What Is Really Happening During Your Dreamtime?


While our physical body sleeps, our soul astral travels through the realms of dreams, those parallel dimensions in which dreamers encounter spirits (living, deceased, earthbound), guides, angels, and all types of unearthly ‘beings’. These dream encounters, from dimensional realms beyond our waking, offer messages of importance while providing us with energy medicine for ourselves and to pass on to others. Many dreamers have the gift of medium-ship and don’t even realize that their sixth sense abilities are enhanced naturally within their dreamtime.

Join Dream Intuitive Meredith Smith, Author of DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams, as she guides dreamers through “seeing”, listening, and receiving the messages given to us in our dreams, while exploring the depths of what is really happening within many of our dreams.

This five-week online dream exploration workshop starts March 10th 2013. For more information on this workshop, to receive a discount, and how to register click here.


Online Interactive Dreamtime Workshop:

This workshop is an intensive 5 week dreaming experience, designed to provide an other worldly journey into your dreamtime travels. Exploring participants dreams and those from dreamers past, present, and future.

Through self exercises and online discussions participants will experience an enriching and deep exploration of their dreamtime, as we probe together into dream walking, night shift dreams, the dimensions / realms, astral traveling,  and dream guide encounters. This inquiry into your dreamtime will shed light on what it is that is really happening within your dreams, give you tools for a different approach on understanding dreams, while embodying a meaningful perspective on where we go and what we do when our body lays down to sleep.

Each week participants will be given resources and techniques on the weekly topic, along with study exercises to practice (with optional) turn in assignments (due Friday each week) for my feedback. During this five-week workshop there will be weekly scheduled group online discussions,  one individual Skype appointment, and individual email communication related to the dream topics, questions, concerns, and any guidance needed.

Week 1: Dream Incubation & How to Identify Types of Dreams  

Week 2: Dream Guides & DreamWorkers: Identifying & Communication

Week 3: Dimensions / Realms, Astral Traveling: Exercises & Identifying 4th – 5th dimensions

Week 4 & 5: Dream Walking Practice / including encounters, interactions, healing, and communication

For more detailed information please visit: http://wp.me/P7JWP-15r

Cost for online workshop: $125.00
Limited space available, registration deadline is March 8th, 2013

If you register by February 22nd, 2013 receive a discount of $25 off, and pay only $100


Register for this workshop via PayPal  – Please provide contact name & email with payment. Confirmation and informational material packet will be sent to you once payment is received.

Interested in this workshop, but still not sure? Have questions about what will take place during this online workshop? Connect with me at dreams @ ispeakindreams.com  for more detailed information.


Why The Deceased Show Up In Your Sleep



It is time to give a voice to those who are gifted with dream visitations from the newly dead. These dreamers are emerging out of their own silence to share experiences about their dreams of earthbound ghosts and those effervescent spirits who they see lingering between the 3rd & 4th astral planes, resembling flashes of particles of light appearing and disappearing before their eyes…….Read more of this article in OM Times February 2013 online magazine edition click here.  (wait a moment for preview to pass)


OMTimes Magazine February A 2013 Edition

Lifting The Veil on Night Shift Dreams


Dreaming of Reiki Healing

Exploring Dreams


I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in my research and reached out to me to share their dreams with me. I also would like to thank the dreamers who allowed me to explore their dreams through private sessions.

My blog holds information and resources around dreams that pertain to encounters, visitations, night shift dreams, DreamWorkers, dream guides, soul groups, and beings of both light and dark energies… I touch on thoughts, experiences, and feelings within our dreams that are now just bubbling to the surface as these types of dreams are suddenly becoming more common to speak about within our waking lives. I always welcome all dreamers to explore, question, and seek out an understanding of what is really happening within our dreamtime. Unfortunately, my blog is not set up as a dream forum, and because of this I had to close the comments due to the fact that too many people were posting their dreams and wanting an interpretation without giving back, in return, an equal energy exchange to myself or to others. If you are looking for a quick and easy interpretation for free or wish to share your dream with others may I suggest looking through the abundance of dreaming resources, dream dictionaries, and dream forums on the internet.


As a reminder, I do provide dream interpretation, intuitive dream readings, and distance healing for a fee – this is an energy exchange for my time that I give to your dreams. Dream interpretation is an exploration into other dimensional realms along the path of your soul’s journey. Dreams reveal mystical truths long forgotten about from our past, present, and future. Although I would love to reply to everyone who posts their dream(s) here on my blog, or sends me a plead to help with their dreams, I am no longer able to respond without you, the dreamer, taking the proper channels I set up and providing a trade – energy exchange – or payment.

