Dream Symbols of Rebirth

By seeing death as a metaphor for re-birth, the possibility to manifest positive change – the change you want and need in your life – is endless.

The chaotic darkness that lingered a little too long ending the year 2012 is completed. Yesterday we moved past the dream representation of death – shedding those aspects of our dream selves that we no longer find use for. We thank our symbolic journey through death and find ourselves making room for rebirth. What is this rebirth, this change of renewal many of us are beginning to dream? Making sure our dirty laundry is washed, watching snakes birth wise women who bring the recipes of healing through ancient magic, and dreams of the seeded egg when cracked open a new baby begins to giggle. Only to soon find ourselves breaking out of our old cocoons (that no longer has the ability to house the new you); while feeling the metamorphosis of our own beautiful butterfly appear, showcasing yesterday’s magnificent colors that once radiated at your old frequency, but will now illuminate higher beyond the vibrational spectrum of light through every crack of your very being.

Summer Magic by Starr Weems
by Starr Weems

Rebirth can also represent stripping down layers of our self to reveal our core – the true essence of our soul. I am sharing a dream I experienced last week to show how symbols of rebirth appear are manifesting for us through different images. I dreamt of an old Victorian Mansion in which I resided in. The house felt very eerie, mystical and ancient – similar to a home centuries past, where the magic of spirituality, ancients ways, and worlds beyond he veil were once taught to everyone. I feel this house reveals a very deep layer of my true core. In this same dream a friend came to visit me with her dirty laundry asking to clean them- here I believe this was a layer in my dream which represented my friend who needed a safe place to shed aspects of  a no longer needed past.

The dream:
I lived in this huge old Victorian House – in some other small town. It felt like the season of Fall – October maybe as my dream had this Halloween feel to it. It was dark out and the girls were playing and having lots of fun. An acquaintance had come by to ask me if she could do her laundry at my house. I said sure and we walked outside. There was this concrete pathway to the garage were the washer and dryer were. There was a large iron black gate surrounding my property. The girls ran around and played. We walked into the garage which felt more like a basement. There were no lights on – we walked through the dark together. I remember saying to myself “I am not scared. I am not scared, “There was a creepy feeling in this dark basement. My friend walked ahead of me towards the light on in the laundry room. I felt a ghost pass me and I said to myself, “Whatever spirits need my help right now I cannot provide you with any, this is not the time for place.”
This following part is slightly faded…
We talked as my friend threw her clothes into the washer and dryer. Then she turned to me, smiled and quietly said. “Thank you for letting me wash my dirty laundry at your house.”

Within this dream Dirty Laundry is the symbolic meaning of cleansing and renewal. Although there are a couple of layers to explore, and I sense this dream is both for me and my friend.

My friend showing up within my energetic space with her dirty laundry represents a cleansing –a letting go of the old, a cleaning up of what she has not been tending to, a full cleansing of what was for her in 2012.

The ancient Victorian house represents an essence of my true being which I am allowing to shine through again –a ancient past aspect of me calling to be renewed in 2013. The visitations of the spirits I feel were the stagnate pieces of myself desiring to remain in my present waking life -no longer needed to merge with them at this moment in my life. Vocalizing in my dream that “I was not scared” empowered myself to accept what is percolating within me as I gain control of my own magical abilities / gifts.

These two layers of this dream lead to a rebirth for both us in which we are given permission to begin cultivating during the next few months.


The symbolic meaning behind Rebirth contains within its womb several different dream symbols. The following are the symbols I will be exploring over the course of this next month, discussing on Soul Revolution Radio on Jan. 23rd 2012, and sharing with viewers over at OMTimes Writer’s Community blog.

I begin with the Snake. The time has come again when people are finding themselves lost within their dreamtime encountering, embracing, fighting, and observing snakes. Snakes are not to be feared, but to be swaddled; they are an ancient and mystical symbol of renewal. Snakes appear in our dreams to help get us back on your path, they appear to lead us out of our darkness, and to guide us through the stage of transformation.

Snakes represent the shedding of old skin, and because thy shed their skin regularly they are able to continue surviving through the dark and light of past, present, and future. Transmuting and renewal keeps us on our path forward. Snakes appear as our dream guides and will shape shift projecting both positive and negative energy to gain our attention. When a snake appears for you in your dream, embody the power of a snake and ask, “What knowledge of revitalization do you have to share with me?”

The next few months many dreamers will have encounters with a Bird (or birds) within their dreams. Before finding a seed to plant, you may be surprised it is a bird that drops the seed at your feet reminding you of your aspirations, hopes, and desires. If you encounter a bird in your dream follow the birth, fly with the bird(s), expand your wings and soar. Your future is about to begin presently.

A Seed (or seeds) appearing in your dreams over the next few months represent your ability to seed your present and future. Once you find the ability to plant the seed(s) remember to spend a moment each day tending to the seed(s). Nurture the earth within you, shine your light upon it, and add your energy of joy to the womb it is incubating within.

Once the seed is planted, you will begin to see an Egg growing within the womb of rebirth in preparation of your true essence coming to fruition. Something new is about to hatch in the near future, the cosmos are speaking and orchestrating a grand celebration for you.

During the beginning of this Dawn of the New Age, many may find surprising encounters with Babies. These images of babies represent the resurrection of the new aspects of our rebirth we are renewing and cultivating. The birthing has taken place and incubating has completed in your womb, it is time to hold in your arms the warm wisdom of a new born soul. A baby brings you messages from the other side. Baby’s dialect and cries speak a language you have long forgotten. Cuddle the baby, be present with your baby, and listen in to how they speak.

Dreaming of a Butterfly: And now the metamorphosis has taken place. Natural changes have begun deep within, your inner light shines brilliantly as your higher Self emerges externally. You instinctively begin to manifest your positive thoughts as you finally embrace who you truly are; all while finding joy in the simplicity of your Self merging your past, present, and future as one.

What are your dreams cultivating for you this month?

When Dreams Speak…. While Visiting New Places


I have been away on a relaxing vacation visiting my mother-in-law in Arizona. Completely out of my element in the desert of the southwest, as I have been living in the PNW for so long. … but the wonderful thing about being somewhere out of my element is that I feel as if I have traveled far far away – similar to my astral dream traveling, as if I am out of body.

What I love about going to Arizona, a place that exists opposite from where I live — amongst tall towering trees surrounding by thick lush green forest, partly cloudy skies, along with the different shades blue representing the sky reaching mountain ranges so close in the distance — is the dry hot desert weather in both morning and late evening. I also love seeing the wide open clear skies; I found myself just standing looking up in awe at how humongous the sky looks even in concrete of the suburban jungle of Phoenix. And my favorite place to visit so far in Arizona (note: I have not visited every place in Arizona as of yet) is when we get to drive north on I-17 and I soak in the rolling hills filled with cactus against the canopy of the wide open blue skies. Destination: Sedona. I have now only visited Sedona twice – the first time I experienced hiking the red rocks and spotting the vortexes. This second visit was just wandering around town amidst the back drop of the amazing red rocks, soaking in and cleansing from the energy rays of the red rocks.

The first two days of my trip I did not sleep well (uncommon for me) and dream recall was scarce (also uncommon for me). But a day spent in Sedona, wandering…. just existing without any cares or worries, changes and shifts the impact of my dreams profoundly. For the next 6 nights I dreamed, I dreamed deep, I astral traveled to realms healing and guiding souls to the afterlife, I spoke to my beings – the Arcturians, and again I was shown my inner power and the strength of my intuitive abilities through more practice and training. I also tapped into a friend’s experience at the ocean on the Oregon coast hundreds of miles away…..

My healer friend and I were at the ocean, it was a small beach area near cliffs and rocks. We had to drive up to a gravel parking area, walk down a short trail pass some large trees and down a tiny sand dune onto the beach. The tide was very low and there were several people playing around the ocean’s shore. My friend and I looked at each other as we sensed what was about to happen. We discussed quickly the outcome of what we were able to see through our psychic senses. She said to me “We need to go back and get our tools.” I nodded and we left. We did not mention to anyone the outcome we had sensed, as we did not want to scare others, our intention was to save and help heal, and nothing more.

