Ants Within Our Dreaming Minds….

I have been dreaming about ants and spiders a lot lately…. Actually for the past month. I would even sleep walk frightened there were spiders or ants in my bed or on my body. I have jumped out of bed several times for the past month searching for a spider in my bed or asking my husband to get the spider that is crawling on my neck and back off of me. “Your dreaming. It is just a dream. Your dreaming.” Most of the time I would wake right up.. but one time I made him double-check my back and I listfully wandered back to bed and back into my slumber.

A friend of mine e-mailed me and told me her 4-year-old son has been dreaming of ants the past week or two. I have also had three people I know dream of their own mandala over the past month. So is there a collective consciousness we are all tapped into – dreaming of  some of the same symbols around the same time? Obviously to me there is.. but what does it all really mean. For example: If a bunch of people are dreaming of their own mandala within the same month what universal collective truth are they all tapped into? Why do dreams and dream symbols speak to certain people at the same time?

I had not spoken to my friend in almost two months when she e-mailed me about her son’s ant dreams. I replied back quickly with information I had already researched about ants (I had already been working through my ant dreams).

Ants can mean the following (but are not limited to this one particular meaning) a sense of inner self dislike. And this in my own personal life  does ring true since i am currently living through a major dead weight stagnate plateau of a life .. but I could not help but wonder what a 4-year-old would have inner self dislike for?! Ants also can mean petty annoyances; dissatisfaction in daily life. Ants are also represented as industrious creatures so with hard work and discipline one can find great achievement out of life.

After speaking with my friend on the phone I found out her son was going through a rough time with many major life transitions taking place. So I could see how and why ants would appear for him in his dreams. As for my mention of a dead stagnate plateau presently – I am learning how to flip that feeling into a positive perspective. I am actually living on a stable, steady plateau enjoying the calmness of  my life and family. So there are no reasons for ants to come visit me any longer – I hope.

…..I will now begin posting my dreams whenever I can – I am use to a pen and notebook as my dream journal so please bare with my slow pace in posting on this blog.


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