I personally prefer not to provide any dreamer with a quick answer to their dream…. I rather guide a dreamer through their dream(s) pointing out the hidden messages / images while providing the dreamer with the tools and knowledge to empower themselves to continue on their own path of dreamtime exploration.

Over the years I have come to understand where our soul goes when our body lays down to rest ~ our dreamtime should not be ignored but to be embodied. I deeply understand our dream encounters of other worldly beings and dream guides, visitations, the dark and light energies, astral traveling, soul groups, and oh the places we do go! These are the aspects of our dreamtime I am devoted to unraveling and exploring for myself and for all dreamers who inquire.

I welcome all dreamers to share their dreams with me through my private Dream Translations Sessions. (Click testimonials to read how others enjoyed my dream intuitive sessions.) Or… you may want to think about holding on to those dreams and register for my upcoming online dreaming workshop – ‘What’s Really Happening within Your Dreamtime?’ a 4 week online dream exploration workshop starting March 2013! More details on the way very soon!!

~ Dreams are the essence of our soul…. wake up and enter a world of divine dreaming ~

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I do still collect dreams for my research and writings, however I no longer provide free interpretation to dreams submitted for my research unless I feel I need to explore the dream further with the dreamer. For more information on this please visit: http://ispeakindreams.com/about-dreams/questionnaire-forms/

The Art of Ki


Reiki is the Universal Life Force of Healing

that power which acts and lives in all created matter; it is the non-physical energy that animates all living things.

Rei = universal

Ki = live force energy

This week I would like to thank my dear friend Kirsten at The Art of Ki. (Pretty awesome name of her website and the healing work she does.) She is an amazing Yoga Teacher (for kids and adults), an incredibly gifted Reiki Master and intuitive — who cultivated her own healthcare empowerment business.

I think of Kirsten as a person who lives within her heart and third eye chakra – like a supernatural higher vibrational cat…. she lives fully in heart while she is able to see each person as their true essence within their astral bodies.

Kirsten and I met at Light Song School and left the training feeling the same way about the direction of our own personalized paths and the capabilities of our sixth sense abilities…. we decided to seek knowledge and grow our gifts through our own practice. When I was training in Reiki with Tomo, Kirsten was my support system– she let me practice Reiki on her as she empowered me to see my intuitive healing gifts as this inner magical that was bursting to be freed. Her healing space was filled with higher dimensional beings lending a hand, speaking to us, and through us. A couple years back, I felt as though Kirsten and I were inseparable– we were like a psychic life line and support system for each other as we unraveled the knowledge we needed to heal & evolve at that moment in our lives.

I want to thank Kirsten for all those hours in her healing space and coffee shops as we swapped Reiki …and explored the darker side of people’s energies, discussing spirit attachment and releasement techniques, while providing client support to each other through those more difficult energy releasement sessions.  We don’t get to see each other as much as we would like, as our healing practices (and lives) have kept us very busy …. as all dear friends who empower each other to do what they are most passionate about, our paths curved towards different directions.

Thank you Kirsten!

Kirsten has a remarkable ability to light up a room with this joy that is filled with comforting and luminous energy. She is amazing at drawing in her clients while “seeing” into their translucent energetic field and astral bodies during her Reiki sessions. She is dazzling with kids as both a Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher … and well…. I think you need to see for herself.  Reiki is one of the best medicines to give someone who needs healing within their body, mind, or soul – and Kirsten has the magic healing touch!

Set up an appointment with Kirsten for one of her Ki to Wellness sessions (which I highly recommend). She spends time tending to the office and providing Reiki at Nature Cures Clinic. She holds Yoga classes and Reiki circles off and on through-out the year – explore her website The Art of Ki to find out more.

“I believe that we are muti-dimensional being and at our center is our soul. There are five dimensions surrounding our center that are constantly changing and affect each other. Each dimensions has specific qualities that determine our overall health and well being.”~Kirsten

Want to learn a little more about Kirsten? Download the Jan 20, 2011 Flash of Spirit podcast where Kirsten is interviewed about The Art of Ki : YogaReiki012011


Angels and Healing


This week I would like to tell you about my dear friend, Tomo — an Angel Therapy Practitioner, Intuitive, and Reiki Master. She is another extraordinary soul who I met while training in Shamanism at Light Song School. I realized several years ago that there was a piece of my own development that I needed to heal while stretching and growing a particular aspect of my own sixth sense abilities…. however, I truly believe that I ended up at Light Song School to meet three beautiful healers / friends. Last week I mentioned Nissaand this week I am going to share with you Tomo over at HealingwithTomo.com.