When we returned I had my crocodile with us to help us with what we were meant to do. As we walked through the trail in the woods we encountered this guy (who I must add was absolutely gorgeous – and a few days later after re-energy of my dream realized was a young version of Merlyn – or the idea of what Merlyn would represent). We knew him well, as we were connected with him in a soulful way. We asked him what he was doing here and he said “I have the box.” We explained to him what was going on and how the worst was about to come through the ocean. I continued on speaking explaining how we summed my crocodile to help. I suddenly felt very attracted to this guy standing before me and he reached out giving me a big warm hug. I did not want to let go of him, I felt he was a soulful piece of me. Soon he left go after our melting and merging, as if he empowered me to move forward, fusing me with my own abilities. As he stepped back away from me he said “I have the cards — tarot, dream, oracle. They will be very helpful with what we have to do.” Surprised, my friend and I looked at each other for a moment. And then we both blurted out at the same time…. “You can’t use those cards! They are too powerful for you to use! We will use them if you feel we should, but the outcome of you setting an intention and casting a spell would be 10 times fold bad karma back to you.” He replied with, “I would use them if I had to, but it is not why I brought them. I understand these cards are for you and you alone to use. Do you understand why I am here? I am your protector I set the boundaries for the other energies to remain outside your circle.”  He handed me the wooded box with the cards. My friend then said, “We can use them to summon a storm. This will help frighten the people off the beach and get them to go home. We need them to leave if are going to set the crocodile free. We do not want anyone to become harmed.”

We walked towards the beach. The guy walked behind me and I placed his hand on my lower stomach. Feel this. I said to him using telepathy. There was something within my tummy that was growing shifting changing. I felt the bubbling within me and I needed him to feel it also. I realized that the warmth of his hand was helping this movement within me. We arrived at the beach and watched as the clouds moved quickly over the horizon and began rolling in over the beach. To our surprise the tide had risen and was at its highest – water was covering most of the beach. We watched as the waves grew larger, crashed against the shore, and the strength of the current grew stronger. Then suddenly as if snapping us out of our physical selves the guy spoke softly, “You two are the high priestess, you know what to do, and the ocean is waiting.” We both smiled brightly as he said, “I am casting a circle of light around you both. Whatever you do this moment forward you are protected when you use your abilities, skills, and powers. Be forewarned of the strength of your power, yet do not be afraid of the power within you. Use wisely.” He stepped back away from us, almost fading out of our sight. The people on the beach began to notice the storm coming and scurried off the beach into their cars. I summoned my crocodile to appear the moment all the people had left the beach area. My friend called in a storm, in which the wind began to whip the waves around wildly. I feared the depth of the water swallowing me as I walked in it, but I knew I must touch the crocodile in order to infuse it with the power to eat the negative energies that lived in the water and surrounded the land. Greyness of the storm fell, and the sky darkened. I stood knee deep in the ocean waters calling the crocodile, as my friend worked with the wind keeping it from creating a funnel on land.

I woke up. The dream had a heavy but positive feel. I felt as if we were our true selves in a situation that was normal to our souls.

I informed my friend I had a dream about her and she invited me to email it to her. A couple days later she responded with her experience that same weekend I had this dream. I know she would not mind me sharing it with all of you. However, I did leave out a couple of personal pieces and am not sharing with you her name.

I wanted to tell you that I camped at the coast last weekend of your dream.  I slept just on the other side of a dune, in my tent – alone – but had the two dogs with me.  Sleep was strange that night and I was restless, but at one point the waves crashed so loudly that the ground shook and I fell into this state between being conscious and sleep.  I started visioning a tsunami and part of me was panicked that I was going to drown and the other part of me was at such peace.  It was really powerful.  In hindsight, I wonder if it was the waves crashing or a tremor?  It moved and startled me that much.  I slept there all night and no other waves after that bothered me like that. 

She shared with me a few personal things that were happening in her life (as we have not seen each other for several months… and have not spoken since beginning of August). The beauty of my dream, and her response, is that we are still connected in soulful ways. When there is a need or desire for finding help along our paths we are able to reach out within the energetic realms, beyond the physical, and empower each other with the fusions of our spirits. I understand that this dream was for both of us. We are at a time in our lives when we are finally evolving into the aspects of our Self that have been calling upon us for years. Muck, life, other people, other energies seem to find their way upon our paths and distract us in moving forward. However, the work we both have been doing over the past several years is now transmuting into our truth. Ohh… this is such a beautiful, amazing, and powerful dream for both my friend and I as we move past our pasts and move out of our present and into our futures. And this dream again reminds me how dreams speak to me, as I within them, and that my abilities, my skills, my gifts lay within the dreaming realms.

There are more dreams I experienced during my time in Arizona which I will discuss later in other postings… even guest postings I have been invited to write over the next few months on other blogs.


Before I end this, I feel need to discuss the symbolism behind the Crocodile. The crocodile is new to me; it appeared before me in this dream as a power animal for the moment. It holds a deep healing message for me, that is very profound for my current Self I am moving through and out of right now. I had to do some research and meditation around the crocodile to understand its meaning and its message for me. This is what I unraveled:

General Meaning (to work off of): When a Crocodile appears it holds inner teachings for us that we need to listen to: living a fulfilling life is possible, enriched life even through cycles of constant balance between inner and outer contradictions. Value your strength and build upon your resources of personal power. One must learn to balance the energies of the upper world and the underworld; along with understand that the crocodile will share all wisdom with you, as they are the keeper and protector of all knowledge. Eye sight is important; tend to your eyes as they represent seeing in both the light and dark –seeing the invisible clearly.

For me the Crocodile appeared as my power guide when using magic to stop an energy storm from taking place. (I was wide open for some reason while in Arizona, partly because I was out of body the whole time). The crocodile represented strength and empowerment while I continued to seek for knowledge that existed outside this physical world. My ancient soul of the past – my lives that once existed within other realms on another planet, appeared to contact me as I entered back into who I once was, who I have always been long ago. I don’t know if I will see the crocodile again, but it has left an impact on what lies ahead for me as I completely leave behind the fears of who I thought I have always been, and enter into who I truly am. I thank you Crocodile.

To learn more in depth about the crocodile I suggest checking out the following websites: (There are many resources for understanding spirit animals, find the books and websites that resonate with you personally.)




The beauty of animals appearing in our dreams is that they hold such important and powerful messages for us to be viewed in such a simplistic way. During my time spent in Arizona I encountered other animals I usually don’t see in my dreams and healing work –such as the Bat and the Lizard. I will discuss these animals, along with my other dreams during my vacation to Arizona, in near future postings.

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Elephant Dreams

The following dream was sent to me back in February. Since I am utilizing the dreams in which clients / dreamers submit giving me permission to reprint (use for my research and writings) I do not find myself often posting their dreams and their interpretations on my blog.  However, Elephants keep popping up and I wanted to share a tiny piece of my new dream book I am currently writing and the explorations through the dreams of others it has taken me on….

The Dreamer Stated: “The elephants which were the main focus of my dream did not speak to me directly, their ears seemed important and their out of placeness in the landscape + their speed, my idea of an elephant would be slow usually in waking life. I usually dream of tigers, snakes and bears (am scared of them all and trying to exit or have the animal removed) however never previously elephants. I have had 2 elephant dreams in quick succession and although I am aware of my fear I was able to be near/touch this animal.”

I live in a forest and across the ravine on a hot sunny day, I see 2 adult grey elephants galloping through the forest with noble people on their backs. I am amazed as I watch them, I know they are going somewhere but I do not know where it is. They seem purposeful. I notice their ears and grace. The lodge that I am staying in is behind me. I am mesmerized by their speed at the same time knowing that this is not ‘usual’ movement for the animal. I am also aware that this is not their landscape as I know it.

The scene switches to me being in a flatter area of parkland on my side of the ravine. I am riding a white elephant, smaller, not a baby elephant but not fully grown. I have held onto it’s ears and balanced myself safely enough on the ride. I am awestruck and am aware of my fear of riding the elephant at the same time but get down off the elephant knowing that other people may wish to interact with it. My nephew who’s 8 asks for a go. I tell him he must be careful if he is going to charge on the elephant and he needs to hold onto the ears. This is an important message I want to communicate to him for his safety. I feel he hasn’t heard me, so I shout after him again. I am suddenly confident that he knows what he is doing and he completes the ride safely.

The location is not a familiar one, the land is lush and green on the side of the ravine I saw the grey elephants and dry and arid on my side of the ravine where it is flatter and less forest. Elephants have appeared previously in my dreams in a herd. Previously I have had similar feelings of been amazed and fearful at the same time. Usually the dreams feel on the side of pleasant.

My translation to the above dream:

“The elephants are your guides at this moment in your life –They may evolve with you as you grow or they may only be here until they have fulfilled their service to you. There is nothing to fear with elephants as in nature they are gentle and very loyal beings. Think about what elephants mean to you and how they make you feel.

Elephants are known to represent wisdom, strength, and peace. They will guide you to new inner powers, energies, and ancient wisdom you may have forgotten about. They will happily lead you inward and show you the way to your own inner wisdom that is ready to emerge. 

