trains.. sisters.. mother

I have been sitting on my dreams this week. Sometimes it is really hard to share dreams… putting them out there on the great oracle, out into the Internet universe and letting them sit floating in Internet space. I can have so many dreams in one night … I try hard to figure out how they all connect that sometimes I forget to write them down…and soon waking reality cuts the cords between the dreams the night before and my memories of them.

I found myself sitting on top of my luggage at a train station. I looked to the right of me and there next to me in line are my two sisters and my mother. I sighed. I was not happy that I was about to catch a train with them. They acted like their usual selves, bossy, know it alls, controlling my life because of my passiveness around them all. They were buying our tickets to somewhere.  As I watched everything around me I felt as if my vision was blurry. My mother approached me and I asked her to help me with something, but as usual she was incapable of helping me – but rather her actions and tone were against my own thoughts and needs.

I felt miserable. I did not want to be there and I knew there was no escape. This journey I was about to embark on with them was not the journey I wished to take.

The colors in the dream were of a gold tone. Everything seemed to be in a gold tone.