“Tomo is a channel to bring the guidance and the higher frequency healing energies from the spiritual plane and a bridge between the worlds so people start reawakening and shining the divine light within them.”

Over the past few years I have worked with Tomo on many levels — “seeing” her in different worlds and within her altered energy bodies as pure soul. Tomo trained me in Usui Reiki…. and let me tell you she is a wonderful teacher!! Seeing and understanding my gifts while incorporating them into how she taught me Reiki.

I personally know first hand what an amazing angel whisperer and energy healer she is.


Tomo and I have found ourselves in several dreams together, where we worked our healing magic on each other… and for others in need…. along with gathering information in our dreams and sharing these messages with each other. Tomo and I only see each other a few times a year, and our five-hour conversations over tea brings bursts of other worldly beings and angels joining in and sharing a wealth of information that seems to launch us further into our personal seeking. We share monthly emails (spiritual adoration letters I like to call them) about our souls evolution, challenges we face, our discoveries with clients, and messages we unravel from our guides, angels, journey’s, premonitions, and dreams.

My favorite explorations with Tomo are aligned with the encounters and findings we experience with ET’s – Pleiadians, Arcturians, Lyra’s, Galactic Federation, the dark Reptilians – and the many dimensional realms we visit. She is my angelic soul sister who has encouraged me, over the past few years, to accept myself as who I truly am – a pure soulful ethereal being connected to the Arcturians carrying within me exceptional sixth sense gifts.

Thank you Tomo!

Tomo’s intuitive abilities, divine connection to the angels, and transcendent energy healing gifts connects her clients with all their  angels (explaining in-depth who each Angel is and what they mean directly for each client) — with great knowledge and a gentle hand  she guides her clients to communicate with the spirit world. Want to connect, know, and interact with your angels? I highly encourage you to make an appointment with Tomo and awaken to your own divinity and angels. 

Listen to Angelic dreams1210

Thursday, 12/20 on The Soul’s Journey with Tom Jacobs : Unraveling Karma

Other Radio Shows to download ~ click here


I wanted to share with everyone the following blog posting (from Astrologer Tom Jacobs website). Hope you can tune in!  Tom has some amazing knowledge about astrology, our birth charts, and each of our soul’s journey!

Directly from Tom’s blog: http://tdjacobs.com/blog/?p=1402

Thursday, 12/20 on The Soul’s Journey: Dream Worker and Author Meredith Smith

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 | Astrology, Compassionate Awareness, Neptune, Radio

Thursday 12/20 6-7 pm Pacific time Meredith Smith will join me on The Soul’s Journey radio show to discuss her book Dream Workers, Behind the Veil: Night Shift Dreams and living a Neptunian life as a medium, intuitive, and dream interpreter.

Meredith has kindly agreed to share her birth data/chart with us and discuss her own soul’s journey. She’ll hear my insights into that journey live on the air and we’ll discuss it in terms of her work and the process of developing it and coming to offer her intuitive and interpretive services.

I’m excited to bring her on the air with me for several reasons including the opportunity to hear from someone living a distinctly Neptunian life in a conscious, proactive, productive way. We need to hear from healthy models of living Neptune out in the open and from what I can tell from Meredith’s book and conversing with her, she’s doing it right.

Listen live Thursday 12/20 at 6 pm Pacific and subscribe to the show’s podcast feed on my CTR host page.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel helping you understand what your soul is here to do and how to make it happen with grace, ease, and joy. Book your private consultation, get a Soul’s Journey Soundbite, and explore intuitive coaching and astrology tutoring by visiting tdjacobs.com. Jacobs offers 12 books including the new The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional ArchaeologyThe Soul’s Journey radio show airs live each Thursday at 6 pm Pacific.

Exit Points


Over the past month I communicated through email with Eve from Intuitivemind.org discussing Exit Points. This is a topic that has crossed my mind often and something I have explored with my guides within my dream realms. I recall my dream guides telling me about the following: “You have an exit out at certain moments in your life.”

Exit Points? What may this be, some of you may be wondering? Exit Points are known as portals out of our current physical body in order to return back to our soul-ful life. They appear at certain times in our lives whether we are in a positive or negative state of mind. Yes, I am saying that Exit Points are those moments when we are given the choice to continue living or to choose to let our physical body die and move into the afterlife dimensional realms.

