Winter Solstice

winter_solsticeI have been out of town celebrating winter solstice – this is the holiday we celebrate. My dreams as always intense but I am struggling with posting them… waking up and focusing on each piece of the dream lately… my journal has remained empty – I am carrying the images and dreams in my memory rather than carrying them on paper in my dream journal.

Sometimes I become so last in my nightly dreams when I do awake I go through the motions of reality counting down the hours to fall back to sleep. Currently my vacation is my dream…. Soon when I return after the New Year I hope to be back on track.

Merry Winter Solstice… go outside look at the night sky… vibrant tonight here in a mountain town of Oregon. ahhhh would not trade this weekend celebration for anything.

~sweet dreams
many blessings on this beautiful winter solstice night~