, or cars, or boats… while others dream of one more then the other. Train platforms are a waiting area for dreamers: either to wait for a particular train or to choose which train (path / journey) you will travel down next. I have also unraveled that for some dreamers (including myself) train platforms can represent a type of realm for souls who have physically died and are waiting to move on. Some dreamers are known to visit this realm (train platforms) to help souls move on, to bring or receive messages for themselves or others. I explore realms of the dead, visitations, afterlife communication, and night shift dreams in other postings on my blog. I hope this is helpful.

    Blessings, M

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