Over the past several years I have sought out information pertaining to some dreams from childhood which I was informed that we are able to choose when we live and die. What I have come to understand is: We, as souls, have contracts that we each create and sign before entering into our physical lifetimes. In those contracts we create exit points for ourselves — situations in which we are able to choose to leave this lifetime before we reach our expected time of departure, the death of our physical selves. I have known several people who have become aware of their exit points and are at a cross roads in which they are allowed to choose to remain in their current lifetime or depart out of their physical form. Many of these people have found an inner turmoil of choosing whether to stay or leave. It is known that sometimes during our deepest darkest hours we are reminded of our exit points, this is why many discuss wanting to leave at certain low points in their life. However, I do want to point out that there are many people who have an option to depart during a positive happy moment in their physical life.

I often wonder if what we fear most in our lives is actually considered an exit point- not wanting to leave, but having an inner deep knowing that a particular fear is an exit out…. and at some point in our lives we will be faced with that fear and our choice to leave or stay. For example, I always get this feeling that a bad car accident is going to happen to me leaving me with the option to go or stay. This feeling bubbles up whenever I am a passenger in a car and I get this strange sense that a car accident is possibility one of my exit points, this is why I hold fear around car accidents and I am involved in one as a passenger. Another example for me is, I sense elevators are another exit point —every time I become trapped in one I get this fear of dread and I wonder is this it? Will I choose to leave or do I have the power to manifest an outcome to remain here?! I am not ready, I sometimes will say. When there have been times in my life when I have prepared my mind-set to choose to leave, but someone (angels? Guides?) steps in and convince me otherwise by explaining, no this is not an exit point and this is not when you are contracted to leave Earth– sorry.

I recently began wondering if premonitions & dream premonitions, many of us experience, are possibly insights into our (maybe even others) exit points. I wonder if some of our intense and tragic premonitions we experience have to do with these exit points we (or others) have contracted before we came into our current lifetime. Giving us a forewarning and or reminding us we have an upcoming decision to make.

Eve kindly and encouragingly asked me to explore more about exit points and honestly I am not sure if I have ample information to discuss this, however, there is so much truth that resonates with me when touching on this topic. I know I am not alone with this perspective of exit points. Honestly I never thought about sharing my understanding of exit points with a broad circle of people, but since Eve has again inquired for me to explore this more with her, I thought…. well maybe if I speak this out loud many others will chime in with their questions, stories, knowledge and insight.

I have known many people in my lifetime who are closed down to “viewing” their lives as something they may have chosen or pre-planned. I wonder if certain people feel this way because it is easier to let the blame fall on someone or something else if their belief remains as “this happened not because I chose it to happen.” This thought pattern puts the condemnation or praise about one’s life, or situations, on everything one else but the person whose life it is – the person who is in charge of all the good and bad that is created in their own life. (Now let me take note here that I understand bad things happen to good people and it may be because someone else caused the bad—however the outcome, the way one views and acts on the bad in their life is what is most important. Also it is quite possible that karma, and past life encounters appear in current life situations. So again this could possibly be contracted before birthing into physical form. I am open to expand on this, and to discuss the possibility or impossibility of this also.)

I find Eve to be this fascinating seeker who is willing to challenge and explore all intuitive knowledge that comes through each of us. Now Eve has taken me from well maybe I would consider speaking about Exit Points…. To Wow!….. I must gather my knowledge, speak with others and compile this amazing information to explore and discuss further. Speaking about exit points opens up a whole new way of expanding the vast possibilities of life and death for so many people – it could help remove fear about death & dying, illness – terminally ill or our dark days of depression many of us have or will experience, it could help with making choices, finding acceptance with ourselves and towards others, and about our life as a conscious and unconscious whole, death, karma, lives before, current, or future….this list is endless! As exit points take us out of our normal / current way of thinking – that box we all put ourselves in when we restrict ourselves to any one conscious definition of a topic that may not be able to be molded into one thought process — and exploring exit points could possibly help people learn to look at life, all lives, with positive loving energy as all life as dark and light, good and bad, the ability to choose to live and die, all live choices the hardships and the wonderful moments before entering into it. I imagine looking at life this way removes fear, and if we remove fear, we remove negative energy.

Eve then asked me what insight I could share about the following questions: Do you think we rearrange our life contracts and exit points throughout our lives, during our dreamtime? Or, is it all set when we reincarnate?