What is holding you back from drawing on your own power in order to evolve? As in your dream, the sky is blue, the grass is lush, you have endless parkland to explore. Draw on the power and offerings of the elephant in order for your gifts to emerge – let them guide you.

Suggestions to the dreamer: At anytime of the day ask the elephant to appear. Know you can lean on the elephant; know he/she is with you through the ups and the downs of your days. The more you are able to visualize the elephant the more you are capable of drawing from your own inner power. Tape a picture or pictures of elephants in areas of your home or office to remind you where you are on your own path, to remind you the work you want to do for yourself. Before bed, light a candle, sit quietly and as your elephant to appear again for you in your dream realms, prepare any question you wish to ask, be clear and direct. Guides want to help, they are in service to you, and they will answer any question you directly ask.

What was discovered later: White elephants are spiritual masters, highly evolved souls, leading the dreamer down her spiritual path to enlightenment, while offering teachings along the way.

Reply from Dreamer:

“It feels very apt that you offered about the power and inner strength as following  some body/movement work, I realize that I am trying to bring dreaming/my dreams to be embodied into my work and no longer have them as just a concept/detached images using them in a more empowered way for guidance –  (I have recorded my dreams for around 3 years however whilst I love working with the unconscious, they have seemed interesting yet external/unembodied in some ways so far).  The elephant has even come out in movement in my legs! So the white elephant dream meaning which I am sure may continue to evolve has brought a lovely insight into how I need to perhaps harness the ‘vehicle’ and embody my dreams/spirit somehow.  I have recently had illness that has also invited me to cleanse my body so the elephants cleansing colour energy is closely related and one of the meditative messages was to listen very closely to my body (perhaps some of the holding onto the ears).”

Snakes and Black Cats as Divine Oracles

Snakes and black cats are popping up for people in both their dreamstate and waking life. Although I do not believe that having the general meaning for a symbolic image is always the answer a dreamer is seeking (or needing), I do think that sometimes having some type of foundation for a symbol helps guide the dreamer down the right path to find his / her own personal meaning. Please also remember that although an image can be very powerful / profound I suggest that dreamers embrace all the images (the setting, voices, colors, people, etc.) in the whole dream and “see” how everything fits together (or does not fit together) before embracing the truth within the personal message given to them.

http://www.constrictors.com/Collection/BallPythons/BlackEyedLeucisticBallPython.htmlSnakes generally represent transformation (death and rebirth) and sexuality. A snake has a secret to share with you given to them through the vibrations of the earth. Many people see snakes as part of the darker side of life because snakes create fear in many people. However, as are all animals, snakes are of pure form. Snakes actually appear to help get you back on track or to guide you through the beginning stages of a transformation you have recently entered. Snakes shed their skin regularly – symbolizing transmuting and renewal; shed the old to invite new in their life.  If you fear the snake it is only because you fear the change it has brought with it. If a snake bites you it is trying to “wake you up” from your stagnate life or from the negative choices you once made. It’s time to rethink those thoughts and create a new life. Snakes can also represent sexual creatures and if this is the focus of your dream you may want to ask yourself… are you a predator? Or are you holding back from something you desperately desire?

If a snake appears as a guide for you (in dreaming or waking) know that it is offering you a lending hand during your rebirth — a major change and a new direction for your life. You may not accept the change at first, that is your choice, but you will have to eventually in order to evolve through this current stage of your life. The snake or many snakes will continue to appear until you decide you are ready to embrace your rebirth. Once you open your heart to change, you learn how to look into the hearts of others and offer guidance. (All new directions offered by guides are always positive directions – some journeys just take longer then others.)  Colorful snakes appearing are reminding you of the vibrant vibrational light you hold deep within your soul – it is time to transform and let your light shine.

http://www.indianweekender.co.nz/Pages/ArticleDetails/47/778/Heritage/When-a-black-cat-crosses-your-pathBlack Cats crossing your path: Long ago I decided to change my mind set about black cats crossing my path— which I was told created several years of bad luck. What fear this creates in all children! Instead, I decided to believe that when a black cat crosses my path, or appears out of the blue over and over again… or even in packs … to receive this crossing as a positive and magical message from the universe. I began to think that when a black cat crossed my path that a new glorious adventure was hidden right around the corner. Why not believe in the positive? If the negative created fear which in turn projected something bad to happen, why not believe in a positive outcome so even the mundane or simplest things in life that popped up could be viewed as something wonderful happening!

So what message does a black cat offer compared to a white cat or a gray cat?

Cats in general represent independence, magic, freethinkers, many lives, ability to fight, seeing the invisible, guardians of the gates between the underworld and the upper world.

When a Cat appears (pops up, reappears in waking and or dreaming) their spirit is trying to grab your attention so you will notice that they are here to offer you guidance. There is a message for you to receive that surrounds a mythical and magical time that is coming up in your current life. Free thinking and independence is important more now than ever before. Do not become bored with the mundane because within the mundane great adventures arise. Cats are great oracles and assist in seeing within meditation – maybe it is time to sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes, and take a closer look at what is beyond your mind’s eye.  A black cat represents very deep healing qualities, within the healing it is offering you it is also bringing to you new and powerful energies. It offers both the dark and light to you within this magical time of your life that is just about to pop up. Choose wisely. It is now in your power to create beautiful healing magic out of the high vibrational white light…. Or disregard the offering and drink the dark shadows of your past. You are now able to see clearly within the invisible, view carefully, and it is in your best interest to use your sense of sight wisely – to help others rather than to use against others.

The above oracles are from my own (i speak in dreams) personal set of dream oracle cards I am in the process of creating. Digest what I say and find what resonates with you in order to guide you to the meaning that fits with what is happening in your life (past, present, future).

~Enter into a World of Divine Dreaming~

Slugs and Snails Dream; Symbolic, Real, or Both?

I have been off my blog for a couple of weeks, focusing on writing my second book on dreams (first book DreamWorkers is due out this coming August – Release Date TBA) and enjoying the outdoors – this rare warmth and sun our area has been getting this spring. Now it has started to rain again, and I am settling back into my nightly dreaming thoughts. Everything that has been heightening for me in the ethereal is settling into both my visible and invisible worlds that I exist within daily.

So an amazing thing happened to me on the way back from the invisible realm last night. (I am always surprised at the messages that are given to us by the universe.) So I was traversing off through the 4th dimension last night on my way back to awaken with the morning sun rise when I was faced with my own healing work I have been doing for myself. This was what I dreamed:    

I was led to this long old trailer – like building that sat high on stilts. I was told by a voice to find someone that I knew (I am unable to recall who it was – but I have a odd feeling it was a girl from my childhood I once knew well). The halls of the trailer like building were very narrow and spaceship or futuristic like. However the building was old –80’s B-rated syfy movie like, it was all a bright white but old and cracking – walls and floor were breaking, flaking apart. I realized I needed to tread lightly, not in fear, but just to be aware with the amount of pressure I was placing with each step or each touch — so I would not fall through the floor or through the wall. As I wander down the lengthy hallway carefully paying attention to each crack, I forgot, at some point, what I was doing there and where I was going. I wanted to return back but knew I no longer could go back, I had to keep moving forward. I realized soon after that whatever it was I began looking for here I was not going to find in this long hallway, so I quickly decided it was time for me to leave. At that moment I heard a voice which led me to a door. I was told if I walked through this door it would lead me down some stairs and back outside at a new destination.

I opened the door and stepped into the stairway. To my surprise the stairwell walls were covered in snails and slugs – more slugs then snails. The stairway was very narrow and I was told that each step I took was fragile; and that any step I made could possible break off a piece of the stair at anytime. I became very aware that I need to pay attention and to be careful with the structure of the stairway. I stood at the top of the stairwell and soaked in my surroundings. Since the stairway was so narrow and many of the steps were covered with snails and slugs — I needed to keep my balance so I would not fall through to below, just in case a stair broke off – my first thought was to balance myself by using my hands against the walls in order to steady myself. But wait, I thought, if I do that I would crush many of the snails and slugs covering the walls something I did not want to do.

I like snails and slugs! I would never kill one, they are harmless creatures. I stood pondering for a moment how I was going to ease my way down the steps. I took a glance behind me and noticed the door I had walked through was cracked opened. I thought about retracing my steps back the way I came. But no wait! I don’t want to do that, I want to keep moving forward. I glanced at the hundreds, maybe even thousands of snails and slugs that covered the stairway and walls. How was I going to do this without touching them? There was no fear within me, just confusion – I felt slightly grossed out by the thought of my hand being covered in slim from the snails and slugs. However, I knew they did not mean any harm and their presence was something more then I was able to comprehend at that moment. Am I ready to move down the stairs? I thought to myself. Slowly, steady. Is a voice I heard in return.

