Basement Dreams

Basement: When you dream of a basement it can represent the deepest aspects of your soul, your waking life, your whole Self. The basement can represent hidden parts of your deepest Self that you forgot about, or you hide away, or lock away. The memories and feelings you prefer to ignore .. thinking you will never go back there.  However, when your psyche knows you are ready, your dream world will take you to your basement in order for you to begin your journey towards your healing.

Ask yourself …. What does your basement look like? Seek out every detail possible within the dream. What personal treasures good or bad have you buried in your basement?  Think about what is going on in your current life in which your psyche and your soul would go take the journey to visit the basement of your Self.

Every symbol is personal to you and your life.. each symbol [although universal] represents your spirit, your soul, your reality. But remember dreams bring you down deeper to that place in which you discover  more than what you think you know. … this means the representation of a symbol or dream could be more then just about your past, present or future waking reality speaking to you.

Think about each aspect, then go deeper.  Explore your dream images.

My Basement Dream…..

I had this dream once in which I found myself in the basement of my Self.  It was a basement of ancient runes…broken down overgrown with the earth’s grass and new plant life. However, it was a creeping place.. dark inside but I could see a white sky out side the broken windows and torn down ceiling. I felt as though I was just floating around taking a detail look at this place.. this cold basement. Part of me wanted out of this place and the other part of me knew this was to be my home for a while. The part of me that wanted to leave felt cold and frightened… the part of me that was trying to find acceptance felt the heat of a raging fire in the air, as if there was a hot orange flame within my basement.

After some time I noticed a faint illuminated orange-ish yellow figure standing on the concrete steps. I did not feel brave enough to go near it however, I was entranced by the sight of this bright figure.

At some point of the dream I felt I stepped out of my two selves and stood watching a woman opening a large clam shell. She peered into the shell and as I crept up a side her I saw a young child – a little older then an infant but most likely no older then 2 years old. The woman turned to my two selves and smiled.

“This is you.”  She whispered to me.   “I am helping free you.”

I felt the warmth of myself gently step back within me and at that moment I began to cry. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I felt sorry for this young child  – I did not wish life on anyone.

The child remained sleeping and my fear grew deeper. The woman continued to smile warmly at the sleeping child. My sadness woke me up.

This is the image I created after the dream.