I thought about her questions over the course of a week. If there are those of us who have rearranged their life contracts, couldn’t that be part of the contract? That is how I see it to be truth. It feels to me that most souls set their purpose before they come in. It could be possible that if you came without some type of contract it could be made during your time here…. or some may leave through a plead from depression or suicide or maybe in any tragic way because they are lost and wandering here in a form that is confining and restricting — living a life in a place that tries to balance both the light and the dark. Have you heard of Walk-in’s? Those who replace the soul of another who desires to exit out of their human body. Walk-in’s do just that “Walk in” to the body of the soul who walks out when the physical body is in a low state of functioning. I believe that some souls may desire to walk out if they find they have no place or purpose – or are feeling too much pain, or choose to just exit out of this 3rd dimensional realm… at that time a high vibrational soul from the other side swoops in and continues on as this human, in the same body – yet now this person has many personality changes because it is a new soul within the body already living.

Actually, I was thinking about Walk-in’s when discussing exit points, as it is possible if a mission (or some other reason) needs to take place another soul is given the option to replace the soul of the person who chooses to leave the physical form. I have heard of Walk-in’s and read their stories. I also have discussed Walk-in’s as ill-equipped souls (lower vibrational souls and or earthbound souls) who sneak in (walk in) to a body that is in a low state of functioning or even recently deceased and take over the body of someone, other soul. However, I refer these Walk-in’s as vampires and I discuss this further in the current book I am writing on dream guides. Here I am speaking of Walk-in’s as higher vibrational souls who choose to come into human form after they are asked to walk-in by a departing soul and take over their existing life.

I went on to share with Eve that I personally feel I wasn’t meant to exist in this current lifetime in a human form. I explained I feel I was not supposed to be here but I jumped in when needed – this is why I struggle functioning in a state of “the norm” of society. The difference I find to be is with me I had a purpose at the time of entering into human form; I volunteered to exist here in this current lifetime even though I jumped in at the last minute. There was no preparation for my arrival to live in this current human form for me to come here. But because I chose to have a purpose to volunteer when the higher powers requested souls to assist on Earth, my contract was then made –quickly during my jump and entering. I further had confirmation about this when a friend dreamt my arrival, I discuss her dream in my book DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams. Then I came across even more confirmation about contracts, emergency requests for souls to jump into a human form to help with the upcoming evolution (and much more) when I came across Dolores Cannon as she discusses something very similar in her book the Three Waves of Volunteers (which I highly recommend). Oh… also the Soul’s Code by James Hillman is an excellent read to explore.

I believe we all have a purpose (well… a majority of us) when we enter into this human form… there are many paths in which we decide to choose from to reach / fulfill our soul’s purpose. We are free to choose how to get there … or how not get there. If something changes and we request to rearrange our contract I don’t see why we would not be able to do that – if it helps us fulfil our purpose why couldn’t we choose to make changes in our contracts? I feel there are a lot of people who don’t follow through on their “contract” or purpose, and I do wonder if that is one reason why we reincarnate — to finish what we were supposed to start. Every moment…. every action within each moment has the ability to change the outcome of our future…. don’t you agree?

To be continued ….. Anyone with information on exit points, walk-in’s and or soul contracts….. Or anyone who would like to further explore these topics…. please feel free to contact me through email to continue the discussion.

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Astral Traveling


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Am I Astral Traveling? Or maybe….??


Are we two places at once? Is it possible our soul leaves our body while we sleep and travels out into the invisible – the realms and dimensions beyond the physical? I have never thought to question what my dreams have spoken to me to be true. Am I lucid in my dream state? Am I astral projecting while I journey? What happens when I space out for a few moments, in waking, and find I have gotten to point A to point C without noticing my surroundings (or point B) in-between?

Excuse me if I begin to ramble here…

Do I need to define these terms for myself? Because my whole life I have called leaving my body while sleeping astral traveling — I leave my body, while it lays to sleep, and wake up in realms within out my physical self. And those moments when I am waking, moving, going somewhere and I suddenly leave my body, have a peaceful experience, and then arrive at my destination without any awareness of the waking journey I call (a type of?) OBE.

Why do we see ourselves or each other in physical form while we are astral traveling? I believe our soul, our energy body, is currently attached to part of our body, which exist presently within the 3rd dimensional realm. We are still alive with our body through a cord (many have seen to be a silver cord) and we begin to astral travel, we see each other as we are most comfort to view. As we manifest our ability to astral travel, as we gain higher vibrational frequency levels we begin to “see” others in their true form – their energy body……. or even as they are projecting themselves, allowing us to view them from what they project telepathically. For example; sometimes I see souls in energy form or silhouettes and shadows outlining their souls or energy bodies. Other times I see souls in their physical clothing (skin, clothes) – as they currently are, or once were. I see dark energy or low vibrational frequencies as it itself, and how it wishes to project onto me; it is my sixth sense that allows me to prepare and protect myself when encounter the “muck” energy of this dark form.