I woke up.

This dream came back with me in waking, Slugs and snails? Really? I am used to dreaming of spiders and ants….and even lady bugs and beetles but never slugs and snails that I can recall.  I lifted myself up and out of bed to dress for an early morning run. I would ponder on this dream while out running.

And to my (wonderful) surprise, as I stepped outside my front doorway there laid on the landing area, at the top of the (two) stairs down was one snail and one slug. Ok I get it universe you are trying to tell me something!!!

This dream is not only symbolic but it is something that is real and concrete to me. What appeared in my dream realm also appeared in my waking. Long ago I stopped questioning where I go at night. I stopped asking if all the visions and adventures were in my mind’s eye…. or if my soul detached itself from my physical self and astral traveled to far off realms beyond the last star in our galaxy. I have come to know, understand, accept that at night during the hours of sun set and sun rise (with many exceptions to the thought of exact time and days) I, my soul – my true self, traverses in a 4th dimensional realm not only working out the “things / issues / thoughts” that become an obstacle for me in my 3rd dimensional world, but I also work – I am doing the work of my soul’s purpose.

This morning on my run I called in my angels, my guides, my power animals, and asked for communication with the Arcturains so I could unravel the meaning of this dream puzzle. The pieces were all there but what why the slugs and snails in abundance, what did this mean? Through an hour of open line of communication (telepathy), and some research, I uncovered an amazing amount of information on slugs and snails that I never knew. Oh I love my dreams for all the knowledge it reveals to me… and for every healing that takes place within them – they only allow me to move forward and continue to evolve.

 What I revealed and pieced together was this: I revealed how connected my soul and spirit is to both snails and slugs. And how equally to my waking life self –which is currently going through a  3 month forgiveness cleanse (thanks to my friend and Reiki teacher) — has everything to do with snails and slugs.

Picture retrieved from http://ippc2.orst.edu/potato/slugs.html

Did you know that slugs are mystical and ethereal? That they have more to do with the invisible then being earthbound. Slugs are tied to the moon and stars, to the realms far beyond what our waking eyes are capable of seeing. And they appear in the night to speak as they represent great communicators in both waking and spiritual realms. A slug represents simplicity, letting go, forgiving, not collecting the bad stuff, words, or thoughts of other people, and to not becoming attached but rather connecting to a solid base while moving forward on its journey. They also are a symbol of deep healing, wisdom, self-protection, and strength. And they see with pure light, they see spirit and can also see shadow – they see the invisible more than the visible. They also represent and guide those on the Hermit path towards higher vision. A new path has opened for a dreamer who connects with a slug. Smiling, I knew why I always thought slugs to be so precious.

Snails are a slug with a hard shell (hard outer shell with a soft tender interior): A Snail represents the self protection of emotions and spirit. They are loners. A snail reminds us to be aware of one’s surroundings at all times while trusting their intuitive selves at each encounter they happen upon. Symbolically they remind us to learn to trust, protect one’s inner child, and to show the soft interior to others every once in a while. Snails move slowly—they exist, they live, they move at their own pace. They do not try to keep up with the rest of the world. They let everyone else move swiftly past them, yet they still arrive at their intended destination. I had to laughed; this too is me to the core.

So then the question comes back to… How do I know if this dream actually took place or if it is just a symbolic representation of an aspect of my waking life Self? This dream is both real and symbolic to me.

I know my purpose in this life, I discovered it long ago after years of childhood seeking. A big part of my purpose happens within my dream state. I am (my soul) traversing through the 4th dimensional realms, while my physical body lays dormant waiting for my return. I do bring my 3rd dimensional issues / aspects into my dream state because it is all a part of my evolution – for me to grow I have aspects of my physical, mental, emotional bodies I need to work on at the same time I am living out my soul’s purpose. During my work, that I do in my dream state – missions, guiding others, healing – I also am allotted moments to work and heal on myself. I realized not too long ago that I am unable to help someone else unless I too am in progression of healing and helping myself.

Because in waking I exist with a hard shell, like the snail protecting myself in the physical realm, in the other realms I connect with the slug (no shell) – tender heart and tuned in to every aspect of the invisible and visible.

I want to speak on one other thing…..

The old, long, narrow trailer- looking – syfy – building represents my old ways of living, thinking, being – it no longer can hold me up. I recently learned that as I work towards moving into the 5th dimensional realms I need to shed the parts of my human self that won’t let go – I need to find forgiveness in other humans faults, in the pain they place on me – past and present – and exist in forgiveness filled with love. The 5th dimensional realms are all about love – and within that love there is always forgiveness… actually one always acts out of love so forgiveness is never needed for unforgiving does not exist there. So my old ways, this old trailer syfy building is slowly falling apart piece by piece, and the weight of my new self emerging is placing a large amount of pressure weakening the old building. What I unraveled was that these slugs and snails covering the stairway were covering the cracks, strengthening the base for me to move forward without slipping through, without falling through the weakness of my old foundation.

What I realize awake that I did not realize in my dream state was that I would have never crushed any of the slugs or snails; rather they would have held me up as I moved slowly over them down the stairs.

My dreams let me watch myself transition and evolve, as if there are two physical me’s – parallel to each other – and the old me becoming invisible as it is merging into the new me. Two earth’s collide – the new earth is our higher vibrational selves.

Image retrieved from http://birdsvsme.blogspot.com/2011/03/so-thats-interesting.html

How will you embrace a snail and slug next time one (or both) appears before you?

Snakes May Carry A Divine Message Within Your Dreams


SSSSnakes… and Translating Dreams

Snakes appearing in dreams seem to be fairly common for most dreamers. But it is the meaning behind the snake that varies from dream to dream and person to person. If you read my blog you know that I am not the type of dream interpreter that goes directly to the mythology or symbolic meaning of any image, rather I view first from the perspective of how dreams are real, as real as our waking reality – yes your soul did actually soul travel through space passing through and far beyond the existence of time. Yes your soul did exist in that house filled with snakes within your dream. Yes your fear you felt was as real as your fear may be towards something in your waking reality. And Yes those vibrant colors (of energy) on the snakes existed, if you saw it, felt it, sensed it… it was real, it did happen. Why wouldn’t it?  But I will admit I am also a dream translator that will look at a dream from all angles if when something I see – when I receive an intuitive hit — does not give the dreamer an AHA! moment, feel right, or resonate with dreamer I am guiding at that moment. Some people, some dreamers need a little more push or a little more information before they are able to see, hear, and understand what I intuitively have received instantly.

 So back to snakes…. Yes snakes…. Creepy crawling, beautiful, intriguing scary snakes… so different to sense when up close and personal in a dream. Why is it that sometimes we dream and the realness of the dream has truth to it and other times we dream and what we read about the symbology / mythology behind the dream is what reveals the same meaning to us? Are all dreams not real? Are only some dreams a snapshot of our soul traveling to the astral plane, living out it’s (our) true Self…. while other dreams may just be our minds venting out what we have sought so hard to bottle up and store away (whether just yesterday or years earlier)  wanting to shake ourselves up in waking?


I bring these questions up now because I am always sensing what dreamers are wondering and seeking for themselves (or at least my guides in waking and dreaming guide me to hear what dreamers are asking). Is the snake in a dream real or a symbol? I will use the following snake dream as an example to answer this particular question. I have noticed that snakes are popping up suddenly for many dreamers and for myself. Is the snake in my dream a representation of a repressed emotion or thought? Could the vibrant colorful snakes (ready to strike or not) in my dream actually be a piece of the truth my soul needs to live out in order for my physical self to reveal a truth I have kept hidden in this lifetime? Are my dreams and messages everything I need to be able to continue to move forward down my current path? Or are the snakes in my dream and yours just a mythological symbol representing my current waking issues only shedding light on an aspect of my darkness? Or are these questions being asked just all one in the same.


I found myself in a house with a familiar partner (my current partner yet the face was a blur). The house I realized was his and I was moving in. We wanting to move, I wanted to move up north – Seattle area?! This was his house in that area. The house felt dark –not enough sunlight shinning through. Old vintage farm house, remolded lovely, cold, and dark. He began to show me around through the hallway to his bedroom, our bedroom. That is when I noticed the first snake. I jumped on the bed. The red and white tail of the snake shook a little and I felt slightly freaked out. “Snake” I whispered. He motioned as if to ignore it so we laid on the bed talking about our future, our dreams. Suddenly another snake appeared, the tail black and white. I sat up and questioned the two snakes I saw. He nodded not to worry. “Will they bite? Is there a snake problem?” He half smiled. I could tell there was something he did not want to tell me. At that moment two more appeared, green and white tail and a red and white tail. “You must explain these snakes to me. “Just be careful he said. Don’t get to close. Some will try and bite you.” I began to shake. “I don’t want to get bitten by a snake. Do you have a snake bite kit? I don’t want to die just yet.” He responded with a no, “No snake bite kit. And no you won’t die. But you must be careful. I will take care of the snakes and get rid of them.”

