chicken & alaska

I found myself back in a coastal fishing town in Alaska where I once lived. I was in a old ford truck with two men that unfamiliar to me in my waking life) I knew… we worked together at one of the lodges.  We were driving up and down the main road looking for chicken breast for the restaurant. The ones at the restaurant were old and sour. Our boss had yelled at the guys for even having those chickens in the refrigerator. We were discussing as we drove up and down the road looking in the tree line for chicken breast what the old chicken breast back at the restaurant looked like.

I recall the dull yellowish tan skin of the meat sitting on the tray. The sour smell capturing my my sense of smell. “We must sacrifcae these. We can’t just throw them away. They died for us for food and they have been wasted. When we take away life for our own life we must give in return something as valuable. We have taken their life for nogood reason at all.” The guys just looked aat me as if I was crazy.

It was a cold clear winter day. We searched for hours driving back and forth looking for chicken breasts – but we could not find any. There was nobody else out that day driving around except for us.

I recall glazing at the tall thin green trees, a mountain, a cliff, the ocean, snow spots within in the tree lines here and there. I recall a old general store and a parking lot. The two men I were with were tall & skinny with beards, they were the cooks at the restaurant.

Pictures of the symbols of these dreams coming soon… most likely will post them on the dream card page.