I have been asked recently by several people, how do I know that I am astral traveling?! And I like to respond with, how do you know you are not? Our minds, what others define for us or how we contain ourselves in a box of knowledge, determines the strength of our abilities. Life has never been consistent, it is hard to rely on, and I never know when people are telling me the truth… yet I have managed to survive awakened this long because as some people meditate and find truth in meditation or religion, or god, or money or business (and the list goes on)… I find truth, peace, and connection within dreams. I find truth within my dream state – my true state of being. I lay down and fall out of my physical self to allow myself to seek. My dreams have been complex and puzzling through-out my life…. But they have yet to mis-lead me. I must be traveling somewhere to gain the messages I receive, the questions I seek, the guidance others provide me and I am provided for myself and others.

What is the difference between Astral Traveling and Astral Projection? What about Lucid Dreaming and OBE (out of body experiences)? Can these all be related?

Astral Traveling as I am aware it to be: during states of sleep our soul leaves our sleeping physical body to travel through realms and dimensions of lower, equal, or higher frequencies. Our soul is attached to our physical body by a silver (?) energy cord, this is how we are able to return and resume our physical life. Most of the time you are able to awaken to your travels and recall the details of your journey, settings, people you encountered, etc; however, there are several times recall is difficult but the feeling of ‘knowing’ is deep within you.

It has always been my understanding that OBE’s and Astral Projection are similar to astral traveling. We journey out of our physical body in a waking or relaxed state, again are connected to our physical bodies through this silver (?) cord so we are able to return back and resume our human life. I have found that with astral traveling, OBE’s, and Astral Projection you are able to see your physical body and the atmospheric space in which it resides. For example; if you are in your bedroom at home when you leave your body you are able to recognize your body, your bedroom, your house, objects related to your waking self. From my experience Astral Projection is similar to remote viewing – projecting your Self out and seeing beyond your present reality or present surroundings, and entering through a portal to “see”, “hear” beyond your physical Self and at times into someone’s else’s energetic field. You are aware – from the moment you choose to leave your body in waking – what you are seeing, hearing, communicating with.

For me astral traveling is like OBE’s and lucid dreaming – you awaken in your state of being in a dream (or awake) or being outside your physical body. From example; when I practiced OBE’s I would go into a state of waking meditation and then leave my body. I would see myself float above my bed, watching my body laying or sitting there awake, but in a low state of consciousness. When I astral project, as I do a lot of waking journey’s this way, it is easy for me to sit (or lay down) awake and project myself out of my body and into other realms and energetic fields to gain information, retrieve messages, do energy-work and healing, or communicate with my guides or other ‘beings’. I am aware at all times I have both a physical body, and an energy body with a cord connecting me to each other.

I have experienced Lucid Dreaming to be when you go to sleep, fall into a deep state physical relaxation, leave your body as you fall into mental dream state—and suddenly wake up inside what you perceive to be a dream. You are lucid (soulfully awake and aware) whether you are seeing your current physical surroundings (waking surroundings) or you wake up and find yourself in other dimensional realms – some setting or location familiar or unfamiliar to you. In lucid dreaming once you are awake and aware in this dream state you can begin to take control of your surroundings – and manipulate all your senses to create (most of the time) what you desire. However you can be awake and aware in your dreams and decide not to control or manipulate anything, but rather take notice to everything and flow with the way your dream is taking you.

By no means are any of my definitions (if that is what you want to call it) confined in a box – this is the best way I am able to explain in words what I am capable of doing outside my physical body. I speak in my dreams, journey’s, healing, meditations through telepathy – I hear, see, feel all at the same time through my telepathic communications… this means that not only words are being used but symbols, images, smells, colors, sounds, vibrations — all types of energy are being used all at once. I believe that astral traveling, astral projection, OBE’s, and even lucid dreaming are all limitless explorations……. and it is quite possible all of us have not even reached the grand possibilities it has to offer us as humans (what we already know as ‘souls’)

I suggest asking the great oracle (the internet) “What books should I read on Astral Traveling” ….. and of course free yourself of your fear and ego, break down the wall that limits you, digest what you read but don’t stop once you understand… as there is always someone you will find has unraveled a little more information than the last person you spoke to or read about on this topic. And practice practice practice – set the intentions!! You may soon realize you have been astral traveling through your dreams all this time.