I stood up asking to leave the bedroom. “Why are there so many snakes in this house? I don’t want to live in a house with snakes, certainly not ones that will harm me.” We began to leave the room and more appeared. Vibrant colors on their shaking tails. “Just don’t get to close when they coil up.” He pushed me out of the room and into the hallway. More colorful snakes began to slither across the floor. I wanted to run, escape, fear filled every inch of my body. “I will tell my roommate. Let’s get out of here, this is out of control.” As I hurried down the long hallway to an exit door the snakes began to fill up the space behind me. “Why is this happening? What does this mean? I can’t live here with the snakes.” He grasped my hand and told me not to worry.

It felt as if we made it outside, but it too felt dark and musty as the house did. There was no escaping, I must face the snakes, or live with them, or ride them. I felt as if my arm had been bitten. I showed him the redness of my arm.

I am unable to recall anything else. I do remember waking up and wondering why so many colorful snakes, why so much fear towards them in a dream.

Dreams Are Our Reality Perspective: (My Intuitive Hit after reading this dream.) Your soul astral traveled to a realm in which YOU also exist. There is a transition your soul is moving towards within its relationship with this other soul (boyfriend / partner in dream). The snakes are acting as a current power animal for you, appearing at this moment only to guide you through this new transition bringing you to a new level of being. Snakes appearing in your dreams may represent fear of your shadow side, sexuality, spiritual transformation, psychic energy, moving the dreamer from one level of consciousness to the next.

The fears you are feeling in this particular dream are your own refusal to “not letting go of the physical material waking life part of your Self” in order to move into the next level of your truth. The colorful snakes symbolize what is to come, vibrant energies of your new evolution into your higher self. The fear in your dream is your own ego – the projection of your ego holding you back (your shadow) – afraid of you detaching yourself from it (the ego). You are ready to lift the veil knowing that this world and the otherworldly realms are parallel in your growth— do not fear rather embrace the snakes. You will return here to this other worldly place to continue on your journey.

The darkness and muck is really only that of what your ego traps you in the fear – it is what it has convinced you to feel and fear. The darkness and fear is only an aspect of you because you allow it to be.

Perspective of Dreams as a Symbolic Representation of Your Mind Venting Out Your Waking Life (the symbolic interpretation after my intuitive scanning of this dream):

As the dreamer you create each dream within your mind. Each dream is a piece of art that is created over a short or long period of time. Something in you waking life reality sparked your emotions to create each image in the way that appeared before your dreaming mind.

If a snake showed up in your dreams, what does it represent to you? Scan the setting / location, other images, familiar and unfamiliar people, colors, smells, objects, and feelings that appear in your dreams.

Moving in with your partner: Building a new foundation to a relationship, taking the next step towards a new level or aspect (growth) within the relationship.

Your partner’s face being blurred may represent your realization there are aspects of him that are a facade and his true self has yet to be shown to you fully.

Moving up North: North represents winter, growing old, maturity, death— death of an aspect of your Self, death or ending of a phase of your waking life. 

Old Vintage Farm House remolded but cold and dark: The coldness and darkness could represent what you are unaware of within your partner. Or it could represent how you are feeling deep within the basement of your own soul. The farm house has been remolded, it itself has evolved into the present; ask yourself: is the cold and darkness mine, my partners, or part of what is to come?

Snakes, Colorful Vibrant Snakes: If the snakes were so colorful and vibrant why did you fear them? The snakes may represent a psychic energy that they were offering you (you are in need of); awakening you to your own psychic powers that lay in (the dark and coldness of?) aspects of your Self. As I mentioned above snakes represent: fear of your shadow side, sexuality, spiritual transformation, psychic energy, moving the dreamer from one level of consciousness to the next. Feeling the bite of a snake is a symbolic gesture of awaking the dreamer— to wake the dreamer to a new awareness of their Self.

Facing the snakes, returning to the snakes and asking them why so many of them appeared before you would be an excellent way to acknowledge you have awoken to the dream and its message – you are now paying attention. What parts of you represent the snakes?

The dark and musty feeling inside the house and outside is, I believe, a way for the dream to signal to your ego, your waking mind, that there is no way to run or hide from the inevitable. If your shadow side is creating the dark and murkiness, the snakes are warning you to emerge onto the path towards your next level your must embrace rather than fear.  


Here I believe both perspectives lead to the same translation, the same message. No matter if a snake was an actual unearthly being or the snake was a powerful energy shape shifting into what snakes represent within mythology –by identifying different ways to view your dream world, and dreaming mind, it may become easier to elaborate and connect you to the message being offered. The universe (God, a Higher Power – whatever and however you believe) always has a message for you and it needs you (or it is necessary for you) to receive it. Did you receive the message? Of course you did because you brought the dream back into waking with you to decode its meaning. 

Usually when a message creates fear within you, holds a sense of darkness, feels scary or terrifying it is trying to get your attention. It does not necessarily mean something bad is happening or going to happen to you —it may just mean that for some time now your guides have been sending you off through realms to unravel their hidden messages. Or aspects of you have magically been creating images and symbols to appear in your dream trying to get your attention.

It is easy to past by the images, symbols, messages being handed to you as you continue to fly through the astral planes without the knowledge needed to move forward –now you need the message more than ever and they no longer can allow you to float on by. How do they get your attention? By creating a nightmare or bad dream, by creating a dream that will get your attention or by calling you to the realms beyond in which healing for you needs to begin to take place– WAKE UP they are trying to tell you –TAKE THIS MESSAGE PLEASE!

The snake dream above was not tended to be a scary nightmare but rather a bad dream to awaken the dreamer to take a seriously look; to begin preparations for what was about to come next. The outcome of the dream is actually one that could be absolutely beautiful if one is ready to receive and accept the transformation to come – completing another level towards higher consciousness. The dreamer has been signaled by the snakes that they are just one step closer to completing their soul’s transformation.

With any symbol, look at what the symbol means to you. For this dream I asked, “What does a snake represent to you and how does it feel to you when it appears in your dream.”  

By all means you can go further with this dream, or any dream, and continue to analysis each piece, word, image and break it all down to find how it correlates with some (or every) aspect of your waking life. However, sometimes I feel by doing that you have already missed the message; or even that you may be so blocked up (energy blockage) that you are unable to see what may be clearly in front of you. If for any reason this happens, I suggest some healing, energy work, Reiki, Shamanic healing, or any alternative healing modality that is able to help begin the healing process and unblock any blockages, stagnate energies, negative energies or the like. By doing this it will move the dreamer towards seeing and receiving the meanings, and messages, of their dreams more intuitively and more often.




Hummingbirds, Deer, a Great Blue Heron, and more: How the Universe Sends You Messages in Waking

Four to five mornings a week I wake up before dawn and set out on an early morning run. I love these runs; they help me slowly move back into the physical realm after spending hours within the invisible. Over the years I have learned to take notice to all universal signs that appear in both waking and dreaming. I have realized that as I grow older, remain more protected from the outside physical world, and grew to be more aware to my surroundings (of what I can and cannot see), I am clearly tuned in to the universe on these morning runs. All my senses are heightened from my recent return from the dream realms.  Running for 8 miles is the moment, in my waking, when I fine tune my intuitive abilities, I see more clearly behind the veil of this visible life; I listen to the voices speaking to me and take heed their words; my creative juices flow (if I was able to record the images and thoughts in my mind I imagine I would be farther ahead with my writing and production of books), I remote view and tap into images of positive nature (removing the negative), and I daydream manifesting this physical life in the way that I desire to live it.   But the most wonderful thing about running in the early morning hours, as dawn rises, is I encounter the universe speaking to me through nature and animals.

Although every bird has a meaning that is personalized to each of us, I listen to the musical chirping the many different types of birds sing to me on my run. I take note that they are cheering me on and their musical notes keep me from falling into a negative mindset of the anxieties and harshness of my daily life. Every so often I am lucky to see a rare bird, or an animal I rarely see, pop up and onto my path… and at that very moment I know the universe is sending me a message.

