animal dream….

I don’t have many animal dreams – and I am aware of who my animal guides are… however a month ago I dreamed of many animals at once while I was walking through a forest.

My dream started out with a polar bear. I was on the edge of a cliff [in some fantasy type setting] overlooking a large calm sparkling ice blue ocean water. There was a pure white large polar bear sitting on a piece of glacier ice close to shore. I was looking down at the polar bear – mesmerised by the beauty of the polar bear – feeling good about the calm atmosphere that surrounded him. At this time I could not tell if we were at the edge of the wilderness about to enter into it or if I was just on a cliff somewhere with no way back out. I stood for what seemed like hours watching the polar bear just exist.  Suddenly a white large wolf appeared and told us mentally he would be our guide along my journey. As we began the journey into the forest .. and although the forest was dense … I could still see the polar bear following us along the water way protecting that part of the region for me. There was silence for sometime on the path until a coyote appeared and spoke to us. He kept the wolf updated on any unforeseen danger in the forest. Soon a black coloured bird appeared above us.. keeping a watchful eye and greeting us at certain points on the journey.

At some point during the journey I was given a scroll and a voice chimed in from somewhere far away reading to me from the scroll of all the names of the people who will be safe during the time transition – the shift – the world was about to enter into. I asked the voice if the shift would be a bad one… I asked if the world was in danger but he/she did not reply to my questions. As the voice continued to read the full names of the people on the scroll,  I would be surprised & relieved to hear a name of someone I had knew. I would even ask about certain names and the voice would answer yes or no. I heard the names clearly in my dream – but I can not recall any of the names in waking life.

Once the list of names had ended we continued on following the white wolf.

then i woke up….