So what is it that you are practicing? Well with everything I say you have to find what resonates with you. Start out with following someone else’s techniques, but always remain open to adjust, rewrite, and explore others and your own style. Here are a few pointers:

  • Meditate / Listen to relaxing music / cleanse your mind / relax – before bed. Find what works best for you so you are able to ‘be’ in your comfort zone —- releasing your waking hours before falling asleep. Sometimes I wish, if I could, I would take a run or a long swim before going to bed, because after I exercise alone and outdoors I find serenity. This is the state I like to be in before falling asleep (probably why I am most aware of my lucidity and astral state when camping in the backwoods after a long summer hike).
  • Don’t consume too much alcohol before bed. I admit I have a couple of glasses of wine some days before bed….. but any more then that puts me in a state where I feel like crap after a decent night sleep – in turn I am unable to recall anything except blackness. This is an icky feeling.
  • Set an intention to wake up in your dream state and astral travel. Don’t become excited when this happens (hard to do the first few times). Just know that astral traveling is familiar to your energy body – remove thought and fear and just be, just exist in the state (form) that you are.
  • Understand that what you think you know, what I am suggesting to you, what you read, and what others tell you is limited to our beliefs, to our knowledge, to our own explorations and comprehensions….. be prepared to keep an open mind, body, and spirit during this process. Remove any expectations that you may think or feel. There are no limits, there are no rules, there are no definitions, there are no boxes to place your Self in. If you stay open to all possibilities then there are no road blocks to deter you.
  • Ask your guides to help you, to lead the way. Ask them what it is they want to show you. Ask yourself, where do you wish to go to today and what is it that you need to learn on your travels. It’s a funny thing, we think we can do everything on our own… but if we just ask simple and direct questions we are given the most amazing answers to help us through our road blocks and lessons in life.
  • Take a moment out of your day and begin to set your intentions for the upcoming night. This helps relieve any anxiety your negative thoughts that may seep through before bed. There is nothing to fear – you astral travel each night… it’s just time to begin to recall those travels, identify those travels, and manifest an understanding for those travels.
  • You may not recall every detail of your dreams at waking. And you may have nights that recall feels impossible upon waking. I suggest sitting (or remain lying in bed) upon waking and feeling through the night you just awoke from. The littlest memories, feelings, senses will be very helpful to you… but what is most helpful to you is ask yourself at waking … “What did it feel like to me last night?” Some mornings I wake up and I say, “oh yes I was astral traveling all night” even if I am unable to recall the details of the dream; I know what happen and where I went. And other mornings I wake up and think “ugh I sat around venting out my day – stuck sleeping in the state between my mind and waking.”
  • Don’t worry if it takes you a little while to recall your travels. You are there, just believe it… and then the knowing, the seeing, the hearing, the communication comes.
  • Don’t take my word for it or anyone else’s. Don’t limit yourself in any way….. And find what resonates with you.
  • Read what others have to say about parallel worlds, astral traveling, and everything related…. Draw your own conclusion and practices.

and enjoy yourself through your travels…..

What are your thoughts or feelings about astral traveling?

House, Rooms, Hallways


A couple of years ago I created a quick posting on the general dream meanings of a house and the rooms within a house. Lately I have received many more dreams from dreamers in regards to understanding how a dream of a house and the rooms inside a house relates to a dreamers life. As all dreams are personal to each dreamer, my intention here is to guide you through the general meanings of houses, rooms, and hallways in a way that empowers you to find some meaning to your dream. What I am hoping to do within this post is to add a little more insight, and to give your house dreams back to you – the dreamer – so who have the ability to sit with your dream(s) and explore deeper and further on your own. I suggest after reading this posting, to re-enter your house dreams and make the changes, clean up, or embrace the house and rooms you are dreaming most about.

A house within your dream symbolizes your life — it is the foundation of who you are, the foundation of your soul’s essence, and what your physical life represents at that moment. Your house will change as you change (both in positive and negative ways)… it will evolve as you evolve. And at times it is quite possible you will have to change houses, move, or choose to move into a bigger or smaller space. Just remember this all has to do with YOU, the inner aspects of YOU, your physical, mentally, and spiritual self… the essence of your human spirit and your young or old soul.

Some general questions to ask yourself either in the dream, after the dream, or during your dream re-entry: What does the house look like within your dream? Are standing on the inside looking at the outside of your house? Or are you standing in your house looking out?