Eagle: Vision and Spirit, this eagle that I was granted to see one early morning soared above my head and followed me down my running path for a short distance. Beginning of January in the Pacific Northwest on an early morning winter day is not really the most logical time to create such a goal as distance running. (But I like a challenge in my normal routine family life, for a free spirit like me being confined to one place weakens my spirit unless I find new and changeling goals.) The eagle watched over me as I was beginning my goal to gain the ability, courage, and strength to become a distance runner after recovering from two leg injuries. As it had its eyes on me, we melted our ability of sight together to envision what I am able to accomplish.  

If an eagle appears for you think about the courage, strength and vision you may need for yourself to soar to higher places. Reach deep down and inspire yourself to look at life from an aerial perspective – is your vision of yourself, something, or someone limited? Take an elevator ride to the top of the largest building where you live, step out of the deck or take in the view from a window from that building, look down, look all around you, how do you see things now?

Blue Heron: A few times now I have been lucky enough to pass a blue heron in the creek in the early morning hours. I am fascinated with these birds; they are so tall and sleek, eloquent and quiet. I always feel as if they are at perfect peace with their surroundings; they are capable of just being present in the moment. When I lived in Alaska there were blue heron sitting on the rocks of the bay, sometimes I would ride my bike to their location and just sit and observe them. I would try to find their secret of inner peace and their ability to just be present in each moment.

I know that the blue heron I have passed, a few times the past couple of months, is the same one… I can just tell. He appears in the moments my emotions have gone hay wire and I am of need of some grounding in both my thoughts and within my life. I am one to always want to take off at each second I have an opportunity, and when that moment does not arrive my emotions begin to get the best of me… and I begin to feel as if I am trapped in box. So when I see this great blue heron I know the universe is telling me to breathe, to calm down, and to find some peace and grace in the mundane of my life. To be present and embrace being a loner. Blue Herons are loners…. and like I as a loner journeying solo through my dual lives I must remain present and embrace the peace that is present in each moment.

If a blue heron appears for you think about the positive aspects in being alone in the present moment; then let your soul awaken. Disregard the disapprovals or judgments from your own ego or from other people, and make a stand for what you deeply believe in. Like a blue heron you may find yourself on a solo path, think of yourself as a traveling light balancing within the harsh and calm winds of time.


Hummingbird: The other day, when I should of being running, I was enjoying the early morning sun on my back deck. A hummingbird appeared in the distance and sat on the phone wire above me. We decided to watch each other, and in silence we sat. I began thinking about why this hummingbird has appeared for me and realized that I see a hummingbird on my run every time I am feeling or being lazy in my life. Hummingbirds are incredibly hardworking and full of energy, and the days they appear for me I am being and or feeling neither of those two things. The universe has a sense of humor I see. Hummingbirds are also filled with love and represent big hearts. They need little to survive or to feel joyful. This made me wonder…. Am I lacking the ability to let go of my needs in order to feel love and joy within my home? Or is it a little bit more of a push of strength to create a sanctuary that I am in need of on this particular day?

To me hummingbirds are magical so when they appear I feel it is magic I may be lacking in my life. A hummingbird always makes me smile and so I realize that it brings that energetic lift I am in need of at that very moment. What energy lift or heartfelt embrace are you in need of?


Ducks: I understand that ducks are common, almost a dime a dozen around here, but I must say when I see them I am fascinated with them. They fly and swim in large packs which are elements I am unable to relate to as a lone traveler.  What intrigues me so much about ducks is that they wear their emotions on their sleeve. Have you ever noticed that you can tell how a duck is feeling by the sound of their quacks and their actions? I love this about ducks; they don’t hold back, they will express their feelings without a care in the world. So when I am running on the trail along the creek and I see a group of ducks I feel I can tap into their conversation and know exactly how they are feeling, what they are saying, and what they are going to do that day. This makes me realize that the message the universe is sending to me is to get in touch with those emotions that desire to bubble to the surface, the ones I keep pushing deep down to the core of my soul just so I am able to appease others.

If a duck appears for you feel through your emotions and ask yourself, what feelings have I buried that need to be spoken or are in need of healing? Ducks represent comfort; they are connected to water which represents emotions. Let yourself become comforted by the waves of your emotions, ride the waves. Become a dream traveler and get in touch with the astral planes of your existence; through your travels learn to see clearly through your emotions.


Dragonflies:  Ahh the magical dragonfly! In our old house for some reason we had many dragonflies in our backyard. I was never sure why since we did not live next to any stream, river, or mounding water (the main rivers were at least 2 to 3 miles away). I would sit in my backyard and watch the dragonflies eat all the mosquitoes and ponder on why there were so many back dragonflies back there. Of course this led me to read the universal message the dragonflies were trying to communicate with me – find joy and gratitude in your surroundings even in the mist of misery. Oh… and did I dislike living in that house and neighborhood. So when I would lie in my hammock and let the dragonflies swiftly fly all around me, I would try to list the reasons I was thankful — even though I felt stuck in the mist of negative energy rays from the people that resided all around me. Dragonflies teach us to bend, twist, adapt, and shift in various ways as they bring offerings of colorful light rays. As they swiftly travel by us, they bring the message of finding acceptance in what we have even when our world feels like it is crumbling to pieces. I have come to an understanding of what message a dragonfly speaks to me when it is flying beside me as I run through the streets of my (new and happier) neighborhood. It is reminding me to see the positive in the mist of grayness, to be thankful for the small things… for when the small things add up, they create a bigger life to be thankful for.

If a dragonfly flies past you or comes to offer you colorful rays of light it may be throwing magic dust to help change the way you see your current life –offering you new and positive perspectives to your current vision. It’s time to transform, recreate yourself, and transmute into your true beautiful Self.


Deer / Buck: It is not often I see a deer in my area, although I don’t live in the city I am not in a rural area either.  Close to trails, country sides, lakes, creeks, rivers and woodsy areas I do understand that it is possible to come across a deer. Although I have only seen one deer, and this particular buck appeared at the perfect moment in time on my run. Startled at first to see one so close, the buck and I shared a moment, locking eyes I smiled. Deer are so gentle and kind and I knew the universe was sending me a message. Before it turned to run off behind a patch of trees I thanked the buck for appearing— I had not been so kind and gentle with my self on those particular few days. I was already aware of what a deer symbolized, as I work with the deer sometimes when I am doing healings (and I do pull the deer card often when using power animal cards during my own readings). Sometimes when I encounter the harsh people in life I soak in their negative energies and place harshness on myself. Other times I find myself being an outcast mom, a loner who has a hard time relating to other moms and the perils of parenting. A deer is a reminder for me to be gentle to myself and to others in my thoughts, not to judge, and to remember that kindness goes a long way. 

If a deer appears for you ask yourself, Are you being gentle and kind to yourself and others? Or is it you that needs some loving TLC from others? Be thoughtful with all your words and thoughts– remember it is just as easy to manifest the negative as it is to manifest the positive. A deer in spirit also represents necessary survival skills, a deep connection to the woods, and finding alternative paths to the same end goal. Is your path to difficult to continue on? If you are capable of dealing with anything that comes your way, take the trail less traveled through the woods.


Frog: This may be a sad one to bring up, but I feel I must. Yesterday as I was returning back on the same route I came across a frog that had just moments before departed her life. (She was not there when I past this same spot earlier, so I knew her life had just ended.) I slowed my run and looked down at her lifeless body as I sent rays of love and light on her transition from physical to spirit… and on her journey through the realms to the afterlife. I am not heartless but death does not sadden me unless there is a reason to be sad about it. I felt a knowing that her transition was a beautiful one so there was no need for filling her space with sad thoughts and pity. As I left her with blessings I noticed fairies lurking behind the bushes waiting for my departure so they could come bless the body. I nodded to them and smiled as I continued the last leg of my run. I knew her death was a message for me (as I believe in a way death can signify messages and lessons for those who are still alive) and I asked the universe for some clarity. What a time for clarity, I was about to run up a steep hill on my 8th mile; my knees were aching and I wanted to quit. Why me! I wanted to scream, why can’t I relieve my anxiety and find calmness in a non movement way.

Frogs are able to live in two very different worlds; this is why I feel a common bond to frogs; as I live in the dreaming realms and in the waking realm – two different worlds. (But they don’t have to be so different – we as humans create the separation between them and have not learned to adapt amongst both worlds. I have learned to combine these lives of mine, adapting…. finding myself blurring the boundary lines.) Frogs live on land and in water which I believe could translate to each of our clairvoyance and clairaudient abilities – speaking the truth, listening, seeing, and communicating clearly within our logical minds and within our emotions. Frogs also represent proper cleansing – the past few weeks I have been experiencing a purging and cleansing of my physical body. So why a dead frog? What message is speaking to me? As I ran up that hill not giving a second thought to the pain, clearing my mind completely I heard a voice that spoke — Rebirth, the frogs death is a symbolism of the rebirth you are about to experience. AhA!

If a frog appears for you it may represent you are in need of a thorough cleansing. It also may be signaling you to adapt to your dual lives, two different worlds that are pulling and stretching you in opposite directions because of your resisting – combine them and you’ll be surprised how well they mesh. And so let your magical transformation and cleansing begin!

When we receive messages from the universe — brought to us by our guides, animals, or from others — they are personal to the individual. The next time an animal appears and the feeling emerges within you that this animal has a message for you, think about what the animal means to you and relate it to your waking life, then connect the dots. The message will keep appearing, even shifting with your emotions, until you receive it. 

There are many excellent resources on the internet, and within books, that help guide each of us to translate the symbolism behind each animal that appears before us with a message from the universe.

Lions, Cats, Bears, and Dogs… Oh My!…. In Our Dreams


Many people experience animals appearing in their dreams. An animal represents something personal to the dreamer’s past, present, or future. Animals appear in our dreams to empower the dreamer, guide the dreamer, and sometimes to dismember the dreamer during a personal transformation. Below are general meanings to five animals that appear often in dream submissions I received from my clients.   

Lion: A lion stands for protection, courage and loyalty to one’s true Self. If a lion appears in your dream ask yourself, “Am I of need of courage and protection? Am I living up to my Truth? What courage am I lacking about a situation?”

House Cat: Cats are independent creatures, who are self assured and don’t need much attention to survive. In the dream realms, cats represent intuitive healers, warriors, and guardians between the under and upper worlds who seek answers to the unknown. When a cat you own (or know) appears in your dreams I have found that they appear to protect your boundary line (between waking and dreaming) from unwanted energies / entities. If you don’t know the cat that has shown up in your dream, Ask Yourself “Have I been tending to myself lately? Have I let my guard down for intruders?”

Dog: Dog represents loyalty for its pack. A dog keeps a watch out for any negative energy or people who are trying to disrupt his pack / family. Dogs are obedient and easily taught — they need a master to survive and evolve. If a dog appears in your dream ask yourself, “Am I lacking the loyalty I need from my family? Or is it I who is not being loyal to the pack?” Depending on your dream you may want to also ask yourself, “Am I seeking or in need of a teacher?” If you find the dog acting irrational or barking a lot, it may be protecting you from a negative energy that has entered your home.

Wolf: A wolf is also loyal to its pack. But there are also lone wolves seeking a pack to be part of. A wolf is very intelligent and provides inner guidance to your spiritual Self. A lone wolf will stay by your side as you journey into the unknown (deep dark forest of your dreams) and keep watch at night while you walk through the darkness. If a wolf appears in your dreams ask yourself, “What journey am I on that prevents me from seeing clearly?” Or maybe you need to realize that you are not alone on your journey— call on the wolf to make appearances at your side to guide your way. 

Bear: A bear represents strength and endurance while bringing harmony in your life.  Bears are not to be feared in a dream, but rather embraced. (Have you hugged a big cuddly bear today?) Ask yourself, “Is there somewhere in my life I lack the balance needed to endure a particular situation?” When a bear appears in your dreams and roars it is trying to get you to listen to your intuition. I suggest stopping and listening to what your inner Self is telling you.

Please remember that these are just general meanings to the five animals I briefly discussed above. Take what resonates with you and disregard what does not. I suggest to look at all images and symbols in your dream to fully understand why the animal has appeared and what connection it has in your waking life.  If you experience a reoccurring animal in your dreams, and if you find it is providing guidance it may possible be one of your power/spirit animal guides. Before going to sleep set the intention to speak with this animal in your dream ask it what message or guidance it has to offer you.   

I will discuss more animal symbolism in another posting in the near future.

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Books I Recommend to Enhance Your Dream Life (& Waking Life)


Updated again on 5-28-2012 I added a few more books to the top of the list below.

Over the past year or two, when I began to blog more about my dreams, encounters with the departed, and alien life beings more and more people started asking me… How do you know your dreams hold truth? I have always answered with– because I have listened to my dreams since I was very young and they have never been wrong. My dream guides, the departed, and enlightened beings have always pointed me in the right direction, the times when I refused to listen to them I realized my journey was going to take a lot longer to travel. Well, if others have yet to experience nightly dreams like mine– walking the boundary line between waking and sleep– I can understand why they may not simply accept my response as some piece of the truth our dreams speak. I am not here to change your beliefs (or mind) I am just a guide hoping to awaken those that wish to be awakened.

There ARE others like me who experience and believe in similar truths about our dream life, afterlife communication, and beings from higher dimensions. I decided to compile a reading list of books to share with those who have been asking me about suggested resources that may guide them to unravel their truth, their dreams, and evolve their beliefs. Below are a list of books that have guided me over the years to continue seeking, traveling, believing in what I have always known to be true.This is not the end all list of books there are many more in existence but it is good to start somewhere.

Suggested Books to Read:

DreamWorkers Behind the Veil; Night Shift Dreams by Meredith Smith

Connecting with the Arcturians by David Miller

Touching the Light by Meg Blackburn Losey

The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert Moss

Winged Pharaoh by Joan Grant

The Tao of Dreaming by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin

Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori

The Complete Book of Psychic Self-Defense by Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Whose Stuff Is This? by Yvonne Perry

Spirit Speak by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

A Wanderer’s Handbook by Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, James McCarty. You can actually download this book for free here. There is a print version you can buy or borrow from your local library.

We, the Arcturians by Norma J. Milanovich

THE STARSEED TRANSMISSIONS -An Extraterrestrial Report

Frequency: The Power of Personal Vibrations by Penney Peirce

VISITORS FROM WITHIN by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest

Dreaming Book of the Dead by Robert Moss

DreamGates by Robert Moss

The Crystal Children: A guide to the newest generation of psychic and sensitive children by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

StarKids by Dr. Richard J. Boylan

Star Born by Brad Steiger

Star People by Brad Steiger

Psychic Abilities by Anja Heij

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions by Barbara Hand Clow

The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow

From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America by Scott Mandelker

Indigo Children by Lee Carroll/Jan Tober

Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its attainment By Rudolf Steiner  


Mother Night by Clarissa Pinola Estes  (Actually anything by Clarissa Pinola Estes will help unravel some of the mysteries of your dreams)

xxxHolic (This is a Clamp series but I watched the anime series and found them very awakening — and yes I had to throw this in the list for fun!)

Psychic Vampires by Joe Slate

Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keys Jr.

Dreams by Carl Jung

Man and His Symbols  by Carl Jung (Actually any book by Carl Jung is a wonderful way to begin your exploration into understanding symbols and images in your dreams.)

The Complete Dream Book by Gillian Holloway

Sleep Paralysis: A Guide to Hypnagogic Visions and Visitors of the Night by Ryan Hurd (The only Self-Help book about SP and its possibilities.)

Lucid Dreaming Books… there many books and websites on this topic out there. Here are a couple to check out: Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LeBerge and Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner

Just about any book on Astral Traveling or OBE’s– this is where I started reading when I was 16 years old seeking out and answer to; Why I found myself traveling through realms both in waking and in dreaming. A counselor recommended to read such books on OBE and Astral Traveling….. and suddenly the flood gates opened for me.

When I was a child attending Catholic school it was very common for me to sit in class and drift out of my body and float to a peaceful gray area I found refuge in. First, I floated above the classroom observing the class (and myself) sitting there blankly  as if I was part of a herd and had no freedom to move around and explore my surroundings. Then I would drift higher, pass the roof and up up up into the sky. I would feel a sense of serenity and found a pure happiness I could not locate in my waking life. Soon others would appear in  a form of their pure essence. I would listen and interact via telepathic conversations with these energies that I found to feel so familiar to me. For those few moments nothing in waking existed any longer. I can not explain in detail this gray space, for it was just that a gray space that was at times illuminated with radiant energy.

What felt like hours passing only actual moments leaped into the (my) future; and as I would settle into this luminous non-reality it would suddenly end. I always returned with a Thunk! back into my body the moments after my teacher called on me. Clueless to what was happening in class I would stumble over my worlds talking nonsense and feeling foggy as the kids would laugh and my teacher would become so annoyed sternly suggesting to listen and not daydream.  I would slump down in my seat feeling embarrassed wondering why I was so different, so strange, from all the other kids.