  • If you notice that your house is old, falling apart, or has not been kept up you may what to think about what you are not tending too within your physical, spiritual, or mental life. Is it there someone or something that is tearing you down? Or maybe your personal thoughts are a crumbling foundation and it is time to change the way you view something? Are you not tending to your whole Self any longer?
  • If you see your house as new or unfamiliar there may be a new aspect of you that is beginning to shine through. Or an aspect of you that you never took notice to before. How do you feel about this new and unfamiliar house? Do you like what you see? Or does it represent a part of you that you have chosen not to believe in?
  • If the outside of the house is familiar and looks just fine, I suggest asking yourself how you feel about the house. How does this house make you feel?
  • Are you drawn to the house? Or do you sense more of an ominous feeling?

Each floor and room in the house represents an aspect of your overall life:

  • The ground floor is your daily life – the present… always changing, full of activity and energy flowing. What does the ground floor of your house look like? Cluttered? Empty? Full of life? Or is there a sense of comfort within all the whirling daily energy?
  • The second floor is your mental life – what you are thinking or planning; this is also where you rest and learn to use your voice. What is it that you are thinking about? Are you in deep thought? Or do you feel scattered and unorganized? Your voice, whether small and quiet, or large and loud, is important to use and have others hear. Are you feeling mentally at peace and speaking your truth?
  • The top floor or attic is your spiritual life. Are you afraid to walk up to the attic? Is this area dusty and or cold? Or is it warm up there, inviting, a place of peace where you may reconnect to yourself often?
  • The basement is your deep subconscious – a deep mystery of yourself rarely explored. Items, feelings, emotions, thoughts, memories stored in the basement can range from your past life to your present. However, stored items here can also be deep forgotten gear, heartache, and pain. Be careful when lurking around the basement – enter & explore when you are strong enough to unlock all aspects of the past, present, and future. Are you afraid of walking down into the basement? Is it dark? Or is your basement refurbished and a place where you can retreat to?

The rooms in the house represent every aspect of your life, and the different aspects of who you are mentally, physically, spiritually:

  • The kitchen represents your diet – your intake of food. What you are eating, what you should or should not be eating depends on the cleanliness of your kitchen. It can also mean how you tend to yourself or nurture other people close to you. When you enter the kitchen is it warm and inviting filled with smells and sights to embrace all your senses? Or do you find your kitchen empty and stale? Sometimes dreamers enter into a kitchen that is a mess, cluttered with food or dirty dishes. This may represent your lack of nurturing or not eating a healthy diet. If find your kitchen a mess, ask yourself… what is it that is keeping you from cleaning?
  • The dining room is a place of gathering, sharing, eating as a family, as a community. It is a place of celebration, long conversations, and sometimes even arguments. Yet the dining room holds the beating heart – within the physical, mental, and spiritual. (If your house does not have a dining room as many houses do not – refer to the eating area in the kitchen as your place of gathering around the table.) What does your dining room feel like? Is it a beating warm heart where families gather and celebrations take place? Or do you sense it is empty, long forgotten about, without conversation and laughter, a place where you find yourself steering clear of? 
  • The living room symbolizes your daily life. Here activity and energy is in constant flow even during the peaceful moments or lonely days. How does your living room feel to you? Do you find the sun shining into it, windows open? Do you come together with friends and family here? Or is it dark and dim, a room you avoid?
  • The bedroom can symbolize your secrets, your sex life, or other intimate details you may not share with others. It is a place of love, sexuality, privacy, and connection (physically, spiritually, and mentally). Do you find your retreating to your bedroom to be alone with yourself? Is your bedroom filled with passion and love? Or do you avoid your bedroom more often than the hours of sleep it allows you?
  • The bathroom represents your overall cleanliness or your need to be cleansed or to purge something physically, spiritually, or mentally out of your life. Do you enter your bathroom to cleanse? Are you finding yourself purging and then feeling a sense of lightness at waking? Or have you found that there is fear bubbling up when you enter the bathroom?
  • A pantry symbolizes where things are stored – where you store all your memories, your gifts, talents, and spiritual abilities you may or may not be using. You take items from the pantry when you need them, you store items when you do not need them. However, many times we forget what we have stored away. The pantry is a good place to start looking for items within yourself you may need at certain moments in your life …or during those times when you do not want to forget about something. What are you storing in your pantry? Do you find yourself opening the pantry often and retrieving items? Or is your pantry empty?
  • The home office represents work. The work we do to survive in this society and within this human form. What work are you doing? Is your office away from your house? Do you find yourself always in your office working? Or do you schedule your time in order to tend to your family, friends, and private time?

Hallways are corridors between each room of our house. They are portals between aspects of our whole self. We can use these hallways to enter into higher and lower realms… or we can choose to just walk through these hallways and place no value on their existence. Are you walking from room to room with blinders on? Or are you moving through your corridors with an awareness of their energetic power and the doors they can lead you through?

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