My teachers would complain to my mother saying they could not understand why I was not as smart as I should be when I had such a kind big heart, why couldn’t I comprehend anything in class.”She understands emotions.”  I think everyone was worried something was wrong with me, I was a quiet and introverted child around adults and my family. I was filled with overly sensitive emotions no one could relate to. However, I did get along well with other children — because I had a kick ass sense of humor — smile smile (only shown to friends – never to family). And I was kind. I was the kid that never left anyone out and felt for others who were sad. I would always approach someone you looked sad or distraught and crack a joke or fill their space with warmth and light to help lift their energy. It always seemed to work but I really had no clue what I was doing; it was a natural ability I just knew I had. I had the ability to take away the icky emotions of another and place them upon myself – remove sadness, anger, negative energy — this was not healthy for me and it took me years to learn how to use this ability in which it did not harm my physical and emotional self. And it took me through high school of standing up to my beliefs, accepting I may be slightly crazy, and staying myself as I moved through feeling discouraged about humans and life on earth. And then it has taken me years later to find my voice after shedding the negativity, the people, and the intrusion of thoughts of those who have tried extremely hard to control my path.

But aside from my nightly dreams explaining my abilities, life after death, and all about realms beyond the physical, I was not able to explain anything to anyone else until I began reading and seeking outside my dream realms — which, as I stated, above started with books on astral traveling and out-of-body experiences (OBE). I needed for my own sanity to gain some piece of mental clarity in order to lead myself down the path I was birthed to travel down.

There are many more books out there that are not in the main stream public eye. Once you start seeking, reading, devouring, the universe will begin to open its door to you (it’s ready it’s just waiting on you to awaken). Your dreams will begin to shift in some way that will benefit you. You will begin to observe your Self traveling while in both waking and in dreaming states — the people, souls, and spirits you encounter you will begin to view in a new light. The conversations you have will be received and given differently. You will realize you dreams are not just about your physical Self (although often they are) but rather you are a piece to something bigger, greater. You may even realize, accept, and or believe that you are energy from a higher dimension and your human self is just clothing to keep you grounded during your lifetime on earth. Or maybe you won’t discover any of this and what it is you observe / sense is something even greater than anyone of us has yet to unravel, see, or experience.

But no matter what doors your dreams lead you through or what realms of dimensions you fly within, by reading outside your box, you are expanding, evolving, and transmuting….. you are exploring your path …. and your dream messages will become stronger as you begin to see the shift, and as universal signs appear for you in waking. Your vibration will rise and you will learn how to protect your surroundings and invite only people with your same vibration or higher into your energetic space.

Enjoy the Journey!

(I also have a list of book links, other than the ones listed above, on the home page of this blog.)

Disembodiment Dreams


Translating dreams of disembodiment….

Lately, I have been hearing more and more dreams of dreamers detailing their experience of being torn to shreds or having a particular body part being ripped out of them. The majority of dreamers all said that it was an animal they loved that was tearing them apart, chewing up pieces of them, or eating away at their body while still alive. These types of dreams can feel very scary, dreamers feel powerless and sometimes may go into shock within their dream. Disembodiment dreams are more common than most people realize, and most dreamers are amazed to hear these types of dreams are also very powerful healing dreams.

I have experienced several disembodiment dreams over my lifetime so far. I realized what the general meaning behind them was back in 2000 when I was introduced to Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She is an incredible dreamweaver, myth teller, and explorer of the deepest darkest parts of our souls. It was listening to Dr. Estes tapes (House of the Riddled Mother, Warming the Stone Child, The Creative Fire) that awoken me into the truth about disembodiment dreams. These are dreams of healing, of getting rid of the old and inviting the new to live within you. Sometimes they take place unexpectedly when you are ignoring an aspect of your deepest Self that needs healing. They will appear when you need these dreams most, when you have buried your pain and when the pain is feeding off of other parts of you. It is an awakening for something positive and wonderful to emerge into your life.

Dreaming these type of dreams as a child was very terrifying to me. I would awaken in tears thinking I must be a horrible soul. I had no one to confide in abut these dreams, and in waking life I became inattentive and afraid. I did not have them often as a child but when I did I was lost. As I became older, the more I transformed through different traumatic events the more I did not fight the lion or tiger that attached me in my dreams, rather I learned to greet the animal with openness. Once I understood what disembodiment in dreams meant the more I began to look forward to these taking places, for a new part of me was about to emerge.

I was walking down a road in a gray atmosphere. I knew I was on a journey to somewhere, so I accepted that only gray matter existed in this particular dream. It seemed like hours, days, weeks of walking and I began to feel tired. I though to myself, “Will I arrive anytime soon? Ohh I am exhausted I would like to lay down and sleep.”

Not too long after a tiger jumped out of the gray atmosphere and stooped me on my path. She greeted me with a roaring hello and I jumped back startled. Hello. I replied back. I was feeling some fear bubble within me and was thinking about how I was so unprepared to encounter this tiger. Why today? I thought to myself. I am so exhausted from my travels. And without a second more to think about what next the tiger jumped on top of me pushed me down and began tearing off my face. Then she went for my arms and last my throat. Well at least she left my body and legs, I thought to myself.  She stepped off me and sat next to me. I felt no pain, I was weightless.

“This will help you continue on your journey.” The tiger circled around me.

“What happens next?” I asked.

“Your stomach, your stomach happens next. Close your eyes and you will be surprised.”

I closed my eyes. And then I woke up.

I sat up on my bed in the darkness of the room. I was sweating from the fear and I felt around my face and neck to make sure everything was there. I went back to sleep.

I woke up the next morning and I had a horrible stomach ache. That whole day I laid in bed and within 24 hours I felt better again. Over the next few weeks I felt different, lighter, more at ease.

About two weeks after the dream I had the following dream:

I was eating in another country, the food was spicy and my stomach began to hurt. A lion appeared in the café. I nodded at him and he swiped his paw at me so I would fall over. He climbed on top of my stomach and ate at it. I began crying I watched my guts and uterus being ripped to shreds. When he finished he regurgitated what he had eaten and sown me back up. He smiled and walked away with his tongue wiping his mouth. I felt scared and alone I could not move my body and suddenly woke up out of the dream.

I had been waiting for results from the doctor to see if their fears that I had Ovarian Cancer were true. That afternoon, after this last dream, I went into the doctor’s office. They told me it was a false alarm and I would be fine. I knew the dreams I had had over the past couple of weeks had some sort of healing powers that I could not quite comprehend.  I accepted it as a way of my own personal healing — whatever was going on within me— and I have felt freer in my stomach, uterus, and intestinal area ever since.

The dream above is one of many disembodiment dreams I have experienced.

Last year, I learned that Native American shaman’s journey to their animal guides and experience being ripped to shreds by their power animal only to be pieced back together in a new and transformational way. I also experienced a shamanic journey where my power animal Lion decided unexpectedly to tear my limbs piece by piece and held them all in his mouth. He stood there staring at me as my soul laid limp on the floor of the earth.

“Why? Why? Why are you doing this to me?” I cried out to him.

“Because it is time for the new you to emerge. How else would I get you to see that? The old parts of you are unable to work properly in the style in which you exist today. Hang on. Be still. Be present. No fear. I will piece you back together before you go.”

Disembodiment dreams appear for healing parts of you.

  • Learn not to be afraid when you experience these types of dreams.
  • Learn to embrace them in a way that resonates with you the most.
  • I suggest interacting with the animal that is ripping parts of you to shreds. They have information and will share it with you if you just ask them.
  • Do not run from these types of dreams but rather let them unfold naturally.
  • Keep track of how you are feeling before, during, and after you experience this type of dream.
  • Ask the animal to piece you back together when they are done. Let them know the new you is ready to emerge.

I finally left the parts of my childhood behind that bothered me the most when I experienced a disembodied dream. I was in deep pain from my family over an issue and I had to let go of them all in order to move on with my life. I was having nightmares of their words that hurt me the most, and they appeared in haunting ways. One night I had the following dream:

I was sitting on the side of a road crying when a lion walked right up to me. Excuse me, the lion roared. I need to rip your heart out of you. Tears flooded my eyes and I did not move. Darkness overtook me and I felt as if I was blind for a moment. The lion reached over to me and ripped through my chest. It grabbed my beating heart with it’s paw and tossed it behind him. I was in such shock. I could not feel any longer. And then he just started ripping me to shreds.

Suddenly I was floating through the air in pieces. My hands were trying to grab parts of my body. One by one I pieced myself back together .. except for my heart. I looked everywhere for it but could not locate it. I screamed out to the lion to give it back. But he shook his head no. I began crying. “If you don’t have a heart why do you feel the need to cry?” The lion said. “Look again.”

I looked down at my chest and I saw something beating. A feeling of happiness now flooded me. I looked at the lion and said “Thank you, I like the way this heart feels much better.”